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And so we end another story. Thanks to Wole, Ehi, Amuche my editors, Esther my guest character (yeah she’s real) Gbodi my undying mean critic, Godwin who spearheaded the its-getting-long army, Onyidu & Kelechi who spearheaded the where-is-our-post battalion. And finally to every single person who read along as I wrote. Now Enjoy!!!

With the gang 02


“Aaaaaaaaaaah GIRL!!!” Maryam screamed immediately jumping off her seat and running towards Kevwe, Priscilla closely behind her.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were visiting?” Maryam shot at her.

“When did you come?” Priscilla asked.

“When are you going back? Hope not soon oh?” Maryam questioned again.

“Wetin you carry come?” The questions kept flying as the three friends embraced amidst tears of joy. The guys dare not interfere in this feminine reunion, they were contented smiling from where they where.

“Kevwe right?” Teju whispered to Tokunbo for confirmation. He nodded still smiling. This was a pleasant surprise he thought, what made her visit? Matthew just kept laughing at the commotion the girls were causing. He would cherish the stunned look Haruna had on his face.

“It is okay now, let us welcome her too” Justin finally shouted as he stood up. The girls laughed as they walked back to where they had been sitting.

“Awww Elder has taken over my duty” Kevwe walked up to him and hugged him.

“How now Kevwe, I have missed this kind of crazy” Matthew smiled at her. Kevwe laughed and turned to Tokunbo and Teju.

“She don finally come house oh” Kevwe exlaimed doing an animated traditional dance and everyone including Teju herself laughed. “Toks she fine oh, but come young lady nor dey give this boy stress him sensitive die” Kevwe said and gave Tokunbo a peck.

So you own now na to fall my hand abi? Dey give her expo abi?” Tokunbo smiled at Kevwe “welcome dear” he added.

“Nice to meet you” Teju said cutely.

“Awww she is so polite. Hope say you sabi pidgin because English dey give me head ache from time to time” Kevwe said and laughed. She turned to Justin.

“You” she said. Deep down she had waited for this moment. It had seemed like years since she saw that boyish grin, but now it seemed weird.

“Boss lady” Justin grinned even more. He wished he could do everything he was imagining now but with all that had gone down and all these people, he opted to hugged her.

“You didn’t say goodbye now you are welcoming me” she whispered.

“I suck at goodbyes” he replied in a whisper too. She smiled and pulled away. They both turned to notice everyone watching them carefully.

Thunder fire Una wetin Una dey look?” Kevwe shot at them and they all laughed. “Damn it is good to be back”.

Everyone sat down, Kevwe making a conscious effort to sit as far from Justin as possible as she poured herself a drink. Matthew handed her a plate of steak and sauce.

“Pris, your handwork?” Kevwe pointed at the sauce, Priscilla nodded, “make sense” Kevwe smiled.

“Oya talk now, why the surprise?” Maryam’s curiousity refused to stay inward.

“Yeah, did you come for report?” Tokunbo asked. Kevwe smiled happily.

“No. Better sef, I’m back for good” she smiled even more at their shocked expressions.

“Hope you no go quit oh you this crazy girl” Maryam exclaimed.

“No now” Kevwe laughed “the heir-apparent just came back from the UK. Gist is that oga has been begging him to come help run the company. I think he finally bulged. So Oga asked me to come manage Abuja while his son manages Lagos and he can focus on the new one in Enugu” she ended.

” Are you serious? That’s a promotion now. You are no longer assisting your boss but running the show yourself” Matthew said. “Congratulations are in order” he said smiling. Everyone congratulated Kevwe.

“I should have come since Wednesday but our husband ….” She looked at Maryam who gave her the ‘waka’ sign “said for my kind works he would pay my flight ticket back so I should fly down with them. Na him driver drop me sef. His brother fine shaa” Kevwe winked at Maryam who chuckled.

“Speaking of Ayomide he said he wants to see you oh, driver dey wait” Kevwe said to Maryam. In the excitement she had totally forgot.

“Are you serious? You no well oh” Maryam got up rushing to the house.

“My friend come here. No be ‘meet the parents’ you dey go do, you are okay joh” Kevwe shouted at her. Priscilla and Teju nodded in agreement.

“Abeg come make we go” Maryam said excitedly. Kevwe wasted no time, she picked a freshly done steak and placed it on her plate as she winked at Matthew in humor.

“Pris nor sleep oh, gist dey. We will be back. Toks I will deal with you when I come back” Kevwe said and ran off to join Maryam.

“What did I do now?” Tokunbo looked confused.

“If my guess is right it has something to do with you hiring Haruna” Matthew said and they all started laughing.

………. ………. ……….

The driver was good at his job. Most probably was paid very well too from the looks of it. He was very polite, showed no signs of irritation for time wastage and he drove them swiftly to the hospital and didn’t even act like he was hearing the gossip going on between the two girls.

“… So as of now he is single pray Otims who is trying to hook him up with everything in a skirt” Maryam said with a sigh.

“Hmmm” Kevwe said “he asked me out before I left” she said avoiding Maryam’s eyes.

“I know, or let me say I guessed as much” Maryam said smiling at her friend.

“I couldn’t accept. It was when it seemed he was loosing me he made a move? Besides who still does long distance?” Kevwe defended her rejection to Justin.

“I am not judging you don’t get defensive” Maryam smiled again “and for your information people still do long distance it is just harder and the way you and Justin are I doubt it will work”.

“Exactly, thank you. He then tried again while I was in Lag. Talking about moving down so we could give it a try, I couldn’t allow that now” Kevwe exclaimed looking at Maryam for understanding.

“Wow that is a big step” Maryam agreed.

“If something goes wrong now ….” Kevwe left the sentence unfinished. “Anyways I doubt there is anything again” she finally said.

“Hmmm this life and relationships and all. Momsi was so up and about with this tribe thing. I thought it was happiness, two people growing together and having a life together” Maryam said.

“He likes you shey you know? As in like seriously. I suspect love sef” Kevwe said.

“Really? I don’t know oh Kevwe, the war we will start though” Maryam said thoughtfully.

“And since when was Maryam Bello afraid of war?” Kevwe said in her most supportive voice. The car came to a stop and they looked up. They had been so engrossed in gossip they didn’t realise they had arrived. And just at the hospital’s entrance stood Ayomide, tall, handsome and waiting.

“If you really think it is worth it I advice you give it your all. To hell with what the world thinks” Kevwe said hugging Maryam’ “I’ll wait here”. Maryam smiled and stepped out of the car heading towards Ayomide. She could over hear Kevwe harassing the driver as expected.

“…. so no amount can take you from you boss, is that what ….” Maryam ignored Kevwe and focused on Ayomide.

“Hey beautiful” He said smiling. She didn’t reply, she just walked up to him and buried her head in his chest. He hugged her back.

“I’ve missed you” she whispered.

“Me too darling, me too” Ayomide said feeling gratitude.

“Momsi and popsi are inside with my big brother and Wunmi. You had said you wanted space but I needed to see you, so I decided to wait outside. Save you the stress of coming in” Ayomide said.

“Isn’t he so thoughtful” Maryam teased. Ayomide smiled. That was it, she was going to go for it. Third try is a charm they say, she would give it her all. She leaned upwards and kissed him. He was obviously shocked.

“Go girl!!!” Kevwe who had been watching shouted from the car window. Maryam and Ayomide busted out laughing.

“Please don’t mind her” Maryam said.

“Kevwe has done worse in Lagos” Ayomide replied. That put Maryam at ease.

“So I need to come see your place now that … errr… you know” Maryam said shyly.

“Wait that kiss was you saying lets get serious?” Ayomide said excitedly.

“Oh please don’t make me change my mind Ayo” Maryam said forming. He picked her up happily.

“Then I will use every single day to try to make you change it back” he said. She leaned in and kissed him again. This time it lingered and Kevwe didn’t interupt.

“Wunmi getting better, a deal from Kano about to pull through and now you bring this news? I am the happiest man right now” Ayomide exclaimed. Maryam giggled. It wasn’t time to let him know what laid ahead but something told her they would pull through.

Just then an elderly man walked towards them and addressed Ayomide.

“Ayomide, carrying woman up and down in front of hospital? Is this who you won’t stop talking about?” His father teased.

“Ah daddy it is not like that” Ayomide turned to face his dad embarrassed. Maryam covered her face also embarrassed. This was what she wanted to avoid. She was going to kill The girls for her dressing.

“Why is she hiding? Young lady I won’t bite” Chief Balogun said pleasantly. Maryam moved from Ayomide’s back and knelt down to greet him when she saw him.

Omo dáa dáa, stand up, nooooo now not on this rough floor” he said and she got up. He turned to Ayomide “she has manners”, he looked impresed. Ayomide smiled.

“I wanted to give you an update on the Kano deal but I will let you two be. We can talk later” Chief Balogun said and turning to Maryam “goodnight my dear. I hope this isn’t the last I see of you”. With that he walked away.

“You just met my funky dad. The man doesn’t want to agree he is old” Ayomide said jokingly.

“Hmmm he is nice. Unlike mine” Maryam joked back.

“I doubt that” Ayomide said confidently. Maryam looked at him. This guy’s optimism will kill him oh.

“You haven’t met my father that is why” Maryam said.

“Actually” Ayomide pulled her to himself and looked at her, “I have”. Maryam was shocked.

………. ………. ……….

“So Kevwe is back fully” Tokunbo said as he sat across from Justin. They had been outside for a while, Matthew and Priscilla had gone into the house, Teju had driven home, Otims had left. For some reason they both didn’t feel like moving.

“Yeah she is” Justin said absent-mindedly as he sipped his drink. For some reason he hadn’t taken any alcohol and was as sharp as an owl.

“So?” Tokunbo said sitting up. They had discussed many topics but finally he had got the chance to bring it up and Justin wasn’t giving him anything, he wouldn’t drop it without a fight.

“So what bro? I loved and I lost abi no be so the saying goes?” Justin said.

“Dude what are you talking about?” Tokunbo looked confused.

“I no gist you how she bounce me before she left?” Justin said irritated. Kevwe’s topic wasn’t one he wanted to indulge in.

“That one still no mean now. She most probably refused because she was afraid of long distance commitment, everyone is” Tokunbo tried to encourage him.

“Well I foolishly tried again while she was in Lagos” Justin said. That surprised Tokunbo.

“Offered to move over there sef, I could have worked out a transfer in 2 months. Me and the guy for HR be padis and they know I’m good” Justin explained, “the girl shut me down on that front too. Guy just leave it”. Tokunbo couldn’t believe this. Justin really went all out.

“But dude you explain all this to her?” He asked.

“For what now?” Justin retorted.

“Guy you cast now, the girl fit go dey reason say you wan leave job for her. Nobody will want that now” Tokunbo explained. Justin looked at him. No he thought, he wouldn’t let Tokunbo talk him into having some flimsy hope.

“Guy leave matter abeg” Justin said and Tokunbo knew that tone. He finished his drink and staggering he got up.

“Okay then, me am heading up, need to sleep off this alcohol. I really hope I wake up in time for church, Teju will kill me otherwise” Tokunbo said.

“I go soon come up” Justin said.

“Okay na” Tokunbo walked quietly to the house.

Justin sat there thinking of what Tokunbo had just said. Against his better judgement he brooded on the whole thing. Maybe if he had explained…. Maybe now she was around…. No he couldn’t go through all that he thought. But what if…..
He looked at his wrist watch and it was almost 11.00pm. It was time to call it a night. He looked around at the mess and shook his head, Haruna or Musa would deal with this tomorrow, he wasn’t cleaning up.

He entered the living room which was dark as the lights were turned off. He locked the door and proceeded to head for the stairs when he saw the kitchen light on.

“These girls are still gossiping up till now?” He thought as he waked to eavesdrop on their conversation. It was quiet so he pushed the door open.

He immediately slapped himself.

“Wow what did you do that for?” Kevwe exclaimed rushing towards him. She was the only one in the kitchen, a cup of coffee before her and the pans and trays they used stacked neatly. She had just finished cleaning.

“Are you okay” she turned the side of his face where he had hit to check.

“Yeah I am fine” Justin said sure he was in the present.

“Why would you do that?” Kevwe asked walking away from him to get her cup of coffee. He loved the way she walked, the way her hips swayed.

“It felt like déjà vu. Like I was dreaming. Just wanted to make sure” Justin said.

“Huh” Kevwe looked confused.

“This has happened before and I never saw the ending. Last two times this happened I was interrupted” he had a look that Kevwe felt funny about.

“But this time…” he locked the kitchen door. She put down her cup, she knew what he was talking about now, “…. this time there will be no interruptions” he walked to her.

“I don’t know how but we are going to make it work” Justin said with a tone that called for no argument. Kevwe pulled him close.

“Okay” was all she said and she kissed him.

It has been a pump-pleasing-pleasure as well as a privilage – @mmfadarated


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WITH THE GANG – Episode 24

I had a fun weekend I hope you all did. Always great being surrounded by family and friends. So if you missed last week’s episode (Click here). I have a feeling y’all will love this week’s episode.

With the gang 02

I’m so sorry” Kevwe began to cry. Why was death so mean? When they all thought there was hope and now this? Ayomide quickly wiped the tears off his eye and stood up.

“Hey” he said trying to sound composed “guess you heard from the nurses”. Kevwe looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“Heard what? I saw the room empty myself, I couldn’t believe it” she started crying.

“Wow, wow, wow, don’t cry it is just another surgery” Ayomide said trying to be brave despite the fact that he had been crying in his mother’s arms a couple of minutes ago.

“What?” Kevwe collapsed with relief. Ayomide rushed to her. “I’m fine I promise. I thought ….” She looked at him sadly.

Ayomide was confused but his mother understood. She smiled thankfully “God will not let such an innocent soul die just like that” she said.

“Amen ma” Kevwe answered and kneeling down beside her bed she greeted Ayomide’s mom. “And how are you ma? Hope you are feeling stronger. God is your strength ma” Kevwe prayed.

“Thank you my daughter” Ayomide’s mom smiled “and thank you for all your help all this while. Ayo told me you are very busy”.

“It is no problem at all ma” Kevwe returned her smile.
“Come let us let momsi rest” Ayomide said and showed her out of the room. As soon as they had left they had left within ear shot of his mother Kevwe turned to Ayomide to apologize.

“I’m so so sorry. When I passed her room and saw it all cleaned and disinfected I just concluded …..” She covered her face, “Mide I will never wish your daughter bad,” Kevwe felt terrible but Ayomide just smiled.

“I know. Don’t beat yourself up. She is alive. She is a strong girl. I believe she will pull through. She started vomiting blood so they had to take her in to surgery again. The nurses just cleaned up her room is all” he explained as they sat down on one of the chairs in the lounge.

“God will see her through” Kevwe said.

“Isha Allah” Ayo said.

“Your babe is missing you. And the poor girl was excited that you will soon be coming back. I guess with this you might have to wait a while for Wunmi to stabilize” Kevwe said. Ayomide smile. It was nice to know Maryam cared, it was kind of Kevwe to speak of Wumni as though she was well, it gave him more hope.

“I miss her like crazy” He said and she smiled. “You think am worth her?” He inquired quietly refusing to look at her. Kevwe had to laugh.

“Are you looking for expo?” Kevwe said, “I can’t say at the moment if you are worth her, my friend doesn’t come cheap but well the jury hasn’t given a verdict”.

“A political answer” he said smiling “I like that”. They fell into silence each nursing their thoughts.

“I really like her though. Care for her a lot” he said, Kevwe felt touched. She could say she like him and deep down hoped it worked out for her friend and him.

“I hope so, because we plenty Wey go kill you if you try nonsense” she said. It sounded playful but Ayomide knew she was serious.

It got quiet again. She knew his mind was engulfed with all that was happening. She couldn’t imagine her life without her daughter if and when she does have one. Her phone beeped, a bbm message.

Justin: Ping!
Kevwe: Fine boy.
Justin: Boss lady. (Kevwe smiled at the complement.
Kevwe: Nor wash me. How are you?
Justin: Missing you.
Kevwe: Please let’s not start. (they had been at this to-and-fro  awkward talk.
Justin: Okay, just wanted to hail you.
Kevwe: Don’t be like that now.
Justin: I have to go, boss just walked in. Seriously just wanted to say hi. We will chat later.
Kevwe: Ok. Stay safe.

Kevwe sighed, this thing with Justin. Was she scared? He had been pushing for something serious but she just didn’t know why she held back. Was she afraid or maybe the distance? Worried about his flirtatious ways? Did Kenny still have a hold on her? The thoughts and questions kept coming. She didn’t know when she sighed again.

“So you start smiling at your phone and next thing you’re deep in thought and a couple of questionable sighs. You okay?” Ayomide brought her back to the present. She smiled.

“Just complicated situations” she said quietly.

“It is well” he said calmly.

“Yeah, even in a well it is well” she said and they both laughed.

………. ………. ………..

She was famished and exhausted. She kept on looking at the counter hopping they would call out her order soon. “That Peace girl that never likes smiling” Maryam thought to herself “it is a wonder management has not yet sacked her”. She shook her head remembering how Esta had disturbed the attendant when they came to get some stuff. She chuckled to herself as she looked around the eatry. Southern Fried Chicken or SFC Area 11 as she and Kevwe loved to call it always seemed to have customers any day she was here. She remembered the last visit with Kevwe. Oh damn did she miss her friend, it still surprised her that despite the fact that a month had passed she wasn’t used to her absence. She got her phone and tried her number, good chance to rub it in she thought a naughty smile on her face. The call rang out. Buzz kill she thought. She was so grateful she had a friend to help Ayomide when she could. Especially after that scare with Wunmi. Thankful the poor girl had received the clear and would be transported by flight back to Abuja the coming weekend. She couldn’t wait to see Ayo.

“Maryam?? ….. Maryam!!!” Maryam turned to see Kenny, Kevwe’s ex-boyfriend. It was these sort of coincidence she hated. She forced a smile as he walked up to her.

“Kenny!!!” She pretended to sound cheerful “how have you been, it’s been ages”. She said that out of politeness even though she didn’t care.

“I have been surviving” he smiled “you came for lunch?”.

“Yeah needed to pick something to eat before heading home” Maryam said and immediately turned towards the counter hoping her order was ready. As if on cue…..

“One empire filet meal” shouted the not-smiling attendant names Peace.

“My order” Maryam said almost showing her happiness to leave. “I have to go”.

“Yeah.. Errm how is Kevwe?” Kenny asked carefully.

“Happy” Maryam didn’t know when she said so but didn’t bulge.

“Oh… Yeah… That is great. Say me hi to her” he said following her to the counter.

“Yeah I will” Maryam said distracted as she tried to pack her take-aways. “Bye” she started heading for the door.

“Tell me how to get her back please” Kenny was at her heel his face covered with pleading. Maryam was totally shocked.

“You are kidding right?” Her irritation started showing. “It is now you want to get her back. Guy she has moved on do same” and with that she walked out stopped a cab and headed home.


………. ……… ………

“So we just heard Medusa is going to head the Lagos branch of the firm” Tokunbo said carefully and watched Teju’s face for a reaction.

She had been in the house since that Saturday morning helping out. The gang had decided it was time to do another barbecue, one of Kevwe’s ritual habits. They hadn’t had one since she left and Teju volunteered to drive Maryam and Priscilla to the meat market in Kado to get the meat and fish while the guys took care of the drinks. They had just set up and Matthew took charge of the grill while Tokunbo, Maryam and Teju sat with a drink.

“Oboy am sure them Frankie will be relieved” Matthew laughed.

“It is mixed feelings oh. We will miss her discipline and strictness. Hopefully the new supervisor will be nicer” Tokunbo said.

“I think she is cool” Teju said quietly. Tokunbo looked at her surprised, so did Maryam.

“You are kidding right? No need to pretend we sef didn’t like her and how she stressed Toks” Maryam chipped in. She had grown found of Teju after the hospital incident.

“No, I had a wrong impression of her till she handled the case with our company. She was fair…. Almost kind” Teju said thoughtfully.

“Babes you okay? You well?” Tokunbo had to say something.

“Go away joh I’m serious” Teju laughed “she is a pain oh but it is her method to bring the best. Look at the fine lawyer you have become” she leaned over to kiss Tokunbo.
“Ewwww get a room you two” Priscilla shouted as she walked from the house with a tray of potatoe and vegetable sauce. Teju giggled and hid her face in Tokunbo’s chest.

You for call me say e don ready make I help you now babe” Maryam stood up to assist her.

“No biggy. I thought it would take two trays that rime but got everything into one” Priscilla explained.

“….But guy you no dey serious oh, so you no dey find babe like this” Otim’s voice was heard from the gate as he and Justin walked to where the group sat. They had gone to buy Massa from the Suya guy at the junction, Maryam had begged.

“Does Otims ever talk about anything other than girls?” Priscilla whispered in irritation. Maryam and Tokunbo laughed.

“……. Guy free me now. Na by force. Make I focused on my career small abeg” they heard Justin reply. The two guys got near the group and decided to continue their talk later on.

“Kevwe would have loved this oh” Matthew said smiling. “She forced us to get the grill, practically organises these sort of stuff” he said. He picked up his bottle of beer and raised it up.

“To Kevwe” Matthew hailed. Everyone else raised their glasses and responded…

“TO KEVWE!!!” And with clinging of glass cups and bottles they drank to their friend.

“So baby mama when is bae coming in” Justin teased Maryam.

“WAKA” Maryam said laughing ” they are coming in this night”.

“So you sleeping in the hospital with him today?” Teju asked.

“Naaa, his brother will be there so will his dad, going to be serious family moment. I wouldn’t want to be there” Maryam said.

“Yeah I get” Priscilla said “major awkwardness”.

“As in” Justin joined in.

They all turned to hear some noise at the gate. Haruna the new guard was struggling to open it.

“Who else is coming? Abi did you invite Kenny Maryam?” Justin asked jokingly remembering the encounter Maryam told them of.

“For what now?” She replied.

“My fear is that he shouldn’t spoil this gate for us” Tokunbo said. Finally the guard got the gate opened and it seemed he was discussing with the person.

Haruna who be that?” Tokunbo shouted as it seemed forever for the guard to let the person through. Before he could answer he was pushed out of the way and everyone sat in shock.
“BITCHES I’M HOME!!!!” Kevwe shouted at them.


……….     ……….     ……….

My wish for you is you over come fear this week and do something outstanding. Keep smiling and have a beautiful week.

– @mfadarated (twitter and instagram)

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 23

When your devices are flat out and you look at your dad hopefully because you have to post at 1pm but he opens a newspaper and ignores you because #AintNobodyGotFuelForThat. Lol

Enjoy today’s post people. Have a blessed week

With the gang 02


Mama na (my mother)!!!” Maryam exclaimed joyfully. Her mother smiled and stood up to hug her.
“Young lady, you gave us all a scare” Hajiya Bello said waggling her finger at her daughter, a worried look covering her face.
“Not eating? The doctor said you were dehydrated? All because of what? If it is the job maybe you should stop. Your dad will get a better place in Kano” Hajiya Bello spoke. She always went of like that, one of the few signs her children used to detect when she was troubled.
“I am sorry mum” Maryam said meekly.
“Your father was frantic, he almost came down here himself if not because of some meetings he could no avoid. He asked me to bring you home” Hajiya Bello said.
“Ah no oh, am fine. Daddy worries to much” Maryam said quickly. She had work, she wasn’t feeling ill and she definitely didn’t want her dad dotting over her.
“I see” her mother said quietly looking at her “and should your father also not worry about this your Ayo of a person?”.
They exchanged glances and Maryam quickly looked away hoping her mother did not read her expression.
“Maryamu? Yorubawa!!! Allah Ki ya ye (God forbid)” her mother held her head in her hands. Maryam didn’t look up. It was so annoying how her mother could read her but now was the time or the place for this.
“…And how is our patient doing today?” Maryam smiled weakly as she watched the doctor walk into her room, ‘Saved by the doctor’ she thought.
“I’m fine thank you ma” she said.
“Thank you once Doctor Amaka for all your efforts” Hajiya Bello said smiling gratefully.
“Haba Hajiya, ba damuwa (there is no problem), aiki ne kawai (it is just work)” the doctor replied.
“Ah, Ki na gi Hausa (you understand Hausa)?” Hajiya Bello exclaimed excitedly at the doctor’s response which made her smile even further. She nodded.
kadan kadan (small small)” said the doctor as she finished her checkup on Maryam.
“Awww that’s nice. Can I see you for a moment please” Hajiya Bello said.
“Why not. Let us talk in my office” She said.
“We will continue our discussion later” she said with a stern face to her daughter then followed the doctor.
Maryam breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t ready for the unavoidable fight that was coming. She shook her head. Then remembered her dream.
She started looking around for her phone.
“Oh thank God you are awake” Priscilla said as she poked her head into the room. Then she walked in.
“You have been sleeping since and your mom wouldn’t leave your side, same thing with Matthew. Una family sha” Priscilla said excitedly as she brought out her phone. She was glad Maryam was finally fully conscious as she had been drifting in and out of consciousness since the previous day.
“Pris what of Kevwe? Any news? Why are you pressing phone now?” Maryam asked irritated. Priscilla didn’t answer as she waited for the call she was making to connect. Maryam shook her head. The others must have commanded Priscilla to call as soon as she was awake.
“How far?” Priscilla said, “Yes she is awake. You want to talk to her abi” she paused “okay hold on” and she passed the phone to Maryam.
Maryam placed the phone to her ear, “Hello”.
“So I travel and you no chop food? You no drink water? The small water wey you get inside body you come dey cry am out. Something is wrong with you” Kevwe shouted from the other end.
“KEVWE!!!” Maryam screamed with joy, tears rolling down her eyes. Priscilla smiled.
“Shut up joh yeye girl” Kevwe said jokingly “you got me worried love” she said in a calmer voice.
“YOU got me worried” Maryam retorted.
How plane go crash when I dey inside? I go jump now trust Warri pikin” Kevwe mouthed.
“I’m just happy you are alive. I couldn’t bear the thought” Maryam said and started to cry.
Wetin dey worry this one now. You want your mama to come Lagos come kill me? I hear she is forming mother hawk there” Kevwe joked. She knew Hajiya Bello well.
“No mind her. Gist dey” Maryam said quickly remembering about Ayo.
“I go call you for evening, make I continue my observation. Be like these mumus go need small honesty session” Kevwe said.
“Boss lady, go girl” Maryam said cheerfully.
“Take care love, bye” Kevwe said and ended the call.
“Thank God” Maryam exclaimed, relief flooding her body.
“She threatened to send assassins if I don’t call her” Priscilla said smiling.
“Thanks dear, I needed that” Maryam said stretching to hold Priscilla’s hand. “Where are the others?”
“They went to bath. We all called in sick but I had to go home first to get food for you so as I came back they left” Priscilla explained, “but they should be back any moment” she quickly added.
“Okay. But you all didn’t need to call in sick. You know that line can’t be used regularly” Maryam felt touched her friends would such a thing. “And Tokunbo with his evil boss” they both laughed.
“Abi. But no biggy joh. Seems he and Teju have made up. Before you ran into the living room and nearly died on us” Priscilla started filling Maryam with all the news so far. “Then Justin broke up with Michelle this morning. Seemed she pulled one of her selfish accusations. Something about him not coming over. Didn’t get much as per it was just his side of the conversation I could hear”.
“Good riddance joh, She is such a hand full. To think I was siding her” Maryam said irritated.
“My mom heard me call Ayo’s name” Maryam said out of the blue.
Priscilla looked confused. “So?” She said.
“So Ayo is Yoruba!! My parents are tribalistic!!!” She raised an eye brown looking at Priscilla. She could see Priscilla connecting the dots because she then exclaimed.
“Oh!!! Your mom heard you call Ayo’s name” she repeated with understanding. “What are you going to do?”
“First I need to know if his people are okay ….” Maryam started but was interrupted by what was suppose to be whispering from outside her room.
“…..don’t tell her not ye….” One voice started.
“…. She will find out any ways” a voice that sounded like Tokunbo’s cut.
“But you can hear how happy she sounds. Its too soon” the other voice said. It was Matthew.
“Guys I think it is too late for that” Maryam’s eyes caught a head peeping through the door. Justin.
The three of them walked in looking very uncomfortable.
“Hey you” Matthew attempted a cheerful greeting.
“Don’t do that. You know better” Maryam said quietly. “what is wrong?”
“It is Ayomide” Tokunbo said.

………. ………. ……….

He couldn’t believe he was here, in this predicament. The accident had been terrible but he still had hoped. It had happened on the ground after all, maybe they sat on the other end, maybe they got out in time, maybe…….
Once he got the call to come down to Lagos hope started to dwindle. He arrived at the hospital his mom and daughter where. After basic treatments they were left unattended, fighting for their lives all because no one was there to pay the bills to admit them. He was so furious but there was no time. It was late and thankfully traffic was light, he quickly got them to a private hospital in Lekki, Tokunbo had recommended it. He sat down in the waiting room close to the ICU. His mom had just got out of surgery, the doctor had said she would survive. Unfortunately there had been no updates on his daughter who had sustained more burns and was bleeding internally.
He felt the blame weigh in on him. He was to blame for all of this, him and his stupid surprise shopping spree idea. He was to take them but as usual work affected his plans and not to disappoint, his mom said they would go and he would meet up. He started to cry. He thought of Maryam, he had been calling but somehow had always missed her, either she had gone to sleep or was not to be disturbed. At least she was okay and so was her friend. At least some part of his world wasn’t scattered. Tokunbo had told him she would be discharged in the evening. It was a quarter to twelve. He had to call the office and his brother.
His phone rang. A wave of joy swept him.
“Hey babe” he sounded exhausted.
“Ayo what is this I am hearing? Is it true? How is your mom? What of your daughter? How are you coping?” Maryam poured out the questions in one breath.
“Sweetheart please calm down” Ayomide said “I just got you back, I can’t loose you to another collapse” .
“I am fine. How are you and your family?” Maryam asked.
“Momsi just came out of surgery, they say she will survive. Wunmi is still in surgery, I am just pray to Allah that she makes it” he said quietly.
“I’ll pray for her too. Be strong, my friend will bring food for you. Please take it easy” Maryam replied.
“Kevwe? No now, don’t stress her, she has been through enough already” Ayomide said.
“She offered” Maryam replied. “the hospital is near her restaurant. Please eat, you need your strength”.
“I hear you. Don’t faint again oh” he tried to joke.
“I promise I won’t. Stay safe for me” Maryam ended the call.
He smiled and dropped his phone. He needed that call. Now all he needed was news about his daughter.

……….. ……… ……….

“I can’t believe we are having this argument Maryam” Hajiya Bello stood, hands akimbo in the center of the room.
It was the three evening after she had been discharged. She even went to work today. Her mom who had been staying in her uncle’s house all this while and had been spoiling them all silly had come to see her one more time before she left for Kano the next day.
Justin and Tokunbo had practically fallen in love with her cooking, remembering how she used to send things down while they where in school and they frequently teased Maryam to take over once her mom had left. The gang had all got used to her frequent advice about bad company and how they should keep together and face their careers, they actually enjoyed it. So everyone had cleared out once they started hearing raised voices.
“Mum I am not saying am going to marry him but he isn’t a bad option” Maryam replied.
“Maryam these arguments you are bringing do you think your father will listen?” Her mother cautioned.
Maryam sighed “Mommy what is it? He is a devout muslim, he has a healthy career, he is responsible…”
“He is also Yorubawa. MARYAM BELLO do you want to bring shame to me?” Her mother shouted.
“What of Aunty Hauwa? Didn’t she marry Matthew’s father? She even converted” Maryam argued vehemently.
“Are your aunty and father in good terms? Ask yourself that”, Maryam’s mother answered “oh because your father is nice to Matthew? You know nothing little girl”.
Maryam folded her hands and started crying. She didn’t understand all this. Did it matter? What was the big deal. Ayo was in Lagos pray and watching his daughter fight for her dear life and all her mom could think of was this.
Hajiya Bello looked at her daughter, her precious child. She hated when Maryam cried. She had gone down this road with her son. It hadn’t ended well for him. But Maryam was her father’s favorite, maybe she could change his heart, maybe for once he wouldn’t be so hard. She decided to approach it from a different angle. She sat down on the bed and held her.
“Maryamu I love you. You know this” her mother said, Maryam nodded, “you also know that in truth I don’t care who you marry as long as he is God fearing and treats you right. This Ayo boy sounds like one but you and I know your father. Gaskiya I am not going to say anything again but I need you to think about it”.
Maryam looked up to her mother. Sincerity and understanding filled her eyes. She knew her mother would support her if she told her she wanted to get serious with Ayo. Her father on the other hand….
“I choose not to spend the last hours of my stay here with you in anger or bitterness. I hope you choose wisely and I pray it all works out isha Allah” Hajiya Bello said finally. Maryam hugged her mother.
“Thanks mama na” Maryam said “I know I can always count on you”.
“If you like fall sick again oh. I won’t be able to save you from your dotting father. Your father will ship you to Kano” her mother teased.
“I have a feeling Justin will pack his bags and follow. He loves your food” Maryam said and she and her mother laughed.
“He looks like a good boy. All of you. I’m happy with the friends you have chosen. And your cousin, growing up to be a man” Hajiya Bello smiled.
“He said his boss hinted that he will recommend him for promotion in his next appraisal” Maryam said proudly.
“Great. Maybe that will touch your father’s head and make him patch things with his sister. You do know that was how your father started before he branched out to do business?” Hajiya Bello said.
“Daddy was in the banking sector?” Maryam was shocked.
“Yeah for like a year plus before he shouted at his boss and resigned. We hadn’t given birth to you then” her mother said tapping Maryam’s nose playfully.
“Are you serious? Give me the gist mum please!!!” Maryam said as she settled in to listen to her mother.

……….. …………. ………….

It had been an eventful two weeks Kevwe thought heading to the dinning area of the restaurant where she was to have a meeting with the staff. Once again she was glad to say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’. She looked forward to heading to her apartment on the island. Lagos always had drama with it but the drama in the restaurant was outstanding. It reminded her of the Tv show Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s kitchen and after two weeks of observation she had drawn up a report, hence the meeting. Her boss wasn’t going to like her report at all if this meeting didn’t help. He was sure to sack a number of people and these Lagosians and their crazy nature, she didn’t want anyone burning down the restaurant. So she had come up with a plan, an idea Maryam and Tokunbo had given her and against her better judgement she took it.
She had walked in amidst a lot of eye rolling and disrespectful looks and comments from all around the room. Elderly staff feeling insulted a young girl was forming boss, younger staff with eyes of envy or jealousy she couldn’t tell. She faced the elderly folks and kneeling down she said,
Ejò e ma binu (please don’t be offended)” in the worst Yoruba intonation possible. A couple of people giggled, most went silent.
“I didn’t want to come, I felt a much older and experienced person should be here because of you” she said gesturing towards the elder staff.
“For years you have served diligently. But things are changing and my oga whom most of you know is a serious business man. Ejò Ni tori Òlòrun (please because of God) hear me out” she said then kept quiet still kneeling.
This was Tokunbo’s plan. “There is something with Yorubas and respect”, Tokunbo had told her and it seemed to work. A number of staff started whispering until an older woman hushed everyone.
“Keep quiet joh” she shouted. It seemed she was well respected because everyone did. She turned to Kevwe; “omo dáa dáa (good child) stand up. You are a good person. We felt insulted when we heard management sent you but we didn’t know you were well trained” she said and a number of people nodded in agreement. “Let us hear what you have to say”.
Kevwe sat down and proceeded to explain the problem the restaurant was facing, all she had observed, changes needed, the removal of unserious staff and the rehabilitation of the restaurant as a whole. There was an uproar especially from the younger staff. Fear of loosing a job, desire to cause chaos just for the fun of it and some true concern. She calmed everyone down and asked for what the staff wanted from the management. This part was Maryam’s idea. This brought a whole new calm in the room. And one by one even the younger staff chipped in on the list of what they wanted. At the end of the meeting there was still talk of scam and pretense by management from some of the staff but Kevwe knew she had gained some allies. If she was going to stay six months her she needed them. Her report to her boss was sure going to change.
She packed her things and closed the office for the day. She just had one more thing to do before she headed home, go and see Ayomide.
“Hey girl” her phone had rang as she boarded a cab and it was Maryam.
“how far?” Maryam greeted.
“I dey go see our husband” Kevwe joked.
“Stop am oh.” Maryam scolded.
“Dey there dey deceive yourself. How Una dey now?” Kevwe asked.
“We good. Can’t wait for Ayomide to bring his family back. He said if the doctor gave the go ahead they would be back by next week. There is a private hospital in Maitama that would handle his daughter’s case” Maryam said “how did your meeting go?”.
“O girl some were still skeptical oh, but I think I won a couple of hearts and reduced the number of sack letters at least. Una too try for me” Kevwe said.
“Nice” Maryam said cheerfully.
“How Tokunbo and Matthew now? And is that idiot still disturbing Pris?” Kevwe enquired cautiously.
“Hmmm first let me answer your question. Toks is good oh, him and Teju won’t free us, Matthew is busy as usual and you know Pris is off that guy” Maryam answered. “To answer your unasked question Justin misses you and no he isn’t dating anyone yet”.
“Hmmmm okay” was all Kevwe said.
“You miss him?” Maryam asked.
“Yeah, but such is life onto another gist joh” Kevwe quickly tried to change the topic. Maryam knew her friend was using work to hide her emotions. She smiled sadly.
“My dad wants to send me a car” she said excitedly.
So na when I comot for ABJ your popsi decided to pull that stunt abi. And I wanted to be his second wife oh. I change my mind” Kevwe pretended to sound hurt. Maryam laughed.
“You no well” Maryam said.
“Chick I go soon reach, make I save credit. Will call you when I reach house” Kevwe said.
“Okay. Send my love to him” Maryam said.
“See person wey no dey claim interest” Kevwe said and ended the call.
It didn’t take five minutes and the driver was in front of the hospital. Kevwe stepped out, paid the cab driver and walked in. She headed straight to the area where the ICU was. She passed a room and kept going, then stopped. Wasn’t that Wunmi’s room she thought. She walked back. It was, but it was empty. She walked in, a strong antiseptic smell stung her. It seemed it was freshly cleaned. Did they move her? Did the doctor approve of their transfer? She brought out her phone as she walked towards Ayomide’s mother’s room dialling his number. He didn’t pick.
She reached and knocked on the door then slowly opened it. Her heart stopped for a moment, she hoped what she saw was wrong.
Ayomide raised his head from his mother’s laps, both of them crying. She didn’t need to be told.
Wunmi was dead.

……….     ………     ……….

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 22

With the gang 02

Life Can Be A Pain

It was a quiet drive home. Nobody said much, no one really felt like talking. In her mind Priscilla said prayers for safe journey. A habit her mom had taught her.
Ekpele a na’diro erinne (Prayer is never to much)” her mom was found of saying in Igbo. She looked at the others and Justin’s expression caught her the most. He seemed lost. Guess he really liked her. His phone rang, he ignored it till it rang out. After a few minutes it rang again. He picked it this time but without even looking at the caller ID he switched it off. Talk about not being in the mood Priscilla thought to herself.
Matthew drove quietly from the airport back home. He loved silence. It was always an opportunity for him to think, process things, plan. This silence was different and he felt uncomfortable. As he drove into the compound he spoke up.
“Okay guys this can’t go on any longer oh” Matthew spoke up. “We can’t turn into zombies. We will just count the six months and anticipate her return”.
“What if she doesn’t return?” Maryam asked quietly. Priscilla turned to see tears on her face, she was still crying.
“Life is a bitch” Justin said as he stepped out of the car and slamming the door shut he walked towards the gate for want seemed like an evening stroll.
Tokunbo and Maryam walked to their rooms while Priscilla settled in the living room. She switched on the television.
“I guess it is just you and me tonight” Matthew smiled sadly as he sat down beside Priscilla.
“It seems Justin really had feelings for her” Priscilla said as she changed the channel from a Nigerian movie to the comedy channel.
“Yeah. Would have be such a fairy tale if he just upped and followed her yeah” Priscilla smiled dreamily, “but trust reality to be a pain”.
There was a knock in the main door.
“That must be Justin, I’ll get it” Priscilla said getting up.
“Hi” Matthew could hear Priscilla sound very uncomfortable.
“Errm, hello. You must be Pris, I’m Teju” Teju extended her hand and Priscilla took it smiling warmly.
“Sorry to bother but is Tokunbo at home? I can’t seem to get through to his line” Teju explained.
“Oh, yes he is” Priscilla said, stepping aside and gesturing into the house she added “please come in and sit, I’ll get him for you”.
Teju walked in and smile as she saw Matthew. They greeted and she sat down. Priscilla turned to go upstairs when another knock came from the front main door.
“One second Priscilla said apologetically to Teju as she turned back.
“Go get Toks, I’ll get the door” Matthew offered.
“Thanks” she said and walked upstairs. Teju sat down and looked around. These people were living the life she thought. She had never been here and was impressed.
“Hey guy what’s up?” She heard Matthew greet whoever was at the door. She turned to see a guy walk in with him.
“I dey” was all Justin said. He noticed her and offered a greeting, “hi”.
“Hi, I’m ….” Teju started introducing herself but he cut her short.
“You are Teju. I know” he tried to smile. “Nice to meet you. Justin. Would you like a drink?” He noticed nothing was in front of her. She smiled and nodded. He walked into the kitchen to get a drink for himself and for her.
“Pardon my manners we have all had tough day” Matthew apologised.
“Kevwe leaving?” Teju asked.
“Yeah” Matthew answered. Just then Tokunbo and Priscilla walked down.
“Hey” Tokunbo greeted awkwardly as Priscilla sat down beside Matthew.
“Hey” Teju quickly got up to face him. She felt massively uncomfortable as she stared at him. They had met at her place after her last call and for the whole two hours, thirty minutes she could count the number of words they spoke as they ate dinner and watched a movie. He had left without a hug, a kiss. Not even a hand shake.
Tokunbo put his hands in his back pocket jeans looking everywhere else but at Teju. He felt bad about their last meeting but he still felt strongly about what he has said. Now she was here, in the house. Where was Kevwe to break this think ice he thought.
“You two dumbasses have something good going and you want to throw it away because one is trying to protect the other while the other wants honesty? Like seriously” Justin said from the dinning where he sat nursing his drink. He didn’t look up.
“Well news flash. Get over it” Justin stood up and walked towards them. “Teju this young man is the most honest and loyal person I have met and he will ALWAYS do what he feels will protect you. Love him for that don’t hate” he smiled sadly at her as he walked to sit beside Priacilla.
“Enjoy the time you have, you never know his boss might just send him to Lagos” and with that Justin faced the TV like he hadn’t even said a word. Priscilla put her arm around him.
“I’m sorry” Teju said. Tokunbo hugged her. They smiled at each other. “Could we talk? Like privately?”.
“Sure” Tokunbo said and they headed outside. Before Tokunbo had shut the door Maryam ran down the stairs.
“Channels… Change to Channels quickly” she was panting and hysterical. Everyone was alert as Priacilla fumbled with the remote. Tokunbo came back with Teju.
“Maryam what is it?” He asked.
“Ayo just called, he said he saw it on the news. He is so upset. His mom and daughter… Kevwe …..” Maryam said fighting to catch her breath as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“What are you talking about?” Justin was now very worried once he heard Kevwe’s name. Priscilla had finally got the correct channel and they all turned to the television. It was a breaking news alert, At first it was confusing because all the camera showed was alot of thick smoke and a number of people in shiny vest running around. Then the voice of the news caster read-out on the back ground.

“the number of casualties have not be stated but over 75 passengers where said to have been boarded on flight 623 from Abuja to Lagos this evening….”

“Noooooooo!!!!” Maryam wailed out. Everyone was still silent with shock.

“…… Authorities are yet to ascertain the cause of the fire but eye witnesses say one of the engines caught fire just as the plain landed on the tarmac of the …… International Airport in Lagos and exploded…..”

But no one was listening again, Maryam had just fainted.

………. ………. ……….

“Doctor what can you tell us” Matthew and Justin inquired from the doctor as she sat down on her chair.
“Gentlemen I will advice you calm down as well before I am forced to admit both of you” the doctor said sternly. The two men sat down and kept quiet.
“Better, now the young lady from examination showed signs of dehydration and it would seem she hasn’t eaten all-day. That is what caused the dizziness in addition to whatever shock or suprised she must have got which lead to the fainting”. Matthew exclaimed.
“Calm down sir. We will keep her under observation and give her supplements through a drip. Hopefully she should be okay by tomorrow” the doctor said with a touch of comfort.
“Thanks so much doctor” Justin said patting Matthew on the back.
“You are welcome although it’s my job. Now I will advice you two get something to eat. You lot look terrible” she said smiling at them. They thanked her again and left the office.
“Dude I need to call my aunty” Matthew said to Justin who looked confused “Maryam’s mum? They don’t take stuff like this in their house lightly”.
“Okay let me go tell the others” Justin said.
“Guy” Matthew called Justin “Try and get them to eat something abeg. I doubt any of us have eaten and you heard the woman”. Justin nodded.
He walked to the ward where Maryam was in and entered her room.
“Justin, Justin any …..” Priscilla rushed to him.
“Babe calm down. First of all Maryam will be fine. She hadn’t eaten all day and was dehydrated. Hence the fainting. So if we don’t want to join her we need to all get something to eat” Justin said looking at the group.
Priscilla looked at Maryam sadly as she laid on the hospital bed and nodded. Teju stood up. She had just arrived at the hospital from the airport.
“I can drive home and pick up some fried rice” she offered.
“Thanks babe” Tokunbo said. She nodded and left.
“Dude your babe get ride and you never bring her come house since?” Justin joked. They needed some laughter in here he thought. Tokunbo smiled
“Guy get serious abeg” he said.
“Man serious scares me right now. Did Teju get anything useful from the airport?” He asked hopefully.
“The bastards won’t say anything. We are not even sure. She said there wer two flights by that airline. One at 6:30pm..”
“… Kevwe’s flight” Justin confirmed remembering the time when he bought the ticket online.
“.. Yeah and another that took off at 7.00pm” Tokunbo said. “Thing now is Teju said people were mixing information about whether it was a delayed flight that they force to fly at that time or a later flight that they pushed up”.
“But that doesn’t make sense them pushing a flight to an earlier time” Priscilla joined in.
“I know right” Justin agreed. Matthew walked in and gestured them to come outside.
“Sorry just thought we might be disturbing her” he said apologetically. They all nodded.
“Just spoke to her elder sister. Her mom is flying down tomorrow morning”.
“Was it necessary?” Tokunbo asked.
“You need to hear the shouting we got when my boss had an accident and they thought it was me. Both Maryam and I got a talking-to. Our family is abit over protective” he smiled a little embarrassed.
“Anyone got through to Kevwe?” Matthew asked. They all shook their head. “Lets keep trying”.
They all sat down taking turns trying Kevwe’s line. If it didn’t say ‘temporary on available’ it would say ‘switched off’ or not even connect. They went at it till Teju came with a food warmer full of rice and meat. They were all hungry and couldn’t hide it despite all what was going on and so dug in. Matthew and Justin stood infornt of the tv monitoring the updates.
It was almost 2:00am Tuesday morning, Priscilla had dosed off on Tokunbo’s shoulder, Teju. Had long gone back home despite much protest, Matthew was sleeping on a chair beside Maryam’s bed. Justin was glued to the tv holding on to every ounce of hope he had although as time passed it dwindled. They had all planned to pull an ‘I am ill and can’t come in today’ for work so nobody really cared.
Just then a phone began to ring. Tokunbo had forgotten his phone on Maryam’s bedside. She stored out of her sleep to see she was in the hospital. Tokunbo rushed in to see her picking the phone.
“I’m sorry” he whispered as he took the phone and muted the ringtone not to wake Matthew. She nodded and turned to go back to sleep. He walked out of the room looking at the phone screen, it was a number.
“hello” he spoke into the mouth piece.
“Tokunbo hello it’s Ayomide” Ayomide spoke into the phone.
“hey guy how far?” Tokunbo said.
“Please I can’t seem to get through to Maryam since our last call. I have been worried sick especially with the plane crash” he said. He didn’t sound good at all.
“Mehn she is okay, her phone is switched off. She fainted after we saw the news and is on admission” Tokunbo said cautiously.
“No, no not her too” Ayomide started sobbing.
“Guy calm down she was just dehydrated. She will be fine. Are you okay?” Tokunbo was worried.
“Man my mom was on the plane with my daughter I just got a call to come down to Lagos. I cant loose her, I cant loose any of them” Ayonide broke down.
“Sorry man, so sorry. I hope they are wrong. Will keep you posted on Maryam”.
“Yeah thanks” Ayomide said and hung up. Tokunbo rushed to where Justin was and told him.
“Aww mehn this will kill Maryam. Why is life like this now?” Justin said punching into his fist in anger.
“We can’t tell her. Not now” Justin said to Tokunbo who nodded. Justin’s phone rang. He rushed to pick it up.
The caller ID read KEVWE.

………. ………. ……….

The burial took place in a quiet, beautiful cemetery. It looked expensive. She wasn’t surprised, she would have wanted nothing less. Everyone was in black as it was customary. The car drove passed with the coffins on it and the men brought them out, one after the other.
She held onto his hand. She needed his strength as much as he needed hers. It seemed so real. Their friends stood behind them, family around them.
She had never been to a funeral, she had never lost anyone, she had never felt this emptiness she felt right now. Tears seemed not enough, the pain had taken her to a point of numbness, numbness from the world. She looked around but didn’t really see anyone.
She remembered, remembered how they met, what they went through. She remembers how he described them to her. Why was life so cruel. And death, death with its evil grip.
She watched as Pastor Owunzuka prayed over the bodies. Ayo was laying his mother and daughter, she was laying her best friend. There was no way things would remain the same. As everyone took turns to drop a rose or say a prayer before the bodies she went to her friend’s and stood.
She looked in at her friend’s face. It smiled at her. Then her eyes opened and Maryam looked straight into the eyes of her friend……
“Aaaaaaahhhhhh” Maryam screamed out of her dream.
“Ayo, Ayo, where is Ayo?” she asked hysterically looking around. Her eyes fell on her mom.
Wa ye (who is) Ayo yarinya (girl)?” Her mom asked her with a scrowl.

………. ………. ……….

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 21

Hi people, it has been a wonderful 21weeks (or more) of story telling and enjoying the lives of these six youths. Even as we come towards the end I want to thank everyone who has helped edit, motivate or pester me. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Enjoy this epiode.

With the gang 02

Reality Sinks In
“What is the ruckus about?” Tokunbo said as he walked to the kitchen. He had heard some arguments from his room and the voices were getting louder. He had to come down. He was suprised to see Justin sitting comfortably in the living room flipping through channels on the TV.
“Dude you no hear this noise?” He inquired.
“I will advice you, not to go in there, you don’t want to. Trust me” Justin said as he changed the channel yet again. Tokunbo shook his head and walked into the kitchen.
“… seriously? Like seriously Priscilla? I have told you to stop burning food. Put a timer or something. I will now have to be the one to wash burnt pots abi?” Maryam yelled, hands akimbo.
“Well if you will just try and cook a bit more often i wouldn’t be stressed out all the time” Priscilla retorted.
“EVERYONE CALM DOWN” Tokunbo yelled. He held his hands in his head. This was one of the things he was afraid of. It was the weekend after Kevwe had gotten the transfer to the office in Lagos. It was obvious Maryam was already missing her and she was taking it out on everyone. He had been the first to get it when he dropped his plate in the sink after eating without washing. That was on Wednesday, then Justin got a telling for putting his feet on the couch. Even Matthew was no exception as he got ignored through out a drive home on Friday because he picked her late, now Priscilla.
“Maryam please I would like to see you outside” Tokunbo said gently but with an air that suggested he didn’t want any argument. They walked through the back door and round the house to where their little shade was. He offered her one of the plastic chairs to sit down and did same on another.
“I know you are hurting, I understand but you do realise she hasn’t left yet. Maryam this has to stop. She is my friend too, heck she is all our friends” Tokunbo said looking at her kindly. Maryam began to cry. He hugged her.
“I’m sorry. Its just that it is like something is being ripped from me. All the things I complain or shout about are things she doesn’t like and it just seemed because she is going everyone has forgotten about it” Maryam said tearfully.
“Haba it is not so. She always harassed me when i left dirty plates and you know she and Justin lock heads a lot on a lot of things not just the couch issue and it wasn’t fair on Pris, you know Kevwe does most of the cooking” Tokunbo tired to explain.
“I know oh. I’m sorry, really” Maryam said.
“Its okay but calm down. How do you think she will feel if she hears you are going all Dracula on us? Take it eazy on everyone” Tokunbo smiled. His phone rang. “Excuse me” he said pulling it out of his pocket and then he sighed.
“What is it?” Maryam asked.
“Teju” Tokunbo said not so excitedly.
“Good luck” Maryam patted his shoulder as she got up heading back to the kitchen to apologise to Priscilla.
“Hello” Tokunbo said dryly.
“Tokunbo, it has been over a week. No calls, no bbm pings, no texts, nothing from you. You don’t even know if someone is alive or not. You didn’t even care” Teju went off like a tick-tock clock. Tokunbo rubbed his temple.
“Okay” was all he said.
“Are you kidding me right now?” Teju ranted into the phone. It was so loud Tokunbo pulled the phone away from his ears.
“Please stop shouting” Tokunbo said calmly. He knew Teju was shocked at his reaction, exactly the emotion he wanted. “Teju what do you want me to say? You have said it all now” He asked.
“I don’t know? But ‘okay’ isn’t what you should say. I mean Tokunbo a whole weeks fa” Teju said.
“I knew you were alive Teju. Your BBM Dp changing was proof enough. As for why I haven’t contacted you, I can remember you said you would call me, I was respectfully waiting for your call” he finished simply.
“What? I can’t believe this” Teju said. It was obvious she was lost for words.
“Let me guess. First you though by behaving the way you did I would keep begging until you have had your fill” Tokunbo began, “But I didn’t call and that got you pissed off since you were not getting your daily fix ….”
“Toks….” Teju tried to speak.
“Noooo Teju I’m just warming up” Tokunbo said. The anger he had been holding in all the while had started showing up “… you now call forming high and might to accuse me and oh what a shocker for you to find out that Tokunbo isn’t remorseful. I’m I close?”
He didn’t wait for her to answer.
“I know I was in the wrong. I ADMITTED it” he said trying very hard to control his voice “I apologised, I pleaded but for some unfathomably crazy reason the one I hold dear to my heart wouldn’t bulge. So forgive me dear girlfriend for respecting your message and waiting for you to call back”.
He was quiet, she was quiet. It was like a tournament of silence. He had said his piece. He didn’t care anymore. Or at least that was what he told himself.
“I’m sorry Toks” was all Teju could say. Oh shit he didn’t expect that, his defence was already up. Damn girls and their twist and turns.
“Toks are you still there?” Teju asked softly.
“Yes” Tokunbo said.
“Will you please come over let us talk? Please?” Teju said meekly.
“Okay” was all Tokunbo said.
“Thanks” she said. The call rang out with Tokunbo smiling to himself. He guessed this was what they meant about being a man. He got up and walked to the house.

………. ………. ……….

He had called and had decided to see her. Here he was, standing in front of her apartment waiting. All this while wondering why he was here. She took her merry time but she came out.
“Can we please stop this fighting” Justin said as he sat on the car’s bonnet. He had borrowed Matthew’s car and gone to see Michelle. Why? He couldn’t explain. Their conversations through out the week was short and tense and he was tired of it. Especially with Kevwe leaving he needed a clear head.
“I’m not the one tripping for my house mate” Michelle said folding her hand standing in front of him. He had to admit she had a good shape for a short girl, not close to Kevwe’s but still good.
“Don’t start please” Justin said.
“You know, you keep declaring this and that and yet you never deny that you have feelings for her” Michelle attacked.
“Michelle I told you the first time we met that I did. Do you want me to lie?” Justin said defensively.
“Yes. You told me you HAD feelings, I didn’t expect that it would remain in the present tense” Michelle shot back.
“Just stop. I’m tired of this back and forth with you. Do you see me toasting Kevwe?” Justin complained, “besides you can stop all this your drama. She is moving to Lagos come Monday evening” Justin said absent-minded.
“What???” Michelle exclaimed almos happily.
“Yeah she said I should tell you that you shouldn’t worry about big bad Kev” Justin said looking at her for her reaction.
“huh, oh please she wished I was scared of her” Michelle said waving off the issue. She was now leaning forward playing with his shirt button.
“You could have fooled me” Justin said sarcastically.
“Go joh. I shouldn’t be weary of the people around my baby?” She said affectionately. Justin could not believe this. Just a few minutes ago she was all cold and in an i-don’t-give-a-damn mood. Now she was going all TLC on him.
“Do you mean to tell me that it was actually Kevwe that you were bothered about and yet I got the blame for it?” Justin said. He couldn’t believe he had been suffering all these weeks because Michelle was insecure.
“Please don’t start now. We should be thinking of how to move forward, are you sleeping over?” Michelle winked at Justin incitingly. Justin got off the car bonnet. All of a sudden everything seemed wrong. He didn’t understand girls but all of a sudden he didn’t want to be here.
“I have to go” was all he said. He jumped into the car and sped home. He kept hooting the horn till Musa came out.
“Ah oga na (my oga)” he hailed Justin who paid him no attention but quickly drove in. He ran into the house like he was pressed.
“Hey you, who is chasing you?” Maryam hailed as he walked in.
“Where is Kevwe?” Justin asked hurredly.
“In her room. Hey what is wrong?” Maryam called out in panic. Justin didn’t answer but rushed towards Kevwe’s room. He didn’t knock but just walked in.
Kevwe looked up from the pile of clothes she was sorting out startled. “Justin what’s .. ”
He didn’t let her finish. In two long strides he was beside her, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. No dreams, no interruptions she responded with almost as much passion.
“… wait what’s going …… Oh” Maryam who was trying to save a supposed fight was shocked but pleased. “I will leave you two to it” she smiled and closed the door.
Justin turned to face Kevwe. Her in his arms just felt right. He smiled, she blushed. He held her close.

………. ………. ……….

The day was gloomy even for a Monday. Excuse the Abuja scorching sun, even with her boss’s happy mood that lead to lunch for everyone, and that silly lab attendant finally giving up on asking her for another date after the tragedy that became of the last one, Maryam was not happy. She had tried not to think about it but it kept coming up in her thoughts. Tokunbo had said it will be alright, she wasn’t so sure. She just had to cope. She stood watching …..

She had been fun while it lasted. Their differences were expected and even though she had been a pain sometimes in the house Tokunbo knew he would miss her. He had left work early not minding what Medusa would have said. He had got her a box of chocolate. Something to hold her mouth during the journey he had told her. He smiled as he wrapped his hand round Maryam following her gaze …..

Matthew smiled as he watched the others. Such bond, such friendship was indescribable. Although the atmosphere was dampened he found solace in the connection the group had created. He didn’t know why it felt like a funeral but it did. He stood close by hoping he would have to carry anyone back to the car. As the plane took off, he gave a mocking salute …..

It had taken a while. She was the odd one out. They had know each other but she, she was new, the odd one out. She couldn’t forget their first meet. Trust her to start it with drama. Priscilla smiled. She had brought her in, forced her to be free and now she was leaving. Priscilla hated goodbyes …..

He stood by the car. He had refused to see her off. He looked up as he saw the plane take off from the runway. Justin knew Kevwe was in the plane. He bought her ticket after all. Since she was sure she was leaving, since that night he knew. But she had told him to move on. Six months was a long time. What was the point? She had said. She in lagos, he in Abuja they both knew the statistics with long distance relationship. He shock his head …..

“A penny for Una thoughts?” Kevwe had joked on the drive to the airport. No one said anything. It had been awkward from parking to loading up and the drive. They had arrived at the airport and for once the plane was no schedule. She got her ticket and did the necessary procedures before coming back to the gang.
“You all should stop carrying these faces now. Can’t you all look like Matthew?” Kevwe had tried to cheer them up. No one spoke.
“You people are killing my mood oh. I don’t want to cry oh” she said giving a happy-sad smile. “I’m going to miss you all”.
“We will miss you too” Tokunbo finally spoke up. Just then the announcer for flight called out Kevwe’s flight and urged all not onboard to get on and get settled. She started hugging them all tearfully. Tokunbo was first.
“Take care of Maryam, you and I know she will be abit out of sorts. So please for me” she whispered. He nodded. Matthew was next.
“Dude you need to get laid” she said loudly smiling as the rest giggled. She looked at Priscilla.
“Don’t dare let any nonsense-in-a-hurry twat rush you. You are beautiful, your boo will come. Take care love” she said then hugged her. She looked at Maryam, her all time best friend. She shook her head sadly.
“NYSC all again” said Maryam remembering their departure.
“You be good” Kevwe started, Maryam nodded, ” You have fun and give Mide a proper chance” Maryam nodded again covering her mouth in an attempt not to cry, “watch these idiots for me, they step aside you call me and I’ll bring my whip” Kevwe laughed tearfully Maryam nodded again. The tears were rolling now. Kevwe hugged her friend as she started to cry as well.
“I love you, please take care of Justin for me”. Kevwe whispers so only Maryam would hear. She felt Maryam nod again. With much difficulty they let go.
Tokunbo, Maryam, Matthew and Priscilla watched as their friend walked away…..
So did Justin. From a distance.

………. ………. ……….

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 20

Despite all una still love Kevwe, I am suspecting all of you. And you all want Esta back? Una go give her job for Abuja? Lol. Here is this week’s WTG. enjoy my people.

With the gang 02

Curtain close?
A beautiful evening it was. Maryam smiled comfortably on the drive home as she thought back on how the evening had played out.
Ayomide had picked her up at 4.30pm from work and drove her around town and they were just talking, getting to know each other, he called it. They then stopped close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Central Area of town where some paintings were being sold and he had bought her a beautiful oil paint of women walking home after a day’s work. They had argued if it was the farm or market the women were coming from as he drove them to dinner and it was then she was surprised to find out that he supported and encouraged strong, ambitious women. They dined in one of the finest restaurants in Abuja and he listened as she talked about work and her friends.
They had ended the evening with a trip to the cinema to watch Fast 7.
“Last, last ba” Ayomide said breaking into her thoughts “they lied in that movie”. He laughed and she joined in.
“True sha” she agreed.
“How can cars be flying and it is only parachute that helps them land safely? Oyinbo sabi lie” he said in pidgin.
“That is the first time I have heard you speak pidgin” Maryam said smiling “you sound so botty.”
“Me? Botty fire. I’m an aje kpako please” Ayomide said. They both laughed. He took a bend and they where driving down the road that led to the house. Suddenly Maryam didn’t feel so happy anymore. It must have shown on her face because Ayomide noticed.
“Sweetheart what is wrong?” He asked as he slowed down.
“Nothing” she said quietly. She wanted to slap herself for being so childish. She tried to put up a brighter face. They had just reached home and Ayomide parked the car just before the gate. He put the gear in ‘Park’ but didn’t turn off the ignition. She smiled remembering how they met and his line about keeping the car cool for when she was ready to come in.
“Are we going to play that game where you say nothing and I probe until u really say what is worrying you?” He had turned to face her.
“No. Please it really is nothing. I just didn’t know it would be this short” Maryam said avoiding his eyes.
“Short?” Ayomide exclaimed “Girl it is almost 9.00pm” he said smiling. Maryam quickly looked at her watch. She was surprised. Ayomide chuckled.
“I guess this is what they mean when they say time flies when you are having fun” he said.
Maryam smiled and nodded.
“I’m just being a gentleman bringing a lady home at a godly hour oh” he said trying to look noble. Maryam laughed.
“No, serious. Say the word and I call a couple of friends and we can go hang out” Ayomide said.
“That is sweet Ayo but not today. It isn’t even mid-week yet” Maryam said. She was a lady after all and shouldn’t make it easy for him even if she really liked him. Besides there was work tomorrow.
“Ooooh what happened to the sweet way you called me Mide? When did we start with Ayo?” Ayomide asked. Maryam opened the door smiling.
“All your friends call you Mide, I don’t think you want me as JUST your friend” she winked at him and closed the door. He grinned.
She walked round to the driver’s side and stood holding her bag.
“I had a fabulous time” she smiled.
“I aim to please” he replied.
“Goodnight Ayo” Maryam said quietly.
“Does a brother get a goodnight kiss?” He asked hopefully. Maryam smiled but shook her head.
“This brother will have to prove himself” Maryam smiled. Ayomide gave a disappointed look.
She quickly leaned in and pecked him then like a little school girl after her first date, she ran to the gate and into the compound. Ayomide smiled and puting his car on ‘drive’, he drove off.

…………    ……………..   ……………

“What a day” Kevwe exclaimed as she sat down exhausted.
“Babe, how far? welcome” Priscilla walked into the living room from the kitchen.
Omalichan wa (beautiful lady) how now?” Kevwe greeted back. Priscilla smiled at the pronunciation of the igbo word.
“You try. I dey oh. How was work?” she asked Kevwe.
“I don’t know oh. Yet to decide if it was good or not” Kevwe replied “what smells so good?”
“Fried rice. Thought I cook since I came home in time” Priscilla said “what makes it good or bad? Work I mean” she probed.
“You know I told you my boss wants me to go to Lagos to get them back on their feet abi?” Kevwe began to explain.
“No, not really” Priscilla looked thoughtful.
“Then na Maryam I tell” Kevwe waved it off.
“Anyways the boss brought it up again today” She continued.
“But that is suppose to be good now. Abi?” Priscilla asked looking confused. “That is like you becoming branch manager or at least acting branch manager. That will boost your resume oh”.
“I know but I also know it is waddling in very deep waters. Lets ignore my …..”
The front door opened and Maryam and Matthew walked in.
“Hey girls” Maryam greeted excitedly.
“People how far?” Matthew said.
“Una welcome oh” Kevwe and Priscilla greeted back. Matthew headed for his room to change while Maryam joined the girls.
“I see you are still radiating the Mide’s touch” Priscilla teased. Maryam smiled.
“Started my day with a lovely text from him and we have been chatting most of the day” Maryam said.
See as you dey behave like pikin now” Kevwe joined in the teasing “that time you been dey form oh. If no be me wey push you. Oya say thank you.” They all laughed.
“So what is up now?” Maryam asked trying to get in on the gist.
“I was just telling Pris about Lagos” Kevwe said. “Like I was saying forget about my personal concerns, that Lagos branch na like trap. They are annoying and difficult people. You dey talk resume Pris but that is only good if I succeed”.
“I have no doubt you will succeed” Priscilla said encouragingly.
“Help me tell her oh” Maryam added. “Exactly what I said when she brought it up the first time”.
“Then I don’t like Lagos life. I am very comfortable in Abuja as it is. I don’t just want joh. He said he will let me know by Friday sha. So I have two days to know my fate” Kevwe said.
“Don’t worry, its not like you will be moving to Lagos” Maryam said.
“Oh girl six months no be beans oh. You people will get a new house mate. My friends, Justin ….. Oooh this thing wan spoil my paroles” Kevwe complained sadly.
“See this shameless girl” Maryam exclaimed and the girls laughed. “Don’t worry it is well. Meanwhile una know say Esta kissed Matthew?”
“ISS A LIE!!!” Kevwe exlaimed. Priscilla opened her mouth in shock.
That girl don damage elder for us oooh” Kevwe busted out laughing.
“I’m telling you. My poor cousin. Esta sha” Maryam said still laughing, “he was gisting me in the car as we were coming back”.
“Was it just kiss or some’en some’en?” Kevwe inquired with a wink.
“Abeg can someone come and serve me food before you all continue your amebo on my case”. The girls turned surprised to see Matthew standing in the dinning area. An awkward silence filled the room as everyone tried to look away. Priscilla got up to go serve. Just as she passed him she heard him say with a smile.
“She sabi kiss sha”.
“ELDER!!!” Kevwe and Priscilla hailed him and they all laughed as they followed into the kitchen.

…………   ……………..   …………….

Tokunbo: PING
Teju: Yes
Tokunbo: Baby mi pls you cant still be mad now
Teju: Is that why you pinged?
Tokunbo: Teju now. Why the hostility? Please let’s talk.
Teju: Now you want to talk? (sarcastic smiley)
Tokunbo: Can I come over?
Teju: Not at home. Got to go, I’ll call you.
Tokunbo: That’s what you said last week.
(no reply)
Tokunbo: Teju lets iron things out now.
(after 20minutes and no reply)
Tokunbo: You know I’m sorry and I did what I did because I didn’t know how else to handle it. I will be waiting for your call.

Tokunbo flung the phone onto his mattress. Why did Teju have to be so stubborn. Why couldn’t she be like Maryam? Maryam always got him, even when she was…..
“Awww man did you just compare your girlfriend with the girl you friend zoned?” He shouted at himself. He needed to get a grip. He got up and opened his work bag. Work, the only remedy at the moment.
BANG!!! The room door hit the wall as it flung open as Justin walked in. Tokunbo looked up from where he sat on the mattress, papers all around him. He had been going in circles for the past hour trying to work but was too distracted to make any head way. It was almost 11.00pm
“What does that girl want from me? What?” Justin shouted to no one in particular. He hadn’t noticed Tokunbo yet. He threw his briefcase on his mattress and rubbed the temple of his head. A headache was already brewing. He was tired, he was frustrated, what else was he supposed to do?
“You okay dude?” Tokunbo asked quietly. Justin turned in surprise then got himself together.
“No dude, I am NOT okay” Justin replied, “I honestly do not know what Michelle wants from me”.
“Haba, still in that ish?” Tokunbo said. Esta had been gone for over four days now and things should have piped down.
“Guy I just tire. I left work, ordered Chinese, took it down to her house, told her how I felt and everything far. Guy since 5.00pm far, na 11pm be this I never chop” Justin explained in frustration, “but guy you know me, on a normal day I don ball. See a whole Justin dey beg woman” he hit his chest as he spoke. Tokunbo knew his friend was pissed.
Wetin pain me no be say yawa dey oh, Na say I don pour myself for this girl and she still dey talk her own. I asked her ‘so should I move out?’ The babe say ‘it won’t be a bad idea’, guy see selfishness” Tokunbo could see the veins popping out on Justin’s forehead.
“Bro abeg sit down” Tokunbo said calmly. Justin obliged.
“You know I’m a sucker for love. To say I’m impressed with your effort is an understatement, but even me now go tell you say e don do” Tokunbo said. “Teju is still giving me cold shoulder. Job, she no lose, case don close but na Tokunbo dey suffer am. I know we are the guys, na us suppose chase, but e don do. The ball is in their court now”.
“Guy this thing dey pain me. But maybe na sign sha” Justin said loosening up.
“Sign how?” Tokunbo asked confused.
“Oboy sign that this loving issh is not for me, I am going clubbing tomorrow, no time. Let Michelle do whatever she wants” Justin said pulling off his tie.
“Extreme much?” Tokunbo inquired.
“Not at all. I need a drink” Justin said.
“I could use one too” Tokunbo said getting up.
“I am in no mood to go out” Justin said exhausted.
“Who said anything about going out?” Tokunbo replied going to his side of the closet. He bent and pulled out two bottles, Johnny Walker Red Label and Smirnoff vodka. He smiled offering Justin the bottles to pick from.
“Lets go with the vodka, I’ll get the ice from the kitchen” Justin said and left the room. He skipped the steps quickly and reached the landing.
“Elder how far?” He hailed Matthew who was idly watching tv.
“Hey J wetin dey?” Matthew said. He hardly ever spoke pidgin so it was always weird hearing it.
“Boys wan loosen up with some vodka for room, interested?” Justin asked.
“Mehn I won’t mind at all” Elder said getting up.
“Okay head up, let me get cups and ice” Justin said and headed to the kitchen. Matthew switched off the tv and went to Tokunbo’s room.
Justin opened the kitchen door. Sitting on the chair, a bottle of Snapps before her and some files scattered on the kitchen table was Kevwe. A pang of Deja vu feeling hit Justin.
“Hey you” Kevwe said quietly.
“Looking good girl” the words flew out before Justin knew it. Kevwe smiled. She wasn’t in her usual shorts and long T-Shirt, this was a proper nightie.
“You like?” She asked without looking up at him. Justin cleared his throat like he wasn’t breathing well. He walked to the fridge.
“Errm it fits you, but again alot of fine things fit you” he said pulling out two bottles of sprite and a tray of ice cubes.
“I’ll take that as a compliment” she said.
“It was” he said “so what you up to?” He looked at all the files but his eyes kept drifting to her bossom.
“Seems I might be going off to Lagos for a while after all” Kevwe said sadly.
“What?” Justin exclaimed then noticing he had just shouted and looked away.
“Hmmm you care. Anyways” she said as she placed her hands on his, “you can tell your girlfriend big bad Kev won’t be around to disturb her man”.
” You don’t have to be like that” he said holding her hand. He looked at her, she looked back. “Michelle is just over reacting”.

” Is she really?” Kevwe asked looking straight at Justin “You don’t feel anything at all” she touched his face. Suddenly he couldn’t hear anything other than his heart beating hard against his chest. Her touch made him see nothing other than this beautiful creation. He leaned forward, so did she……

“Guy were our ice na?” Tokunbo’s voice was heard coming from the living room. They pulled away. Tokunbo opened the door.
“Coming” Justin said with regret.


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WITH THE GANG – Episode 19

Hi people, I promised to post WTG every Sunday and i believe better late than never. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Esther for helping with this post. I might just feature some more people in the future. cheers

Esta’s Stay

With the gang 02


Esta yawned lazily on the Maryam’s bed, it was 10am on Saturday and she was just getting up, after yesterday’s fisaco she was in the mood for something spicy. The drama yesterday was so trilling eventhough Michelle had left the house in anger (talk about no sense of humor) and everyone had been uncomfortable except Esta, she kept talking and eating oblivious to what everybody was thinking about her. Anyway that was yesterday, today is going to be fun she thought to herself.
She felt sad that she had to be back in Port Harcourt by Sunday evening, “that leaves just today to cause confusion”. She smiled mischievously as she removed her p.j.
It was a lazy morning, the boys were not yet up and Priscilla was glad Esta wasn’t as well. It was just her, Maryam and Kevwe or half of her since she still had not taken her routine cup of coffee. She was still in shock over Esta’s crazy display yesterday and wanted to get the view of the other girls over what they thought.
“I don’t know why you are still surprised” Maryam said “or maybe it is just because I am used to it”.
“It is like my craze is still learning where this girl’s own is but I loved it” Kevwe smile as she played with the coffee tin.
“Yeye how won’t you. Poor Michelle, Esta sha” Maryam laughed as she washed the plates remembering how it all played out.
“Who called?” Esta said as she walked in. Priscilla’s mouth fell open in astonishment as soon as she saw Esta enter the kitchen.
“Is this girl really okay? After the confusion she caused yesterday she bounces into the kitchen as if she owns the place wearing just her underwear. What If any of the guys enter” she thought. She looked and saw Kevwe and Maryam smiling as they saw Esta,
“So everyone thinks this is funny except me” Priscilla shook her head “Uhm good morning” she said tightly.
“Good morning miss goody goody. Come so you don’t drink alcohol eh” Esta asked leaning on the kitchen table looking at Priscilla.
“No I don’t” Priscilla replied.
“hmmm, what of sip” Esta probed further.
“uhm” Priscilla croaked “I don’t taste it”.
“Too bad” Esta said mockingly “so I’m guessing you’ve never had a threesome before or kissed a girl”. If Priscilla was not African she would’ve turned bright red. Kevwe and Maryam burst out laughing .
Kevwe tried to help “No, Pris is an angel, but I won’t mind kissing your, your lips are cute”.
Esta smiled “see why I like you for my Justin and not that flat assed girl Michy?” She said in irritation.
“No, it’s Michelle” Priscilla corrected.
“Who cares miss-know-all, the girl is dry” Esta said as she tugged on her bra “chai this place is hot can I take off my bra? You girls won’t abi?” Priscilla almost fainted.

…………………. ……………………….. …………………….

“But which kin wahala I don enter now?” Justin complained bitterly as he sat down beside Tokunbo and Matthew by the pool. The girls, spear headed by Maryam had forced them into going out. It was her “lets spoil Esta” move. After this morning’s drama Priscilla opted out blaming it on a long due assignment but both Tokunbo and Justin were unlucky for their excuses fell on deaf ears.
“So your cousin will be in town and you won’t even spoil her small?” Kevwe had teased. Esta winked at her and gave her a high-five. Matthew was enjoying the entertainment especially as it had nothing to do with him and opted to drive them so the group had bundled themselves in his car and headed for the mall, then to KFC to eat and now they were at the pool.
“Esta don open another chapter of beef with Michelle, that one that has already been suspecting like CIA agent” he sighed in irritation, “then all this waka-about and they still want barbecue this evening”.
“Man you dey complain, the silent treatment i am getting from Teju is an upgraded version oh” Tokunbo said smacking his thigh in an attempt to catch a wayward fly that was disturbing him. “How she expected me to talk when she was going on and on about how things where bad for her. I will now be the insenstive bastard and affectionately rub salt into the matter abi”.
“Since we are all sharing problems, I think my car needs servicing” Matthew said smiling. Tokunbo and Justin looked at him envious.
“But seriously Teju should chill” Matthew said calmly “What did she expect you to do? Okay you tell her, then what? She puts you in an awkward position of trying to help her save her job while your career goes down? Because of ‘love’. Na wa oh” he gestured the quotation mark as he said love.
“I tire oh” Tokunbo jumped in “she doesn’t even want to listen to me, as in at all, won’t pick my calls, won’t reply my text messages or pings. You need to have seen the way she looked at Medusa when she introduced me as second chair to the case, she now truned and looked at me this kin ‘has it come to this’ look”. He flinched as Maryam swam to where they sat and threw water at them.
“How can you guys leave three hot babes alone in the pool. You just sit there with no shirts on looking sexy for who?” Esta shouted from one side of the pool.
“Calm down we will join you soon” Tokunbo said.
“Oboy see beef. And the annoying part is they make noise of how much they can handle the truth and if you now tell them they will now start ‘two-can-play-that-game’ lesson on your head.”
“But if you don’t and they later find out, troubles of epic proportion awaits you. There is no winning with girls” Matthew said.
“And what is with them and the insecurity issues? Do they see us roll our eyes or get upset when a guy looks at them or when one of their toaster shows or calls? For crying out loud the fact that I am with you should let you know you are the real deal” Justin complained.
“Well with your track record Justin it is kind of hard to believe” Matthew joked.
“Not helping Elder, not helping at all” Justin sad.
“Okay sorry. But i totally get you. If anything it should at least let them know that there are options but you choose them”.
“Tell that to Teju for me abeg” Tokunbo joked sarcastically. “Everything about the Joelyn chick I tell my girl thinking we can laugh about it and yab the old woman, instead my girlfriend makes an issue of it.” Esta had swam near them unnoticed and quickly splashed water on them.
Justin took a rubber ball lying around and flung it at her in irritation. It didn’t hit its mark and she laughed at him.
“Very annoying little sweetheart” Justin said “making me miss match now”. Tokunbo smiled. He understood. Justin hated to show it but deep down he loved Esta like his own sister. They had always been close and usually Justin loved her naughtiness but it seemed different this time.
“This one this thing dey piss you off like so, you really like Michelle” Tokunbo said.
“Eh en, no just come with you psychoanalysis oh. Lover man. Which one is i really like Michelle?” Justin said.
“This right here” Tokunbo pointed at Justin “all this English is proof”. He started laughing. “I am scared to put Justin and in-love in the same sentence. But I can see you are having a conflict because of that hot babe in the pool” Tokunbo was really taunting Justin and he knew it. Even Matthew was smiling. Tokunbo got up.
“Question my friend is, who to pick?” he winked as Justin got up. “Even with what is on my plate i know i wouldn’t want to be in your shoes man” he started laughing again and before Justin could reach him, Tokunbo dived in.

……………………… ………………………. ……………………

She had just ended her call with Ayomide. This guy from the start seemed good to be true. She had to explain that they had to shift their date as the whole weekend was spent with Esta. She was already looking forward to the date. She smiled again as she remembered Priscilla’s face earlier. Crazy Esta was alway a joy to have around, if you understood her you would know she was actually a big softie who cared for everyone.
Someone grabbed her butt. “Esta!”
“Where is everyone?” Esta asked, she was moderately dressed now thank God, Maryam thought.
“The guys went to get stuffs for this night and you can see I am here in the kitchen cooking. I think Priscilla is helping Kevwe to spread some clothes outside” Maryam answerd.
“Nawa oh” said Esta, “una like party. By the way, I like that Kevwe girl for my Justin, the ode needs someone that can handle him not that Mimi girl” Esta said picking an apple.
“Stay out of it” Maryam advised.
“Hehehe okay, I will” she answered sarcastically. “So what’s up with that elder guy, he’s so quiet and matured, I like him”.
” Esta na with God I take beg you, leave elder alone oh, sha he won’t even answer you sef”. Maryam replied.
“You think”, she countered mischieviously “we shall see. So what of your Mide and your step daughter?” She continued absently biting into the apple.
“Oh Esta I’m so confused, I really like him but I dunno what to do about the tribal difference and his daughter” Maryam said sadly.
“You guys over think things oh” Esta said, “did he ask you to marry him? Just enjoy it for now if it goes deeper then fine you handle it then if not you leave him”. She further advised “please don’t stress yourself over that. You are young, enjoy life before you go and be the 4th wife to one ugly alhaji” she added laughing.
“Don’t be unice Esta” Maryam said but joined her.
“No offence oh, I’m just saying” Esta said.
“Oh Esta” she hugged her quickly “you always give the best advice”.
“I know I know” Esta proudly answered. “Now am thirsty” she continued, “Prisi! Prisi oh come let’s drink red wine” she rushed out of the room leaving Maryam following behind laughing

Esta smiled to herself, as she rubbed Tokubo’s head, it was truely a great weekend, these people had been so cool, and they werr getting along so well. They were all in the sitting room arguing about Kanye and Kim’s relationship while Justin and Tokubo played Play Station with Mathew reading a newspaper. Kevwe was trying so hard not to look at Justin but it was obvious what she was doing. She, Maryam and Pricillia where arguing, she had good points but was distracted.
“Kevwe!” Esta suddenly called “remember that bum short you were wearing when I came ba? I want it please” She begged.
“Uhm why not” Kevwe replied “I washed it, its still outside”.
“Okay let’s go and get it” said Esta as she stood up and walked to the front door, Justin shook his head “thank God she’s leaving tomorrow”.
I think she’s interesting” Matthew added to the surprise of everyone.
Esta smiled at Kevwe. “So how do you intend getting Justin or are you going to let Mindy take him away?”
Kevwe looked serious for a while then said “I dunno, I like him and am trying my best but he’s not bulging”.
“Have you thrown yourself at him as in seduced him? See girlfriend you have to grab the bull by it balls. You cook well, your pretty and successful so get your man” Esta advised.
Kevwe smiled, “that might work, I will think about it.”
Esta continued “I’m not saying give him the cookie immediately, be a lady but make him want you, make him dizzy with desire, eh work on that angle. That’s why I called you out sha and the bum short too”.
Kevwe laughed picked the shorts and handed it over to Esta. “Thanks” she said.
“No biggie” Esta replied as they went back to the house.
Once they got inside, Esta jumped on Matthew lap, “boo” she said and kissed him full on his lips and whispered to his ears, “I want you, I want you to make love to me this night before I leave tomorrow”. She squirmed, wiggling on his laps. Matthew swallowed, ” I’m in trouble” he thought to himself

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 18

Hello guys, sorry for the late ppost I have been on the road. Today’s post goes to someone dear to me, Happy birthday Esta Daudu. Much love dear.

Okay people, enjoy!!!

With the gang 02


Justin pulled off the tie and flung it on the bed in irritation. The damn thing won’t just stay. He tucked in and buckled his belt. Tokunbo was still bathing and he was in no mood to even ask. He placed his tie around his neck and walked down stairs to get something to eat.
” Hello handsome” Kevwe greeted him happily as he walked into the kitchen. She was sitting near the windown, drinking coffee. “That shirt looks good on you, goes with my blue extensions”.
“Someone is in a good mood” he said dryly as he walked to the fridge. He opened it and picked a bottle of cold water and a bag of bread, connected the toaster and started toasting some bread.
“And you are not?” Kevwe asked looking at him.
“Just this tie giving me stress among” he said removing the toasted bread. He started to butter the bread. Kevwe stood up and rinsed her cup. Then she dropped it on the cup tray behind Justin and turned to him.
“Come let me see” she said, and proceeded to knotting his tie. He watched her work with such ease and accuracy. He looked at her face, she had removed the red hair extensions and changed them to blue, he loved the new colour. Damn she was pretty.
“…… Sometimes i had to do a couple for him sef” Kevwe said.
“Excuse me?” Justin had been distracted, he didn’t get the first part of what Kevwe was saying.
“What?” Kevwe asked.
“I didn’t get you” Justin said.
“Oh, I was just saying I used to do this for Kenny, that is why I am good. He always seemed to lazy to do it himself” Kevwe said looking at Justin. Damn Kevwe cursed in her mind “now I’m comparing him to my ex? Really smooth girl”. She rolled her eyes absent minded.
” I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to be a pain” Justin said not so nicely.
“Oh, no, sorry. That was not for you” Kevwe said, trying to salvage the situation. “Please it was nothing. I loved knoting your tie for you.” They both looked at each other. Awkwardness looming all around.
“Can you two stop looking like lovers so I can ask who ever for some toasted bread?” Priscilla walked into the kitchen innocent of what had been happened. But her statement made it even more uncomfortable. She was still in her pyjamas, hair scattered. Just then Tokunbo walked in. Headed straight for Justin and before anyone could object, picked up the freshly buttered toast and bit into it.
“Good morning people” he said, his mouth half full.
“Thunder fire you guy. Na your food be that?” Justin shouted more amused than angry.
“Haba Tokunbo that is so not fair, my eyes where on those” Priscilla said pouting her lips in sad pretence. Tokunbo laughed.
“I have told you that in this house you are too polite for your own good” Kevwe said smiling at her.
“Make una no vex, i dey hungry.” He smiled at Priscilla.
“And we are not?” Both Justin and Priscilla choroused then laughed together. Kevwe smiled at the scene, glad something changed the atmosphere. She stole a glance at Justin to see if he was still uncomfortable then looked away before he noticed.
“When you dey pick your cousin from the airport?” Tokunbo asked Justin as ge finished the remaining toast.
“Oh damn I had forgotten. She should take cab abeg. She is coming in this evening” Justin replied as he started making another toast.
“That’s true. Heads up girls, my cousin will be spending the weekend with us” Justin said. Maryam walked into the kitchen and greeted everyone.

“Esta is coming into town? Yaay, she is staying in my room” Maryam said cheerfully. Justin looked at her suspiciously. His cousin Esta was well known by Tokunbo and Maryam as she visited him regularly while he was at school. She called it her little get-away from stress of her own school.
“Behave, I will be watching two of you” he said to Maryam who gave the cutiest smile.
“It can’t pass gossip that we will gist about now. No need to worry” Maryam said cheerfully.
“THAT is exactly what I am worried about” Justin said “Has anyone seen Matthew?”
“He just left the house” Maryam said as she opened the fridge to get her fruit drink.
“Oh shit, my free ride” Justin shouted and ran out of the kitchen.


………………….. ……………………. ………………………


“Tokunbo do you want to explain this?” Joelyn threw a folder at him as he walked into her office. The files in it flew out and scattered on the floor. Tokunbo looked confused but bent to pick them up.
“I’m sorry I don’t get you” Tokunbo said. What was eating her up today. He thought after all the work they had been doing, there was some sort of respect between them.
“That is a mess. The arguements are weak, your brief is a sorry excuse and there are so many typos. Where is your mind? I expected better” Joelyn shouted at him. Tokunbo picked up the folder an quickly looked through. He didn’t see what was bad about his brief but he did notice alot of typographic errors.
“I am sorry. I will go work on it” Tokunbo said meekly, he picked up the folder and headed to his desk. He hated disappointing even if his boss was annoying. Joelyn went back to work shaking her head.
“Be like Medusa don put you on hit list” Tokunbo’s colleague Frank whispered as he came to his desk. “I been tell you to lash her when you go her crib you nor hear”. He laughed jokingly.
“Guy get sense abeg” Tokunbo was in no mood for Frank’s sly talk. “I get alot on my plate abeg”. Frank looked at his colleague. A number of times he had been jealous of Tokunbo, especially as he seemed to have their supervisor in his pocket. But everyone needed a break and Tokunbo only pushed him to work harder.
“Oya calm down. Do what you can. After work we will rub minds on each other’s cases. I could welcome a diffrent perspective” Frank said smiling as he patted Tokunbo’s back.
“Thanks man. I would appreciate that” Tokunbo said. He went back to work. It had been a bloody past week. Teju had been all up in his face about the case. Her company was in jeopardy if they lost the case and she had cried all weekend about being afraid of loosing her job. He couldn’t even tell her he was in on the case and doing everything in his power to bring her company down.
In all the drama of calming her down and hiding the truth from her, working on the case had seemed more tedious than it already was but he never for once thought it would affect his performance this badly. His phone beeped. He picked it up. He had four BBM messages.

Elder:- celeberating tonight, i ust got promoted.
Justin:- dude change this dp now e don old. By the way how far with my 10k?
Kevwe:- guy I’m sure Maryam has told about Matthew’s promotion. buy two bottles of wine on your way back, that is your contribution.
Maryam:- fine boy Matthew got promoted. We doing in-house celeberation. How’s work?

He smiled. At least not all his world was messed up. He replied them all, congratulating Matthew, acknowledging Kevwe and Maryam’s messages and promised to get the drinks and he told Justin to sit on a fence.
“Tokunbo” Tokunbo looked up to see Joelyn standing at her office’s door way. “Boardroom” she said and started walking. He got up uneasily and quickly followed her.
“So we just got information some minutes ago that Braxton Engr. want to settle out of court” she said quickly, “our clients are here in the boardroom and are very interested and want us to make a deal which is good. Saves us the stress of court wahala and from me seeing your incompetent work”. Tokunbo said nothing.
“Our client wants twenty-five million Naira for damages incured but i feel we can pull more. So you follow my lead okay?” She stood at the door and looked at him for confirmation that he understood. He nodded politely and opened the door for her to enter first. She smiled at him and walked in. Tokunbo followed and closed the door while pleasantries started.
“Timothy good morning” Joelyn said cheerfully to a man wearing a navy blue suit. “Are we ready to talk business?”
“Good morning Joelyn, I hope so. This is a staff of the company here with me to over see the negotiations, Miss Bankole” said Mr. Timothy. Tokunbo froze where he stood.
“Morning” Teju said looking coldly from Joelyn to Tokunbo.
“This should be fun” Tokunbo thought sarcastically as he sat. He was in trouble.

…………….   …………………….    ……………………..


“Hey you” Maryam greeted Justin as she walked into the house, “did you get the stuff?”.
” Tokunbo na fool. He didn’t give me my money oh. I will deal with that boy” Justin lamented lying on the living room sofa.
“Ooh Justin haba now. Is that the only money you have?” Maryam asked starting to get upset. “We were suppose to do this one thing for Matthew and you want to fall hand.”
“Calm down joh, I bought them. They are in the fridge. The yahuza and pizza will need reheating” Justin said grinning. Maryam smiled. It was a suprise that playful, flirtish Justin was becoming responsible.
“Thank you. Tokunbo needs to bring the bottles of wine in time” Maryam said sitting down. She was so exhausted.
“Oh no you didn’t” Justin sat up. He was begining to laugh.
“I didn’t what?” Maryam asked.
“You didn’t make the mistake of sending Tokunbo to buy wine. Na Blue Cicktail and Barcus Lite that boy go bring come” now Justin was fighting to control his laughter. “How many times have you seen Tokunbo drinking wine?”
Maryam felt her headache increase. Justin had a point. Tokunbo was a smirnoff addict, either he was taking Smirnoff ice or mixing Smirnoff vodka with a soft drink.
“I better call Kevwe” she said looking for her phone. “By the way how far with Esta?”
“You know that girl na. She didn’t say when her flight is taking of, and said she wouldn’t call when she lands” Justin said with a sigh, “that i should text the address and pray she doesn’t get missing if not she would find me and kill me. All because I told her to take a cab”.

Maryam smiled, typical Esta. She picked her phone to dial Kevwe’s number when a call came in. It was Ayomide.
“Oh no, oh no!!!!” Maryam said dropping the phone like it had just burnt her hand. Justin jumped startled.
“Wetin?” He asked alert.
“Mide” she whispered pointing to the phone.
“Calm down and pick now” Justin whispered back. Then metally slapped himself. Why was he whispering he thougth. Meanwhile Maryam was shaking her head in the nagative. The call rang out.
“What is your problem now?” Justin said in normal voice. Girls and their drama.
“I haven’t spoken to him since he invited me for dinner” she said covering her face. Even Justin was surprised. “Don’t look at me like that now i already feel bad but i have had so much on my plate of late.”
“Toh call him and explain. Nothing beats communication” Justin said. Maryam looked unsure. Her phone began to ring again, it was Ayomide again.
“Just apologise and reschedule” Justin said putting the phne back into her hands. She looked at him still unsure.
“Hello Mide” she said quietly. He seemed to hesitate before he spoke.
“You are one hard to get girl Maryam Bello” Ayomide said, “i never saw you as one to job me”.
” It is not like that Mide” Maryam said feeling sad.
“When you said we could see after the elections did you mean presidential elections or the elections for governors and house of reps?” Ayomide inquired jokingly. Maryam smiled, he wasn’t upset.
“Would it be okay if i said it was the latter?” She smiled. “I have just had alot on my plate these past weeks Mide”.
“At least you are calling me Mide now so there is hope” Ayomide said “how does tomorrow sound?”
“So soon?” Maryam said.
“Yes oh. So you don’t forget me and become busy again” he said.
“Okay” she said cutely.
“Its a date then. Bye” Ayomide said. Maryam looked at her phone with a big smile. He always made her feel good.
“Someone is happy with their baby daddy” Justin teased. Maryam threw a cushion at him laughing. A knock on the door calmed them down and Maryam went to open it.
“Madam sanu (well done )” Musa the guard stood at the door.
“Musa ya aiki (how is work)” Maryam answered back in hausa. “Mai ne ne (what is it)”.
E get one Aboki wey say him dey look for Madam Priscilla ” Musa answered. Maryam turned to Justin.
“Pris dey house?” She asked.
“I think so, she should be in her room in them books” Justin said. Turning back to Musa, Maryam asked ” what is the person’s name?””
Ya chi (he said ) Ebuka” Musa replied. Maryam’s eyes widened.

,…………………….. ……………………., ……………………..

“The guy was shocked as Justin and Musa chased him away” Priscilla laughed happily recalling the incident that afternoon. They where all in the living room drinking and eating suya and pizza, Kevwe had baked a chocolate cake and had bought the wine. Tokunbo had bought Smirnoff vodka to the amusement of Justin and Maryam, Michelle had dropped in from work as well. They all sat as Priscilla, Justin and Maryam relayed the blow-by-blow incident. She had been reading when Maryam called her. How had Ebuka known where she stayed? He had never brought her home and she didn’t remember telling him. As soon as she got to the living room he got up and instead of exchanging pleasantries he started acusing her of ignoring him and keeping him waiting. Before she knew what was happening Justin had called Musa and two of them muscled Ebuka out of the house and compound to the streets.
“That is no way to treat or talk to a lady” said Justin as he came in and he walked upstairs to his room.
“You should have seen his face” Justin said, “It is so annoying when guy think they can control someone”.
“Abi” Kevwe said in agreement. Michelle looked at her quietly. There was a knock on the door.
Be like him don come for more” Kevwe joked as Justin went to get the door, “problem now is number of guys have increased to deal with him”.
Justin unlocked the door and opened it.
“Finally oooh” a female voice exlaimed in exhaustion.
“Esta” Justin shouted angryly.
“Baaaabyyyy” Esta jumped on her cousin. “It has been too long” she kept kissing him on his cheek. Michelle looked on, first with astonishment, then shock then confusion.
“Toksy sugar” Esta exlaimed and hugged Tokunbo tightly. She pulled away and looked at him seductively. “Can you see? My boobs are now bigger, oya will you date me now?”
Tokunbo laughed out cheerfully. Esta had always tormented him with advances and seductive request and only people who knew them well understood it was their little joke. Priscilla had her nouth wide open in surprise.
“Yeye girl. If he will have anyone it will be me” Maryam happily joined in.
“Go away joh, your chance has passed” Esta said looking serious then quickly hugged Maryam. “How have you been love? We get gist oh.”
“Na my room you dey sleep now” Maryam said excited.
“No now” Esta shook her head. “I have been dreaming of a threesome with Justin and Tokunbo through out my flight. I must have my way” she looked very convincing. Everyone except Tokunbo, Justin and Maryam were totally lost.
“And I though I was crazy” Kevwe said under her breath to Matthew. It caught Esta’s attention.
“A haa, my nemesis” she said looking at Kevwe who looked confused. “You want to take my baby away from me abi?” Kevwe was becoming uncomfortable. What did this girl know now. Justin looked from Kevwe to Michelle who seemed to be putting things together.
“Dude not funny” Justin said to Esta quietly, nudging her.
“Ouch” she rubbed her side “what did i say now? Isn’t she Kevwe?” When Justin did not object she continued. “How can you want to follow some one as hot as this? I will not be intimidated.” Justin covered his face, Kevwe had lost her confusion and was enjoying what was going on. Even Tokunbo and Maryam knew this was not good, it was getting out of hand.
“Why is everyone quiet now?” Esta said looking from face to face. Scratching his head wondering how he was going to get out of this mess Justin spoke up.
“Esta meet Michelle” Justin pointed to where Michelle sat “my girlfriend”. The awkwardness in the house could be cut with a butcher’s knief.
“Oh oh, me and my mouth” Esta said with a mischievious smile.


Have a great week people, I know I will *winks*

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WITH THE GANG – Episode 17

The love I felt this past week was undescribable. Although alot where disappointed I had a lot of encouragement. We are back and better. Something is cooking in the oven people and just maybe, for those who have been pestering meme for 2 episodes a week; will get to have it. For now enjoy!!!

With the gang 02

 . . . . . . The day had gone almost too quickly and it was getting late. After doing her magic in the kitchen and making everyone happy with a delicious meal she decided to clear the dishes.
She stood by the sink washing the dishes. It was unusually one of her favourite things to do in the kitchen. It gave her time to think, to process. They say men think a lot with a newspaper in the toilet, for her it was washing dishes. She smiled as her thoughts went to him. She wanted him and she always got what she wanted. Besides she was single again.
She didn’t hear him, didn’t see him, it wasn’t until he stood beside her that she smelt him. Kevwe smiled as she turned her head to face Justin’s. The look on his face, the mixture of love and lust in his eyes. She was confused yet excited. She dropped the plate in her hands and turned properly to face him. She had to say something, do something. He beat her to it.
“I loved the meal” Justin said with his boyish grin she loved so much.
“Why it was my pleasure” Kevwe smiled.
“See I know this sounds messed up being that you just broke up with your boyfriend and I have a girlfriend but I have deep feelings for you Kevwe” Justin said looking into her eyes. Her heart started beating fast.
“It wasn’t a problem when you were with Kenny, I found away to let it be even after our incident. I thought by dating Michelle it will all be good but now I know you are free I just feel this may be the only opportunity I will have” he said his voice hushed, it was almost a whisper.
“Justin” Kevwe said faintly. She could hardly hear her voice with her heart beating so loud in her ears. He placed a finger on her lips to hush her. She closed her eyes to his touch. He came closer. She looked at him and he looked back, the world was oblivious to her, all she thought and saw was him. He bent towards her and kisse. . . . . . . . . . . .

“KEVWE!!!” Maryam yelled as she walked into Kevwe’s room, Kevwe jumped in shock looking around trying to find Justin. “Which kain yeye sleep you dey sleep since morning?”
“Huh” Kevwe looked lost. And like a hot breeze, reality came flooding back. She had been dreaming. It felt so real, she looked at Maryam with disgust. Why spoil a perfect dream?
“But what is your problem now? Its just 2.00pm” Kevwe said irritated as she looked at her watch.
“And you have been sleeping since 10.00am. Abi Kenny left you preggy?” Maryam said winking jokingly.
“Waka!!! You hear?” Kevwe said extending her hands at Maryam, palm and fingers outstretched. “What do you want?”
“Grouchy are we?” Maryam asked jumping on the bed beside Kevwe. “So I can’t wake you up again?”
There was no point getting angry Kevwe thought. It was a dream. In truth she was more upset about it being a dream than about Maryam waking her up.
“Our friend needs us girl” Maryam said. A look of concern filled her face.
“Friend? Who?” Kevwe asked.
“Exactly what she said” Maryam replied disapointed, “it means she was right”. Kevwe was completely awake now but still didn’t understand her friend.
“O girl stop all these parables” she said to Maryam.
“I’m talking about Pris you mumu. She is troubled and from what she said she feels on her own” Maryam said.
“Why will she feel so? What are we here for?” Kevwe asked geting up and walking into her bathroom.
“When you don’t even see her as a friend how do you expect her to be free with you?” Maryam said.
“See it not so. You know me and ‘friends’ now” Kevwe said as she turned on the sink’s tap. “Asides you I’m not the ‘have-a-lot-of-friends’ type. Even you sef, I know how many times we fought but you won’t just hear word and leave me alone. But I gat Pris’s back now, she should know that.” She bent her head and started washing her face.
“Well she is in a fix and I was thinking we have a girls time out before the busy week starts again” Maryam said from the bedroom
“Fine” Kevwe said distracted as she looked for her towel to dry her face.
“Good, get dressed, we leave in ten minutes. Justin is going out with Matthew’s car so he will drop us and we can carjole him to come pick us”.
“Justin?” Kevwe looked at Maryam from the toilet door to see if she was messing with her.
“Yes Justin and you better behave” Maryam said.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever” Kevwe said walking back in.
“Going to change, sure Priscilla is already set. That girl hardly puts on make up” Maryam said, “don’t waste time, you know Justin won’t wait. Crush or not” she ran out of the room before Kevwe could do anything else.
Alone her mind went back to her dream. It couldn’t have gotten so bad that she was now dreaming about it. Maybe she just needed to move on or stay off men totally she thought as she started to change. She decided a legins and a black T-shirt would do. All black and gloomy suited her mood just now. As she slipped her foot into her flat soles she heard the reving sound of the car.
“That idiot” she said and picking up her purse ran out of her room. By the time she was out of the house Justin had already driven out of the compound. They were all giggling inside the car as she hurried towards them. She smiled and gave them the finger.
“Madam, ni (me) I dey hailings you oh” Musa greeted her happily as he stood by the opened gate waiting for her to pass. Kevwe slowed down and looked at him, his greeting was unusual. She and the security guard never saw eye to eye so she didn’t understand his jovial nature today.
“Musa” Kevwe called.
“Madam” Musa answered.
“Are you OK?” Kevwe asked.
“No madam ni ne (I am) Musa, I no be OkeyKOkey” Musa said innocently. Kevwe shook her head in irritatation.
“You are just incompetent” Kevwe started.
“Madam I complete oh. Na dia Suileman mai guard no complete, him na kuturu” Musa tried to explain. Kevwe couldn’t take it and started walking to meet the others.
“Walahi none of these people wan hear about my marriage ko? Toh ba yawa (no problem) ” Musa said as he closed the gate and walked into his room.

…………………….. ……………………… ……………………….

“But why are you acting up now?” Justin said smiling. They had been at it from the moment he got to her house.
“Justing I am acting up? Seriously?” Michelle said her hand on her hips in her house gown. “You stand me up for dinner to do one of those your childish runabouts to God knows where. You flare up because I didn’t accept your apology and I haven’t heard from you in a week and when we finally decide to meet and talk you run late because you where dropping of ‘the girls’? And I am acting up?” She shook her head and walked to her couch and sat down.
“What was with girls and only one sitting furniture in their houses” Justin thought as he recalled Dora’s house also had only one three-seater. “But Dora’s crib was a part time place for when she got in to Abuja and ….. Oh shit see what I’m thinking of” he said in his mind.
“Michelle I am sorry okay. I agree I messed up. But I have told you I don’t know how to be a boyfriend” Justin said defensively.
“You know that line is getting real old” Michelle said. She wasn’t a nag. She always gave people the benefit of the doubt, a long rope and extra chance. She knew his story and knew from what he said that Justin had never really been in a normal relationship. But everytime he screwed things up he fell back to that line.
“How can you stay out of touch for a week Justin? Even if it was a major fight who does that?” Michelle asked. Justin streached out his hands giving a lost expression.
“Stop acting like a child Justin, and be a man” Michelle said her voice rising as she stood up.
“I want to be your man baby” Justin said slyly as he reached to hold her waist. He smiled his boyish grin but it didn’t work.
“I’m not joking Justin” Michelle said pushing his hand off and turning to back him. You want to be my man and yet dropping Kevwe off is more important than us?” Michelle said.
“Wow, wow, wow what is this about Kevwe again? It was the whole crew. Maryam and Pris were there too oh” Justin said feeling attacked.
“Yeah, believe what you want” Michelle said.
“Michelle which one is this now? You said you where cool with everyone” Justin said.
“Na so, I’m suppose to be cool with Kevwe? Knowing you two have or had something?” Michelle said bitterly. Justin stepped back frrom her confused. He suddenly was starting to have a headache. Now he knew being honest never pays.
“Michelle what is going on now? You are normally not like this” Justin said. He was confused, he didn’t know how to handle this sort of drama. She never was this uptight.
“I want you to take charge and be the man I know you can be. And if you are interested in someone else be a man and say it” Michelle said quietly.
“What are you talking about?” Justin said trying not to panic. What had she heard? What did she know? His “player mode” had been activated and all manner of backup stories had started brewing. If she knew about Dora he was done for.
Michelle turned and faced him. “Are you still in love with Kevwe?” She asked.

…………….. ………………… …………………

She was what people called the good Catholic girl. Born and raised by strict devote Catholics, Priscilla Amadi had be shielded from the world and all it ‘evil’ as her mom put it. She had never smoked, she hated alcohol and had never gotten to cossy with the guys. Her first encounter with sex was in a movie, so yes you could say Priscilla was naïve. But what she lacked in experience she tried to make up in knowledge. She had read about men and women, rules of engagement, flirtation, hints dropping, seduction, law of power in relationships. But deep down she knew it wasn’t the same as real life.
It wasn’t until when she entered the university that she had her first boyfriend, Chukwudi. Her knwoledge of the human mind came very handy as she found out too quickly that the guy was all about getting into her pants. She discarded him with pride. Ephraim was a tough nut. It seemed he too had read a lot, that was what attracted her to him but that also made it hard to read him. She almost fell in love with him but was saved by gossip of him being a hit-and-run kind of guy. Two boyfriends in a life time, and all of a sudden Ebuka wants to marry her.
“Slap me hard, you a virgin?” Kevwe asked in whispered tones. Priscilla’s light complexion turned bright pink. “It is a lie. Like seriously?”
They had been at the saloon for over an hour now. Maryam had opted for a manicure and pedicure, Priscilla wanted to fix her nails and Kevwe decided it was time to change the colour extensions in her hair to blue. It was strange that for a Sunday the saloon was this busy, so while they waited they talked, each exchanging their history.
“Wetin now? Don’t make the girl uncomfortable joh” Maryam said hitting Kevwe on the back.
“I’m actually impressed” Kevwe said. Priscilla smilled shyly. “Wish I could say the same of some people” kevwe looked at Maryam accusingly.
“Look who is talking.” Maryam fired back and they all laughed.
“But on a more serious note you are saying person wey don dey date you for what, 6weeks wants to marry you? Is he crazy?” Kevwe asked. Priscilla nodded quietly.
“He even wants to see my parents” Priscilla said.
“See mind. Your papa go pour am hot water” Kevwe said confidently.
“I am not so sure of that” Priscilla said sadly.
“Why?” Maryam exlaimed. She couldn’t see any reason why her father wouldn’t react angryly to someone who comes asking for her hand in marriage after 6 weeks of dating so why would Priscilla’s father not do same?
“My father is so for educating the girl child and empowering women, but once you have a university degree he feels you are good. He doesn’t have a problem with me doing my masters he just doesn’t feel it is necessary. Besides I’m the first girl” she said.
“What has first girl got to do with anything?” Kevwe asked. “Don’t tell me your dad and Maryam’s dad are from the same age? Tribalistic and all?”
“You don’t know how mumsy has been reminding me of how my maternal clock is ticking” Priscilla said and started laughing. The girls joined her.
“Maternal what now?” Maryam asked.
“As in that I am getting old oh” Priscilla said “Worst, he is from our place. So they will now think he is God sent”.
“I can imagine” Maryam replied thinking of her mom being happy if she hears she is dating a Kano guy.
“Okay maybe it is me oh or maybe it is because my parents know that Warri boys, their head used to touch that’s why they are not so crazy about me marrying from our place but seriously what is this about? I don’t get the big deal” Kevwe asked confused.
“My dear you are asking the wrong crowd because we are in your shoes” Maryam said.
“Hmmm, I have never even thought about it before just to save myself stress. He must be igbo, he must be catholic or anglican if not my father will flip” Priscilla said.
“In the voice of Mazi Amadi ‘Don’t you know you are a girl, you follow your husband to his place. You become yorubawa or u become mallama if it is Hausa you want. My grandchildren will speak to me in my language oh and then he ends it with carrying his face up like something is smelling'” the girls busted in to laughter.
“But you speak Igbo now, you can always teach your kids. And when you think about it, it is a fusion of two cultures. I have always admired people that speak more than one Nigerian language” Maryam said.
“I tire for my dad oh” Priscilla said.” No one has argued on this topic with him as much as my elder brother when he was dating one Ebonyi chic like that.”
“But I thought Ebonyi speak Igbo” Kevwe asked.
“My father said it is not the same oh. You won’t believe my brother didn’t marry the babe oh” Priscilla said.
“Your joking?” Maryam and Kevwe where suprised.
Maryam looked worried. Her older siblings had somehow found love in the north. Her brother had maried a girl from Kastina while her immediate senior sister had married a Kano man, a naval officer working in lagos.
“Come you don reach 23 sef?” Kevwe said looking at her.
“Haba Kevwe am older than that now” Priscilla said defensively.
“Well tell that guy to calm down. I don’t see the rush. Get to know him. No offence but I no dey trust igbo boys right from start talk more those who dey in a hurry” Kevwe said.
“I have that feeling too about him” Priscilla said.
“Don’t worry it will be well” Maryam smiled at her friend. “This was fun, getting to know each other better”.
“Yeah, I feel better. Thank you so much” Priscilla smiled from Maryam to kevwe.
“If you want to thank me go and talk to these people because it seems like I just saw them attend to someone that came after us. They nor know say when craze stand, no body fit sidon” Kevwe said looking at one of the attendants with venom.
Maryam got up quickly. She didn’t need Kevwe’s embarrassment today.

……………….. …………………….. ………………………

“Hey you” Tokunbo said into his phone’s mouth piece. He had just got to his desk and was getting ready to start the day. This week was going to be fun filled and drama free and Teju’s call should be the gateway.
“Tokunbo what’s going on? My boss just called me into his office” Teju said. She sounded really upset. Tokunbo sat up.
“Baby calm down. What is wrong?” Tokunbo asked. This was not the plan oh he thought.
“It was an emergency meeting. We are being sued and by your firm” Teju said.
Tokunbo was shocked. He didn’t even know his firm had anything to do with the company Teju worked at. What was the connection with Coker & Smith and Braxton Engr Co.?
“Baby please calm down, let me see what is going on, i haven’t heard of such” Tokunbo said getting really worried now.
“Okay. Please get back to me” Teju said almost in tears.
Tokunbo hung up and got up. Quickly went straight to his friend’s desk. A couple of guys where there heads together in deep conversation.
“Franky how far? What’s this i hear about a law suit?” Tokunbo jumped in.
“Toks the badt guy. Na you we don dey wait for” his colleague hailed him. “As you don turn Medusa bitch we know you go know the load down“. Tokunbo was too busy seeking information to be pissed at the insult.
I never hear anything, na why i dey ask” Tokunbo said. The other guys where obviously surprised.
“I take that back. Seems you are not Medusa’s bitch. They have been in the boardroom since i arrived. Someone asked the security and he said they got in around 7.00am. Everyone to their desk, they are coming out” Frank whispered as the conference room door opened.
The executives and senior partners walked to their offices. Ms. Joelyn walked to the area set aside for the associates.
“Tokunbo, Frank, my office” she said and walked briskly away. Tokunbo looked at Frank who looked confused. They both got up from their desks and walked into her office.
“I’m going to be quick” Joelyn said as they walked in. “The boss just held a meeting. The firm is taking on 3 cases. A big one in Lagos and and two here in Abuja. You two are going to be on the cases here in Abuja as second chair. Here are the files”. They stood looking as she handed them two folders with fles. Frank had a big grin while Tokunbo was still worried.
“Chop, chop, gentlemen, get to work, I needed the report like yesterday” Joelyn said and waved them out of her office. They both headed for their desks. As Tokunbo sat down he opened his folder, the front page read “Wellington Mall vs Baxton Engr Co.”.

One love my people. To all my Nigeirian readers, remember country first before tribe. Lets stay at peace with each other – @mfadarated

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WITH THE GANG Episode 16

And how is your weekend going? What did you do? Because people be proposing at polling booth, people be voting for new presidents and others be sitting in their house doing nothing. Where are you in all this?

Where ever you are I hope this meets you well. ENJOY!!

With the gang 02

Catching Up

It was a hectic day. Maryam had been jumping from her table into the laboratory and back and this conversation she was having right now was not helping her day get better. Not in the least.

“Chukuwudi please now” she begged the lab assistant once again. “I am just asking for past records on the operation, ones oga has done before so I can go through them”. She hated doing this especially with this particular guy.

Nbabey luk” he said in a thick Igbo accent, he sat on his chair pompously and looked at her, “I didn’t say I won’t give it to you but I am saying lisen to me. Babey I like you. Let me take you out to eat some fish and chips and we wash it down with a bottle of Orijin. Ngwani what says you?” He smiled at her showing off his front gap tooth. Maryam wanted to recoil in irrigation. She had met Igbo guys, she had igbo toasters, heck she had a couple of Igbo male friends. She just couldn’t understand where this man had emanated from. None of her friends were like this.

All this was because her boss had announced on Monday that he was going to pick one of the “newbies” to assist him on a dog operation. Although there were three other new doctors at the clinic like Maryam, she felt lucky. She had been on point all through the week. She had been reading on the operation, she had gone to the lab attendants to pick their brains and now she was here with Chukwudi asking for notes. She felt her confidence would be top notch if she could just get the notes. Everyone was more engrossed with the upcoming national elections than the operation so she had a good chance. All that was left now was for her boss to state when the operation will hold and who would assist him.

“Fine I will think about it” she said.

Wanderfu” Chukwudi exclaim in joy. “I will send one of my people to you before today ends with everything you need” he said and winked at her. She quickly left his office. She couldn’t believe she had even considered going out with the dude. If she was going to go she was going to take Priscilla and Kevwe along. She would suffer alone

She had just reached her table when she noticed the flowers. White roses. She smiled in amazement. Who knew her favourite flowers and how in the world did they find so many in Abuja? She thought. She quickly checked if there was a note attached, there was. She felt that butterflies fluttering feeling in her belly. She opened and read.

Been thinking of you. Please have dinner with me.

– Mide”

She smiled. Picked up her phone and dialed his number.

“Hi Ayomide” Maryam sounded genuinely pleasant.

“Damn I didn’t think hearing your voice will feel this good” Ayomide said. Maryam could picture him and his handsome grin. She giggled.

“So I got your message, how did you know I love white roses?and shey you know you could have sent a text or called ba?” She said.

“I was to scared you would not pick my call and texting wasn’t appropriate” Ayomide replied, “besides I knew you would be courtious enough to acknowledge the flowers which was a lucky guess by the way”.

“Hmmm well done. I love them. So dinner yeah? I could do that. But I am not going anywhere during this election period oh so it will be afterwards. I am not ready to start running while eating my meal” Maryam joked.

“Fear fear” Ayomide teased. “Well I understand though. Will you be voting?” Ayomide asked.

“Vote fire” Maryam exclaimed. I am not going anywhere near a polling booth”. He laughed again.

“I hear you. So how does Tuesday sound?” Ayomide asked

“I hope everywhere is calm by then” Maryam said.

“I hope I can call you to say hi before then” Ayomide said cautiously. Maryam laughed again.

“Of course. I said I needed space to think, I didn’t say I didn’t want to talk to you ever” she said.

“A man has to be careful with you ladies. You may say one thing but a lot is hidden within” Ayomide said.

“Well mister man. I have work to get back to. Talk to you later.” Maryam said.

“Yeah, true that. Talk to you later okay.” Ayomide said and Maryam ended the call. She smiled. She knew she had made up her mind even before she saw the flowers but she had pushed all that to the back of her mind when work called.

He had made a mistake, who didn’t. It was a shot at happiness and she was going to take it. Her phone rang again.

“Pris how far?” Maryam was surprised Priscilla would be calling her.

“Maryam I’m in trouble” Priscilla exclaimed. Maryam didn’t like the tone of her voice. She couldn’t tell if it was excitement or anxiety.

“Calm down and tell me what happened?” Maryam said in her most calm voice.

“Okay” Priscilla said. Maryam could hear her take a deep breath to relax. “Okay I’m ready to talk”.

“Good, now what happened?” Maryam asked.

“You remember Ebuka?” Priscilla said. Maryam couldn’t place the name, “the guy I told you about from the mall now. Valentine’s day toaster?”

“Oh oh, yeah” Maryam said recalling, “you went on a date with him abi”.

“Ermm we went on several dates actually” Priscilla said quietly.

“Naughty girl” Maryam teased “so you have been flexing and you didn’t tell your girls abi?” She smiled.

“It’s not like that oh” Priscilla said quickly going defensive. “Maryam am not a very opened person. That is all. I didn’t know how to …..”

“Calm down dear I was jokingjoking not accuing. Besides you don’t have to spill everything” Maryam said trying to calm her down. “So what is up with him, you are thinking of being serious?”

“Worse Maryam, he wants to marry me” Priscilla said with a strained voice.

“What???” Maryam exclaimed.


………………….     ……………………………     …………………..


“Tired as hell man” Justin said exausted sitting down on his bed. “Thank God it’s Friday”.

It had been a long day at work. He had been working in a team that were assigned to build an online platform for shopping. The programing it took was mind blowingly stressful and despite the fact he had always loved coding he was happy today had ended. Otims had surprised him at work and they had come home together. Coincidentally they had got home just when Tokunbo had arrived. He didn’t seem in a good mood.

“You can say that again” Tokunbo said walking into the bathroom.

“Who pissed you off?” Justin shouted against the bathroom door”and dude are you taking a crap? Urgh yuck. That is just nasty man, wetin you chop?” Justin and Otims began to laugh.

Tokunbo ignored the guys. He was in no mood. Just like Joelyn said the lawsuit had been dropped and the two parties had decided to settle out of court. He had been called into Mr. Coker’s office and had stood there watching Joelyn praise his work ethic and deligence. The boss man was actually impressed. He had been told a bonus would be added to his next month’s salary and was encouraged to continue to work hard. On leaving the office Joelyn had offered him a drink in celeberation which he had thought rude to refuse all for him to get to her office and she was all pleasant and touchy. He kept quiet and when done with the drink he left. What in heaven’s name was she playing at. All of a sudden he wasn’t enjoying the attention from his supervisor. He cleaned after himself, flushed the toilet and walked out.

“Guy you need to wash your insides” Justin teased again.

“Shut up Justin no change topic” Otims shouted.

“What are you guys talking about” Tokunbo said. He had been so engrossed in his thoughts he wasn’t paying attention to the guys.

“No just mind Otims oh, making a big deal as always” Justin said trying to wave off the matter.

“This fool of a friend is casted” Otims retorted but had a grin on his face. “My problem is why does this never happen to me. Toks him tell you say Dora show last weekend?”

“What?” Tokunbo exclaimed in surprise, “wait Dora-the-giver”, they had tagged her with that name ever since the fling started. Otims nodded in confirmation ” came into town?” Tokunbo asked again, Otims nodded again.

Tokunbo turned to Justin. “Na lie Justin, Dora show you no tell me” Tokunbo pretended to act hurt.

“Abeggi no biggy now” Justin said.

“That is not the point Toks. I’m so proud of my boy. Finally he has redeemed himself” Otims said excitedly, “I was beginning to think he had lost it”.

“What is this fool talking about?” Justin looked confused.

“Don’t play dumb joh. You dey lash Michelle you come lash Dora on top. PLAYER!!!” Otims said happily. Tokunbo shook his head and chuckled. Otims could be extremely stupid sometimes.

“Ermm I didn’t sleep with Dora” Justin said almost embarrassed. He looked towards the ground. The smile on Otims face vanished immediately.

“You are pulling my legs right? Tell me you are joking. Tell me something other than the crap you just said” Otims seemed like he was going to cry. Tokunbo was laughing now.

“Guy even me sef didn’t understand” Justin said looking worried. “No be like say I didn’t want to oh but it just felt off.”

“It felt off?” Otims asked putting his hand on his head, “Justin Dada sleeping with a hot airline hostess that would blow your mind away felt OFF? And you nor get sense find the switch put am on again? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”.

By now Tokunbo was rolling in fits of laughter. It was always hilarious the way Otims took sexual matters so seriously.

“Tokunbo your friend has lost his mind and you are laughing?” Otims said seriously.

Guy na by force to lash?” Tokunbo asked trying to control his laughter, “you know if him dey keep himself for marriage?” He asked jokingly.

“Thunder fire marriage there. What the hell now Justin, where your sense waka go?” Otims asked.

“Guy no be say I no try oh” Justin began to explain. “I pick her call now, I bounce dinner with Michelle go see the babe. We been start dey kiss and all but my body no just fit continue. I had to tell her I was in a relationship.” He said looking defeated.

“Oh my gosh. This boy has lost it” Otims said sitting down. It looked like he was starting to have a headache.

“Funny thing is she didn’t care” Justin said. Otims raised his head with hope.

“Then what stopped you?” Otims asked confused.

“Man I don’t know oh. I just had to leave.” Justin said perplexed.

“It’s called love my friend, it is called love” Tokunbo smiled at his friend.

“Two of you need help” Otims looked at both of them with disgust. He couldn’t understand what was going on with his partner in crime. Toks had always been a lover boy, that didn’t shock him. But Justin practically taught him all he knew and he was now being weak?

Knock knock knock. The door opened and Kevwe poked her head.

“Hi boys” she sounded pleasant.

“Hey, babe how far?” Tokunbo greeted. “Kevwe what’s up?” Justin answered. Otims just nodded. He still wasn’t over the way she treated him the last time and didn’t want an addition.

“Everyone is downstairs in the kitchen and i just finished making dinner. Thought you guys would be interested.” Kevwe said. The guys looked at each other. For someone who just broke up with her boyfriend of over 3years she was too happy. But never will a man refuse food.

“You don’t need to ask me twice” Justin got up happily.

“Thought you would like the idea” kevwe said smiling at him. Then she added “Otims you can stay too just behave.” And with that she left.

Tokunbo and Justin exchanged looks but said nothing.

They walked down to meet the rest in the kitchen. With seven people in it the kitchen looked smaller than it usually did. Kevwe had prepared spaghetti, Justin’s favourite.

“So what has been happening in everyone’s life now?” Kevwe asked no one in particular. Everybody looked at her then at each other. She had started serving food and ignored their stares.

“Everybody already knows my gist. I broke up with Kenny, boo-hoo, that is out of the way so can everyone stop acting like there are egg shells all around me and be normal?” She looked sad but put up a brave face.

“Pris how far that your toaster?” Kevwe asked. Priscilla had just put some food into her mouth and nearly choked. She looked around everyone was looking at her. She wasn’t used to this kind of openness.

“Ermm ….. Well…. Ermm” Priscilla stuttered.

“Wait is it because of Otims?” kevwe asked. “We can send him home oh if you are shy” the gang laughed at the joke. “I’m just playing guy” she said to Otims.

“Girls talk” Maryam finally said cutting in before Priscilla spoke again. Kevwe looked at her and nodded.

“Haba now which one is girl talk now?” Justin said in protest.

“It means it’s not for your ears” Maryam said and stuck her tongue out in playful mockery. “How is Michelle by the way?” She looked at Kevwe as she spoke who rolled her eyes and turned away.

“I don’t know. That girl and her crazy behaviour. Just because i errm….. forgot to have dinner with her on Saturday she has been acting all weird this week. I’m giving her space.” Justin said.

“Is that what we are going with now?” Otims asked sarcastically. Justin gave him the ‘shut up’ look. Tokunbo began to laugh.

“So you guys are not speaking at the moment?” Kevwe threw in the question casually, trying to act uninterested.

“Nope” Justin said stuffing his mouth with more spaghetti, “o girl this thing make sense” he complimented her.

“Thank you” she said and smiled to herself. Maryam shook her head.

“Try and patch things up oh” Maryam said looking warningly at Kevwe. “By the way I am going on  a date with Ayomide next week.” She beamed with joy.

“Finally” Priscilla and Kevwe exclaimed in unison.

“You really want to follow a baby daddy? You will be like a step-baby-mama oh” Justin teased.

“Shut up joh” Kevwe said to him laughing.

“Well just let him know there are guys ready to treat his fuck-up if he tries anything” Tokunbo said. “Yes oh” Justin added in support.

“Awww thanks guys” Maryam said happily, it was comforting to know her friends had met Ayomide and had her back. “That’s true  sef Toks when do we get to see Teju now?”

“Talking of Teju I need to go call her” Tokunbo said getting up.

“Runaway. You will come back and answer” Kevwe teased him. Everyone had almost finished their food and the kitchen fell quiet.

“So who is voting tomorrow?” Matthew asked breaking the silence.

“Elder! Elder!! Elder!!!” Justin exclaimed. The whole room busted out in laughter. Even Matthew.