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Hello from Me . . .

I know, I know, I have been away for too long, it is exams my people. I remember it like yesterday, when my friend walked with me around 5.00 am from my house to where I would get a cab to the park. I was leaving for Ibadan, for a master course. Fast forward 5 months later we have lost weight.

Yes, I went back to school oh. Let us up ourselves, see if money will up itself in our account as well. LOL. It hasn’t been easy. If it was, there would have been time to write. The plus side is I went to Ibadan, as in IBADAN, the capital of Yoruba drama and I came back loaded. So expect some funny, short stories in the coming weeks.

I promise to TRY and write as much as I can and post as often as I can. I hope all my readers are in good health of mind and body. Asides the short stories I have been working on two stories. Unlike Tola’s Dilemma (which I still  don’t know when I will finish it) these ones will be completely finished before I start to post.

Let me know in the comment box which you are more interested in, short stories, youthful banter or a long story.

Good to put hand to keyboard again. Y’all stay safe. Much love.

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So this is me dabbing into fashion. A friend and her partner came up with a brilliant idea and I decided to support them with a bit of publicity. The post is their creation and I hope you don’t only read but you check them out. I bring to you all MAE Styling.


Putting this article together was much harder than I thought. There were so many things I thought I needed to say but at the same time I wanted to be concise and not bore anyone with a rather long diatribe, bearing in mind that common phrase about humans having an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. Go Figure!

Let me start by saying, this is not one of those, ‘I’ve always loved fashion as a kid’ narratives. Rather this is a narrative inspired by the desire to solve problems and satisfy needs that my partner and I believe are commonly shared.

MAE Styling is a Platform that seeks to showcase the works of some of Africa’s finest Fashion Designers. We intend to create growth for African fashion brands by helping them establish new sales channels (both local and international) while satisfying shoppers need for indigenous fashion items that are unique and affordable.This is a rather fancy way of putting it so let me break it down a little by creating some context.

My partner and I have one thing in common, our desire to see small businesses thrive (you can learn more about this by visiting Plus, if you have been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, you probably should click on that link and then thank me later). Looking at our local fashion industry, we discovered 2 interesting things:

  • Most of our local fashion brands do not evolve into big popular names (like Zara or River Island or Next) due to so many different reasons, one of them being poor marketing and branding tactics.
  • Most of the locally produced fashion items are too expensive especially when compared with their foreign alternatives. So even when one wants to #BuyNaija, the price tag on the item becomes a major deterrent.

Our attempt to, dare I say, play the hero and solve these problems led to the birth of MAE STYLING.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, again, this is a narrative that was inspired by the desire to solve problems and satisfy needs.

After months of hard work and conversations, careful thought and planning as well as collaborations with the different designers (not forgetting all the squabbles over design and fabric and fist fights over finishing LOL!), we’ve launched the platform with a limited number of fashion pieces specifically targeted at the style-conscious woman looking to stretch her wardrobe naira,and we can only hope that you love these items as much as we do.

Order these and others by clicking:- Instagram // Website // SMS & Whatsapp: (+234)90-5-8639024

For more information, send email to:

Jennifer Melah

Co-Founder/Partner MAE Styling

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It’s Been . . . .

It has been exactly 3 months I dropped a post here. Hey people, how has life been treating you?
As for me, the hustle continues. There have been distractions, there have been excuses. Writing has brought new ventures, the pursuit of an Engineering career has caused one to pause for a bit.
Doubt on the importance and impact one Blunt Nigerian has comes into question . . .
The notifications start rolling in.
First, just notifications about other blogs I follow, then a few likes on old post made, then comments, then people start to follow, more notifications about people following despite no new content.
Finally the messages start rolling in. Messages from readers from Facebook, messages of encouragement for friends on BBM, messages of inquire on WhatsApp and a couple of insult from Tola’s fans on twitter (still love you all).
Its been exactly 3 months I dropped a post here. Hey people, lets see what comes next!!!

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The Perfect Misfit

One of those night when I hit a cord, light bulb . . . brain tingling, that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy this piece.


He watched her go, his chest was so heavy. For the first time in his life making the right decision never felt so wrong.

It wasn’t easier to bear despite the fact that she taken the decision, it still hurt. Sarah was one of a kind and he knew it. Why did life have to be so complicated? Why did society, religion and family have to cause so much discord?

He never thought he would love her, it was just suppose to be a fling. But from one lunch date to an evening at the cinema and that was how activities rolled in and he got to know her. As much as he fought it, with every smile and every laughter of hers he fell deeper in love. When he told her his age, thoughts of ‘just a fling’ were long gone. But she couldn’t she had said. They had to end it.

“What would people say?” she cried.

“But age is just a number” he pleaded.

“Please let us not kid ourselves” she insisted. They had fought, made up and fought again. At the end he new there was no point. And so he decided to give in. They had lunch in the same place he had first seen her, a goodbye lunch she called it. It was the only thing he never told her, that was one secret she would never know.


—   —   —


His friends had always told him that his love for Ijoma was going to put him in trouble. It was all friendly humor till today. He still could not believe it.

“Here this will numb you a bit” Emeka said passing him glass of scotch.

“Her popsi just flipped, as in just went off on me” he said still in shock.

“Bros but we been tell you now”.

“Still on still guy look at me, what more did he want?”

His friends were not lying. Repeatedly they had told him but he felt he was too charming to be pushed aside, he was successful, he was wealthy, but most importantly he took Ijoma as his queen. What more could a father want?

“You are not Igbo. Her popsi na all these old school Igbo chiefs, tradition is important to him” Emeka explained.

“In this day and age?”

Tribalism seemed so ancient. He couldn’t understand why anyone will hold in to things of the past. He had left the house with Ijoma crying profusely as her father banned her from ever seeing him again.

“So all this while he was the person? An outsider? MBAA!!! You will not bring shame on us” her father had said.

He took another swing at his glass. Where was he to start from now???


—   —   —


She couldn’t stop crying as she sat, cold and alone. There was no point? What was she suppose to fight? How was she supposed to fight her family? Yesterday seemed so far away now. Yesterday everything was perfect, everything was ready. They had spoken about being serious. Bayo was so old school. He didn’t believe in going on one knee, she had always called him her ‘bush Yoruba love’ because of things like that, he had always been blunt.

“But come haven’t we done this lovey lovey long enough? I think we should tell our parents our intentions oh” he had said as he ate lunch.

“And what exactly are our intentions?” She teased.

“A ah, to jump over third mainland bridge now” he replied with a serious face.

“Ah Bayo” she laughed.

“Shebi you want to play now” he smiled. “But seriously you know we are perfect. Let’s do this”.

“Let’s do this love” she repeated excitedly.

She had rushed home to tell her mom. The prayers had been answered. Finally her mom would let her rest. She never once stop to think, didn’t even consider that there will be any opposition. Till the meeting with her parents and their questions began to roll in.

The words nearly shut her heart off when her father said them, but it was her mother’s tears that finished it off. How was she to tell him?

“But Tomi how could you?” her mother had asked sitting on her bed after the meeting. “How can you say you didn’t think we would mind?”

“But mummy what has religion got to do with who I love?”

“TOMI!!! A Muslim? How could you think your father would accept you marrying a Muslim? Abi will he convert to Christianity?”

She watched her mother leave her room shaking her head in tears. She couldn’t face him she knew he wouldn’t even consider it and she didn’t even want him to, she hugged her pillow as fresh tears started to flow again.


I am young, single and nowhere near the stage where I can say I know enough about marriage or have the wisdom to say what is right or wrong but are AGE, TRIBE or RELIGION good enough reasons to break people who fit? In this era where divorce is like signing a pay check, breakups are like everyday activities and relationships have lost focus and purpose, when two people who fit so perfectly come together, is it really fair to dictate what criteria they should follow?


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The Birthday Spirit

It is my birthday and I decided to share this post I read from a very dear friend of mine. She is crazy and it was a great read. It is just my way of letting people know it is not bad to dream big and work for it. She doesn’t know it but she inspires me. Enjoy!!!

….In the next 10 years, I will be 23 years old, I will be married with two kids, own a beautiful secondary school and have an orphan home with up to 100 orphans and bla bla bla …..I read on.
My writing, my words, from a secondary school write titles “In the next ten years”.When i wrote this, i was in my first teen year.
re- reading it, the questions I asked myself where, how old was I again?, why did I think I would have all this?, what was going on in my happily-naïve-about-the-ways-of-the-world-head?

Dear 13 year old me. I am glad you had a lot of dreams and fantasies, but life is realer now. I am glad you dreamt freely with no restrictions (you really had none, to dream all this), life is still beautiful, but it is not Alice in Wonderland.

My birthday is around the corner so yes, We had to have a birthday post. Why not?

Everyone has a way they react to their birthdays (the Birthday Spirit I call it), How we feel about getting older, the last year in out own life’s; it is like an individual New year and we all get imto it differently.

So I decided to analyse reaction to birthdays, using a typical BBM contacts list as my sample study (I am sure we can all spot them on our contact list)

1. The birthday crazies-
These guys must have chosen their birthdays in heaven, because they are sold unto it and they do not take it for granted. Their actions are in 3 stages.

The Month- They love their birthdays, they start the announcement from the first day of their birthday month- Team March, our month is here again, March is Fabulous. Few days to my bday people, Count down on, 24 more hours to goo, Yipeeee- my day is here again.

Days before- They begin to change pictures of themselves a million times day before their birthday to give their contacts picture options to use that day, they act like mother hens to their contacts and if you use a picture they don’t like, they will send you a new picture instantly.

On the D-day- They send an early morning BC- thank you, I see me everywhere ( but you are not my DP- I get the sub, I will make you my DP now). They might even ping you directly and say- do you know today is my birthday? (Aka-why am I not your DP and PM)

P.S-We all have no right to complain, it is their birthday and they can do what they want to, the least we can be is –happy for them. I always secretly look forward to their birthdays to see the new drama they will unleash.

2. In Betweens-
They do not shout about their birthday, but they WILL make you notice, either through a DP that says- Turn down for what, it is my birthday, I cannot keep calm it is my day or a PM that says, Thank you dear God for bringing me to another year again, I see love from every where and I am humbled (yea right, like you were not going through your contacts to see who forgot).

3. I am not sure I care
You will have no idea in the world it is their day, because they will not mention or say or even instigate. If they are pushed to the extreme because some people choose to remember and put them up everywhere, their response would be- Thanks guys, I am grateful, God has been faithful. If you were not aware before that day, you might not read meaning into this.

My birthday spirit
Why does everybody have a different birthday spirit?
(Here is a little Thesis- by the Psychologist in me)

Our reactions to the day over time
(Before you give my psychologist an F9, let me explain)

Over the last few years, my birthday spirit has been sad, I always tend to cry because I realize (sadly) that I am getting old. Not that that is a problem, but it seems days before my birthday (the devil I am sure) lets me see someone my age doing amazing things. So on my birthday I think, see what your mates are doing and see you here. That affects my happiness and makes me NO. 3.
On some other years, I do not see my mates doing more amazing things, but I see people tend to celebrate me and think I am doing well for my age and that makes me NO. 2.

I have a cousin who is annoyed by the world around her on her birthday every year, she practically expects to be annoyed, and her birthday is January 1st.

Some years, she lets the anger get to her and she becomes number 3. Some years she decides she will be happy no matter what and if the decision is made on that day, she becomes NO. 2, If the decision is made before that day, she becomes NO. 1

So however it is we act on our birthdays, making a conscious effort to be happy really helps.It is a good day to fulfill one of the things on your bucket list.

Hate it or Love it, the day we are born was the best day of someone’s life and whether it was a 100 years ago, the fact that it once was a happy day should make all the difference.

This year, my birthday has 2 days, because it falls on a weekend and I have to celebrate it with my office family. I have decided to be happy for 2 straight days non- stop.

Learn to find fun and happiness, as they say, some people were born on the same day as you, are no more, are really ill, are still struggling for things you did not think about before you got. By any means, Live life and be Happy.

Happy birthday to my fellow Marchers.

What is your birthday spirit and why is it so? Remember to share your experience below.
Remember to share with your contact list and tell them which number you think they are. Share the Fun.


– Originally from A Babe’s Mind Blog

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Twenty-15 to 20-Sixteen

images (2)


Happy new year great people. I hope everyone is well, happy and looking forward to a positive, fun, peaceful and productive new year. This time last year, Justin (With The Gang) was making resolutions to accomplish the resolutions he made the previous year lol.

So what’s the deal? Have you made new year resolutions? Are you (like Justin) focusing on accomplishing previously set goals from last year that are important to you? Or are you still planning?

I do not think any of the three are bad ideas as long as you work with purpose and determination. For me every year, besides any other plan, I take one trait/habit/behaviour of mine and try to either improve on it or change it. For 2016, NO EXCUSES. I plan to work on stopping white lies and just say the real reason behind every action (chai that one go hard).

That aside I have some news to share with you lovely people. WordPress, being the darling that it is; sent me a report of how the blog performed last year. I nearly cried (….. naaaaa cry fire lol😂) when I saw the statistics.


WITH THE GANG fans well done oh, you all made the Finale the most popular post of 2015.


Sheedart, Crimilda and Dooshi thank you ladies for not just reading but for commenting on posts. You were my top three in the comments section.

I didn’t know people is 63 different countries read and followed by blog, Nigeria, UK and US topping the chats. Note to self …. “we need to package our pidgin-English oooooh”. Thank you all, I love you to bits. It was a fabulous 2015, my belief? It can only get better.

Okay before I run off to look for trouble or disturb the universe, here are some last words. From life experiences, I have come to realise that words have power. Speaking positively helps. So my advice for 2016 is ….

“2015 is gone. Don’t regret what you didn’t do. 2016 is a new book. Stop looking at the back cover of 2015 and get excited about writing your 2016 story. Life is short, live, be happy, try something new and most of all, learn to be at peace with yourself”.

Here is to a fabulous 2016. Cheers people, keep smiling.

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THIS CHRISTMAS : My Curtain Call?



To all my readers I wish a fabulous holiday. Merry Christmas to everyone out there. May the joy and peace of the season be upon you and your family.

Christmas!!!!! It is supposed to be a day of excitement, fun, merriment and loads of presents. For me, the past few Christmases (lol I hope that is correct) have been blue. I didn’t feel much joy or cause for merriment and I thought this year would be the same but I had a surprise coming. I found myself looking forward to this Christmas.

It isn’t perfect. One of my closest friends has refused to come back from the UK (and no I don’t miss him *folds hands stubbornly*), I am still searching (yep this is an advert) and my family sabotaged me into travelling (I still love them though).


I am spending Christmas with family, one of my friends just took his boo to momma (so proud of you bro), I am expecting to be an uncle AGAIN, and I am not broke (best part).

I don’t know what you are going through but I believe it will get better, so smile, be happy, be thankful, if not for anything for life.

Yes, this Christmas I am more grateful, more thankful, more fulfilled. The thing now is with all that has been happening, new job, new responsibilities etcetera; I have been disappointing my readers. Not posting when I should, giving excuses, missing deadlines.

So is this my last hurrah? Does the curtain close here? Will it not be better to take a bow and call it a day? Questions I asked myself. Then I remembered every single person who has read, commented, liked and followed my blog. Pople who have been part of the reason I kept writing, I kept posting and I didn’t stop. So why stop because of a new job? Or because I have less time on my hands? Or because I am lazy?

I have decided to put more effort, so this is not a curtain call. This is me saying a big thank you to everyone that believes in me, to everyone that loves my stories, to everyone that criticised and encouraged me, to every single person that follows my blog. God bless you and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



P.S:- The Tragic Dilemma will be on a break till 10th of January. See you all in the new year. Much LOVE

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Seeds Of Kindness


Build a morning on the foundation of kindness and goodness. Be proactive and speak something good to someone, encourage or compliment somebody. Help somebody in need and then you will see those seeds of kindness bloom into something beautiful.

To the weekend, I say cheers!!!!

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Crazy And Weird!

My editor will be pissed that I didn’t run this by before posting but I had to. Inspirations come at the oddest of times.


I follow a BBM channel “BookLovers” (C0006F59EE) which shared a link to 27 pieces of advice for writers from great authors click here .

The picture above was done by Karin Tidbeck, an award winning Swedish author and I don’t know why but I feel it speaks to everyone that is creative and looks to make something; be it stories, music, art, or even concepts.

Alot of times I do question my first thoughts, those ideas that brings out that question “dude, what the hell are you thinking?” and it is good to know that I am not alone.

So this post goes out to all those who think they are weird, that their ideas are crazy…. Just know, weird and crazy have made greatness.


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Finding Hubby 2

How was everyone’s weekend? Looking forward to the new week? I know I am. So here is episode 2.


Episode 2

I quickly gathered myself together and smiled very charmingly, hoping to disarm him. “Hi Kalu”, I said. I was expecting him to go into a series of questions accusing me of lying to him and all, when she came up to him. Inside my inner mind, green envy began to sprout. Her skin was clear like she had someone following her around photoshoping her with each step she took. Abeg, when I see person wey pass me, I admit it. The girl was the kind that entered a room and all the men in the room stopped seeing every other girl in the room and became puppies all around her. She was addressing Kalu now, “Boo, I told you to hold up, I just had to say hi to my friend now”. The confirmation that Koikoi (yes, I gave her a name) was with Kalu and they were obviously intimate made the green monster in my heart leap. I felt a strong urge to punch him in the face, but I respected myself. Why anyway? What claim did I really have to Kalu?


The saying that something becomes more desirable when it’s not yours hit me square in the face. It was even more painful when I realized I was just “one of the options” Kalu had for the night. Then it dawned on me; Kalu had done the phone select, and I was one of the options that didn’t work for that Friday night. The saying, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” is true o, cos now that I was on the receiving end, e pain me die.


Kalu quickly did the introductions, and I could see a look in his eyes I suspected was gloating. “Oyin Clegg, my friend,” he said pointing at me while facing her and then turning to face me, he said with meaning “My special friend, Tara Cole”. Ha! Even her name was finer than my own. My night was firmly on the path of depression. They breezed past us towards the spiral steps leading to the elevator, as Kalu said coolly “Enjoy your night girls, and if you’re having any trouble enjoying yours, we’d be glad to help.”


Once they were out of earshot, Toke began laughing stupidly. “Is that the ‘clingy’ Kalu?” she asked sarcastically. “If you don’t leave me en, I will deal with you. Man or no man, we’re grooving tonight and that’s it. I can get a man in this club as easily as Kalu could get another woman jor”. Trust my friends to latch in on something like that. Gloria raised her eyebrow “You get the iPad 3 Alvin is sending next week if you can get someone as hot as the girl Kalu had with him”. I decided to play stupid “Are you suggesting I swing the other way and get a girl instead of a man?” Gloria slapped my butt playfully “You are just an ode. I meant a man with the same degree of hotness as that girl.” I gave it a brief thought. “Okay, it’s a deal. I’ll have to ditch you girls at some point sha o.” We went through the hall to the open balcony and then chose our seats carefully. If you were a girl and hunting, the best place to seat was right in front of the bar. From there, you could see the door and all that came through. The big boys didn’t stay inside the packed hall, they came to the balcony to lounge. So any man worth the while of a Lekki big girl like me would be coming through this door. You could also see if he was in company of some Koikoi kinda girl or alone. Plus seating at the bar meant you could see the ones that had come in before you if they came to order their drinks. You could also gauge them by the size of the bills they came to pay for their drinks from where you sat. So we took the seat.


We were seated, chatting and waiting for our drinks, when it dawned on me. “Gloria, mad babe. You didn’t say what you would be having if I didn’t win the wager, (Like that could happen with Her Royal Hotness like me).” Gloria smiled like a wolf. “Those your Jimmy Choo shoes”. “Ole,” I shouted. “You have been coveting those shoes since the first day you saw them. Lai lai.” My BB vibrated and I picked it from the table to check the message that had come in at that time of the night. It was Kalu gloating, the eran nme. “I hope the hen night is going very well at your house? Hope y’all are going gingi. #bbmrollingonthefloorlaughing smiley.” Then he sent a picture of himself and koikoi kissing passionately in his car with the caption “see what you’re missing”. I was so angry I dumped the BB with a thud. My friends were already curious and dove for my BB without asking. They quickly scrolled through the message and began hissing “this guy is a monkey, this guy is a cow, this guy is (insert any animal name of your choice here)”. While they were engrossed in the BB, we all indulged in calling Kalu all sorts of names. The drinks began to flow and the gist became loser and loser.


Thankfully, I could talk and hunt at the same time. Else I would have missed him. Lord have mercy on your daughter, but if I was Eve and he was the apple, I’d eat him up over and over again and damn every consequence. He was fiiiiiiiiiine. If he passed me too closely I’d begin to breathe heavily. Clean shaven face under a clean shaven head just like I liked them. He was taller than everyone else around him and had chosen to wear a t-shirt that flaunted his muscles. I didn’t mind o, if he got em, he should flaunt em. He reeked of hotness and sensuality and I was hoping I wasn’t drooling now. My friends followed my eyes as did every other set of female eyes there and I could see the thoughts running through their heads were more impure than mine. “If I could hear your thoughts now, I’m sure I’d send you straight to have your insides washed with bleach.” We all laughed and then I continued “I’m sure we all agree that he fits the bill for Gloria and I’s wager.” They both nodded. “Na wa o, he got your tongues? Anyways,” I said, standing up and checking everything to make sure the packaging was done right “iPad 3, here I come!” I did a test shake of the booty “How am I doing back there,” I asked. Toke slapped my butt and said “silly girl. Get out of here and don’t come back empty handed.


I had not taken three steps away from my friends when I felt him (I didn’t need to see him o, as a hunter that I am, I don’t rely on only my sense of sight). I turned to him and smiled my most sexy smile and cooed “Hello, can we dance?” He didn’t say a word. Hmmm. The cool, few words type. Me likey! He just walked up to me and put his arms around me as if he had possessed me for a long time. I snuggled and shot a glance back at Toke and Gloria. They looked on, wide-eyed. He led me to a corner where there were no tables and as if on cue, the d-jay began to play Waje’s “Can I be your girl for a minute”. The whining and grinding was something else. And could the dude move. I asked if I could take a picture. He nodded yes. I put my booty outrageously close to his crotch and took a picture with my BB. I sent the picture first to Gloria with the caption “One iPad 3 coming up.” Then I sent the same picture to Kalu with the caption, “Missing what?”

So people if you want to see the rest of this very interesting story then CLICK HERE and get the full story from Tunde Leye’s Blog. God bless you all.