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Finally we come to the end of this turn-twist story. I apologise for not posting the links for all the episodes like i promised. My memory card snitched on me. But you can always find them in archives on my blog. I want to thank Amuche, Wole, Chinenye, Faruk – My resource people and editing team; una try pass. Without further talk, here is the final episode of The Vengeful Gift.


The vengeful Gift 01

Final Episode

“Haba aunty, I won’t disappoint you na, there is no way I will miss the chance. If the tailor messes up my dress for this wedding it won’t be funny oh” Susan spoke to her Aunty on the phone. “Well since you guys didn’t come to the house again and I already have Seun’s measurements, it means you are the only one left. It’s okay sha, I will come over tomorrow and pick you after your lectures and we will go to the tailor’s shop, how about that” Mrs. Banwo said. “E se gaan ni ma (thank you so much ma)” Susan replied in Yoruba. She knew how her aunty loved speaking their native tongue, and even though she herself knew she wasn’t too sound in speaking the lingua, she did it anyways, especially when she knew she was going to incur some favours. “No problem. Let me not hold you omo mi (my child), I am sure you medical students always have one book or the other to read. Teju is a typical example” Mrs. Banwo said referring to her daughter. To Mrs Banwo, her daughter was the exemplary figure; to all who cared to listen, of what medical students should be like. Susan laughed. “Yes ma, o daaro ma (good night ma)” Susan said. “Olorun a wa pelu re (the Lord will be with you) good bye” Mrs. Banwo said and the call went dead. Susan dropped her phone smiling. She was so excited. She loved weddings but what was more exciting about this wedding was that it was family. The joy of seeing relatives, the preparation to receive a new member into the family. The whole traditional rites and drama that goes with Yoruba traditional wedding and of course the church wedding that follows. It was going to be practically one long weekend of celebration. Celebrations were always welcome with Susan, plus she needed some constructive form of distraction from medical school. Her tummy growled, pulling her away from her reverie of future events, bringing her straight to the present issues at hand; she was hungry, she just realised she hadn’t eaten all day. All this reading was becoming too much of a habit. She took two small packs of indomie and put on the gas cooker, there was no strength to cook anything fancy and this wouldn’t take so long. As she prepared her meal her thoughts went to her best friend. Ezinne usually made indomie for them to eat. She loved Ezinne’s cooking. She would always rather lazy around or feign fatigue or whatever excuse just so that Ezinne does the cooking for the day, only helping her in minute ways like cut onions. She was suppose to be preparing for this wedding with Ezinne. Her family all knew Ezinne and knew they were inseparable. On a normal day they would be going together for the wedding. What was stopping them from doing that sef? She asked herself. She wasn’t going to give up her best friend that easily. Not even a good for nothing woman-beater could come between she and her life long friend. That truant called John needed to be dealt with in such a way he would just leave her friend for good. The question however was how? The indomie was ready so she turned off the gas and served it into a bowl. Taking the bowl into the room she picked up her phone to dial Ezinne’s number. She could at least make an attempt, Ezinne might just agree. She wasn’t ready to go to that wedding alone without her bestie to come enjoy the celebrations with her. It was only right she at least invited her, and she intended to do more than just invite her. The message icon was blinking on her phone screen. She hadn’t noticed it before. It must have come in while she was talking to her aunty. She opened it.

My dearest friend. Life is so simple, we complicate it. I should have listened, I know better now. You were the sis I never had. I am sorry. Always know I love you.”

Susan didn’t understand. What was this about now? Quickly she dialled Ezinne’s number, it rang out. She dialled again, it showed “number busy”. She couldn’t believe it. That only happens if the recipient ends the call instead of picking. She dialled again, this time it said “switched off”. Now she was really worried. She had a feeling her friend was about to do something really stupid. Some part of her wished it was to John, another prayed it wasn’t to anyone. She picked her phone and dialled again. “Cosin mi (my cousin)” Seun’s voice came out clearly on the other end of the line. “Seun something is up, got a very creepy text from Ezinne” Susan said hurriedly. “Yeah, me too. Was just going to call” Seun was worried. “Abeg am going there. She fit go stab that boy now, not that he doesn’t deserve it but that’s gbege ooo(problem) on her head” Susan said. “Don’t dare go alone. I’ll meet you at the junction and we’ll go together” Seun said. “Fine see you soon” Susan said. She was already half way to her door. She wore her slippers, leaving her untouched Indomie, she left her hostel room.

______________ _____________ ______________

She smiled as she watched the light on her phone go out. Seeing Susan’s call come in was confirmation she had got the text and if she knew her friend well enough, Ezinne knew she would follow up even so now that she had switched off her phone. She had just sent three text messages, the first two were the same and were sent to Susan and Seun, the last was to John. That text read;

“Hey sweetheart, sorry to disturb you but it isn’t just food that is my surprise. If you could come home now you’ll get something you have been asking for (wink)”

She knew he would come. The food was ready. Even she felt she had out done herself with the stew. She put the rice in a food flask and arranged John’s reading table in a dinning format. Plate, bowl of soup and food flask all arranged with a bottle of Maltina to go. He place the note beside the food and walked into the bathroom.

_____________ _____________ ______________

“GOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!” “Barcelona are simply fantastic. Messi a prolific free kick taker did a marvellous job to find the angle of the net, away from the reach of Casillas” rang the voice of the commentator, but nobody really cared because all the Barcelona fans were all jumping, chest pumping and dancing for joy. John was so happy. It was obvious his club was going to carry the La liga title this season again. He always loved watching football at viewing centres due to the atmosphere, although it was always stuffy thanks to the zinced enclosure that had very little ventilation, and yet was choked with a large amount of people. The heat made them sweat, and thus body odours emitted causing a stench no one seemed to take notice of, as everyone seemed to be in a frenzy. Like football analysts would say “simply electric”. He felt his phone vibrate but ignored it. Any one calling him now would have to chill, Barca had his attention and he didn’t want it any other way. After 8 more minutes, the whistle was blow for half time. As boys trooped out to get some fresh air and cool down before the second half started, he picked his phone and checked. It was a message, from Ezinne. “She should know better than to disturb me now” he thought as he opened it. “WOOOOHOOOOO” he shouted after reading the text. “Guy, abi Barcelona score again for your phone” some one shouted at him from the crowd outside. Boys started laughing. For the very first time John didn’t care. If he was correct and he knew he was, he was getting laid today. He quickly headed home. Even before opening his door he could perceive the aroma from the food waiting for him, his mouth watered. “Baby, you really went all out oh” he said as he walked to the kitchen. No Ezinne. He wondered where she was. Coming back to the room he then noticed the arranged table and saw the note. He opened it and read;

“Get started with the meal while I get ready for you (wink)”

He looked towards the bathroom smiling. “Ooooboy today na today” he whispered to himself and started eating.

________ ________ __________

Susan had just reached the junction that lead to John’s house. She didn’t have to wait to long before a keke stopped beside her and Seun, Abdul and Sunday alighted. “Hey Susan, what’s up” Sunday and Abdul greeted her. “Hi guys” Susan said with a fixed smile. Turning to Seun she whispered “guy, I thought it was only you coming. What’s with the entourage?” “I am not taking any chances” Seun replied. “Mu je ne ? (Shall we go)? Abdul inquired in Hausa. Seun nodded and they set out. They passed the viewing centre and could hear commentary but no one was interested. As soon as they arrived, Susan banged the door. John was just half way into his food when he heard the door. “Who are these bad-belles that choose now of all times to come?” He said under his breath and opened the door. “Where is she? What did you do to her this time? Where is Ezinne you twat?” Susan screamed at John. Without waiting for an answer she pushed passed him and started searching the room and next the kitchen. “You people have come again. Why can’t you just leave us alone?” John shouted in rage. “Walahi aboki, do not tempt me because I am so in the mood to remove a tooth or two from your dirty face” Abdul shouted at him. “I can’t find her” Susan was in tears now. She headed to the bathroom but the door won’t open. “You swine, you locked her in the bathroom, are you mad? Did you pay her school fees? How dare you, how dare you?” By now Susan was on John, slapping any part of his body her slim hands could reach. Seun and Abdul just watched. Sunday quickly pulled her away. “Guy you fit break that door?” Seun said to Abdul. “See question” Abdul replied sarcastically. He went in front of the door and then ran at it. On contact the door slammed opened. For a split second everywhere was quiet then . . . . .


Susan’s voice was loud and painful and it filled the room as their eyes fell on the sight before them. Sitting, back against the toilet seat, knife in hand, blood oozing from a slit on her wrist sat Ezinne. Susan rushed to her friend hugging her, holding her hand to stop the bleeding and begging her to wake up. John was in shock, before anyone knew it he had slumped and fainted. Abdul and Sunday were completely confused. Seun walked into the bathroom. He noticed a sheet of paper stained with blood but still readable. It must be her suicide note he thought. He picked it up and started reading.

“Suicide has never crossed my mind, but the first time it did, it locked in. I loved and I lost. I gave it my all yet nothing came out. My dad always said when doing something do all you can to make it work, so that when it doesn’t work out well you can say you did your best. I wish I can tell my dad that not everything is worth putting all your effort. Susan if you see this I am sorry for all I put you through, you were always there for me, my sister from another mother. You and your cousin even when I turned my back against you. I will love you always. I couldn’t take it anymore from John and I didn’t know how to get out of it. He threatened to kill me if I left, he threatened to kill himself. I didn’t want blood on my hands but I was so tired. He locked me in the bathroom for a whole day even when I explained I was having my period and in pain. All because I was with you and Seun. So I took my revenge. I made him a meal with my menstrual blood, I really hope he enjoyed it. Good bye my friend. I hope we see in the next life.

– Zinny.

Susan busted into fresh tears as Seun finished reading.
“THE BITCH DID WHA..” John started but a massive right fist from Abdul shut him up….. permanently. He was knocked out cold.
“Zinny wake up, please, don’t go please” Susan wailed she couldn’t bear to think her best friend was gone. No, it couldn’t be.
“Susan let her go, she is gone” Sunday said. At that moment he wished he was some where else other than in that room. As he reached to pull Susan up;
“Heeeeee….” the room went quiet, Seun stoped, Sunday’s out stretched hands hung, Abdul who was looking at John thinking how best to maim him turned.
“Heeeeelp mmmmmmme” the faint cry from Ezinne was a joy. Without thinking the boys acted quickly. As Abdul and Seun lifted her, Sunday tore a strip from his shirt and was wraping it around her wrist. All roads lead to the hospital that night.

…………… …………. …………..
His head was aching, his mouth tasted funny. Damn, it was blood. He tried to open his eyes but they hurt. Where was he? What happened? As his eyes adjusted, his brain started booting.
Ezinne! Menstral blood!! The punch!!! DING DING DING. John was fully alert. Quickly he tried to make a run for it. But he was stuck. His two arms were tied to a tree, his eyes told him he was in a compound, like a students’ quarters, a crowd surrounded him.
“The fool is awake”. A voice he knew too and didn’t want to be near said. There was a loud cheer. Abdul came from behind and struck him.
“We have always hated girl beaters, now we will make an example of this one so others will hear and get sense” another voice rang. He turned his head and saw it was one of the officials of the Student Union Government of UJ.
“After we are done here the police wil handle the rest. Where is that bulala?” He asked.
John was frantic “No, please no, please I am sorry”.
But the crowd did not care and their hoots and roars covered his plea. The first lash sent a sharp pain to his spin, John was going to have a long day.

………. …………… ……….
Susan and Seun’s cousin’s wedding was a huge success. Family and friends alike made it and alot of pictures were taken. They did get a strong telling-off by their parents for not being smart about the Ezinne situation but everyone was thankful she was alive.
Ezinne could not make it to the wedding. Her parents had taken her to a private clinic to get better. There were rumors of her going abroad to finish school but she had told Susan in one of their many calls that she would be back in school.
The rumors of the happenings filled school and John was laughed at and mocked, “the menstral blood eater”. The school suspended him for his involvement and because he was arrested. Ezinne begged her parents not to press charges but to leave John in God’s hand.
Susan and Seun went back to school and hoped for Ezinne’s return. Abdul related the story of John’s trashing to any one who cared to listen and oh did he get some female attention for his “heroic” part in all of it.
As for Sunday and Zoe? Let’s say its another story all together.


……. ……… …….

That’s it folks. Please drop a comment. Criticise, encourage, say how you hated or liked it, advice or just a general observation. I would appreciate any. Cheers and have a great week.

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Another week another episode. We are coming to the end. For all who may want previous episodes, I will post the links from Episode 1 to Episode 12. Next week will be the last for this story. In the mean time, Enjoy!!!

The vengeful Gift 01

Episode 13

He couldn’t believe this. Ezinne had left him. This was the third day and still nothing from her. No text, no calls, “NOTHING!!!” he shouted to himself as he flung a textbook across the room.
He couldn’t take it any more. He couldn’t live without her. He slumped on the floor gazing aimlessly. His eyes feel on the sniper bottle.
“If this could kill insects am sure it would end my misery” he spoke to himself. He turned and laid on his back and looked to the ceiling.
“Or I could just hang myself” he said again. He couldn’t believe it, he was thinking of suicide. But no he couldn’t kill himself, who would love Ezinne as much as he did? Who will care for her the way he did? No.
This was all her fault, him being so worried, thinking of suicide. It was all Ezinne’s fault. Who did she think she was, he thought. Was it because of the recharge card incident? So he had asked her to share and she refused and he slapped her so? After all wasn’t it from one of her toasters?
He had warned her to stop talking to all those foolish guys but she wouldn’t listen? He had to flog some sense into her now. Spare the rod and spoil the child, even the good book said so. Fine, she fell but was it his fault she decided to climb up the table to get away from him?
John’s mind was in a spiral blur as he contemplated the past week. He had stood up and was pacing in his house. Holding his phone he dialled Ezinne’s number once again.
He heard her phone’s ring tone but it was faint. As he started look for the phone, the door opened and Ezinne walked in.
“Where the hell do ….” John stopped in mid-sentence. He rushed to Ezinne.
“Baby what happened? Why is your hand in bandages?” John asked totally worried.
Ezinne said nothing. But walked in and sat down on the bed.
“My treasure am sorry. I can’t live without you. I am so, so sorry” John began apologising in his usual manner.
“I had a broke wrist from the fall. I have been in the hospital” Ezinne said quietly.
“Why didn’t you call me my love? Why didn’t you let me help? You know I love you” John said half anxious, half upset.
Just then Ezinne’s phone beeped. She had dropped it on the table when she entered so before she could stand up and pick it John had reached for it.
“Baby don’t worry let me help yo…” He stopped as he saw the name.
“Why is Seun texting you?” He said, his voice suddenly cold.
“John please give me my phone. I am too tired, I have cramps and I don’t want to fight please” Ezinne said gentle.
John ignored her and tapped the message icon to open the message.
“Hey, heard you were discharged this morning. Hope you are feeling better. Try and take things easy and think about what we discussed. We are here if you need us”
“Oh so you were lying to me?” John said flinging the phone towards her.
“All this while you where with that idiot and you claim you where in the hospital abi?” John said slowly walking towards her. Ezinne moved hurriedly backwards to the edge of the bed in an attempt to stay as far away from him as possible.
“So you were playing love when I was here killing myself? You bitch” John said and grabbed her arm. Ezinne screamed and started crying.
He dragged her off the bed and to the toilet. He pushed her in and banged the door.
“You will stay there till you learn how to behave” John shouted and walked out of the house.

……….. ………. …………

“Dude I don’t understand you oh. Why are you behaving as if you have stupidity imprinted on your brain?” Seun asked Sunday as he dropped his phone. He had just sent Ezinne a text.
He had got back very late from the hospital last night where he had left Susan with her friend who was admitted. Ezinne had a broken wrist which needed Plaster of Paris (P.O.P) and was placed on drip so she had to stay overnight. Susan had just called this morning to say they had discharged her. So it wasn’t until this morning that Abdul told him of what happened between Zoe and Sunday.
“Why are you insulting me now?” Sunday said as he ironed his shirt.
“Guy Zoe likes you like mad. Are you too blind to see? What is your problem?” Seun said.
“Guy bone that thing” Sunday said waving him off.
“This guy is pissing me off oh” Abdul joined the conversation, he was sitting on the floor demolishing a stack of bread slices on a plate with a cup of coffee.
Make we call John make him dial this fool network bring back proper service” he said and Seun laughed.
“You two won’t understand. See I like my space and am fine on my own” Sunday said. “Don’t need additional drama in my life”.
“Abeg, abeg, abeggi stop all this big English” Abdul shouted him down.
“Sunday you can’t carry the issues you may have with your family into everything now. Just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t have your space? It doesn’t necessarily mean you are adding burden except the girl has Nonye’s type of wahala (problem), it is just something to iron out before you start the relationship and move on from there” Seun said.
“Yeah, its easy for you to say” Sunday said turning away and picking a shirt he dropped.
“No, that is where you are wrong. It isn’t easy. I never told you guys everything that happened during the holiday. Nonye came to see me” Seun said.
Sunday dropped the iron, Abdul who was already on his way to his room ran back inside Sunday’s room.
“Dude you said?” Sunday asked shocked.
“Tell me mumsi kicked her out?” Abdul said in anticipation. “Tell me she stepped on nail, tell me something dude”.
“Calm down. Nothing of such happened. She came to apologise” Seun said.
“She said she had wronged me and now she knew. The banker boyfriend had just wanted a plaything. He had a wife back in his hometown. It was then she realised I never did anything wrong and she was at fault.” Seun said.
“You are kidding me” Sunday said. Abdul was rolling laughing hysterically.
“Guy are you okay?” Seun asked. Abdul raised his hand indicating they should hold on. Once he got his breath he looked up and said.
“Dude, LIFE IS A BITCH” and busted into another fit of laughter.
Guy e no funny oh. E no end there” Seun said looking sad.
“She asked me to get tested. As in HIV test. That she had been sleeping with the guy and …..” Seun said but Abdul cut him short.
Wait she been dey let banker nack but come dey do you like say na she holy pass? Girls can be nasty shaaa. You see why I don’t commit” Abdul said.
“Shut up there, isn’t it just Hafsat you are with now?” Sunday scolded.
“Ehen Hafsat isn’t stingy” Abdul said waving Sunday off.
“Anyway” Seun continued “that she had been sleeping with the guy before she slept with me that one time. So even though we used protection, I should get tested because when the guy finally told her the truth he also told her he was a carrier”.
So she don get AIDS” Abdul shouted in triumph.
“Haba guy, why evils? Besides it is HIV she will get, AIDS is the later stage” Sunday said.
“She didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask. Got tested and it came out negative. Will go and test again after 3 months just to confirm. Seun said.
“But my point is she saw her mistake and she could see the good in me” Seun continued and this time he turned to face Sunday.
“Dude I know what fake love looks like. I have experienced it first hand and Zoe isn’t about that. But even if she is it is not like you will get married tomorrow. Give it a try, make an attempt” he said and placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder.
“I might talk rubbish sometimes” Abdul started seriously.
“Most times” Sunday and Seun said in unison.
“Fine, most time” Abdul continued ” but with my own experience a girl will hardly be so forward if she didn’t really like you. Give it a shot” Abdu said.
“Y’all are being to emotional abeg” Sunday said trying to make light of the situation. But deep down he appreciated his friends, for their support and love.
There was a knock on the door.
“That must be Susan, we are suppose to go home to see my mum for some stuff” Seun said. Sunday being the closest to the door went to open it. As he did he continued.
“Fine I’ll talk to her, if she still feels am not so much of an asshole I’ll ask her out. Happy now? He said and flung the door opened.
“I don’t know if they are happy but I am very sure I am” Zoe said as she smiled at him.

…………….. ……………….. ………………

She had loved and she had lost. Her father had always told her. “In everything you do, do everything possible to make it work, so when it doesn’t you now deep down that you did your best”. If only she could see him and tell him not everything was worth giving your all.
Head aching, body paining, sitting on the floor of the toilet for how long she didn’t even know. But she was sure it was more than 20hours because she had slept and woken up. She had enough time to think, and think she did. She remembered what Seun said about taking a stand. It was going to end today. No more of this. She wouldn’t take it, she couldn’t take it.
She heard the front door open and she was ready. Next the toilet door opened and she quickly walked to face John, blocking his view and restricting access to the toilet. She had a plan and she would execute it my all means.
“Baby I am sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I should have told the truth. I wasn’t thinking. It was very stupid of me” Ezinne was already close to tears but she was holding on to John.
He was obviously confused, she could see it in his eyes. He didn’t expect that.
“Errr, well, you were stupid not to tell me” John said. His ego being fed by Ezinne’s pleads blocked normal reasoning.
“I know my love. I actually went to the hostel to pick some clothes and they were there. I told them I fell when they won’t stop bugging me and Seun forced me to go to the hospital. You know how controlling he can be” Ezinne said. She had to make Seun look bad and John caught the bait.
“That fool, because he has olds that send him money he feels he is better. But you should have called me” John insisted.
“I couldn’t. You were angry at me and rightly so. I felt I was on my own” Ezinne said and began to cry again.
“No baby, you are never on your own. I am always here for you. You can be stubborn some times is all” John said as he embraced her trying to comfort her.
“I prayed for us in church today. I know we’ll work things out” John said.
“Baby I want to start from now. Please let me cook a make-up meal for you. Rice, with stew and meat” Ezinne cajoled him.
“Errr I don’t know” John said. He started to feel this front Ezinne was pulling up was too good to be true.
“Baby you don’t know how bad I feel. Please for my conscience. Even if its just my way of say sorry for keeping you worried for 3day” Ezinne said.
That got John’s attention. Maybe she is really remorseful. But who wouldn’t want free food?
“Fine. Madrid are playing by four so I am heading to the viewing center. Will be back later” John said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be ready for you then.” Ezinne said and winked.
She watched him go out of the house and waited to hear the sound of the gate of the compound. Once she heard the usual clang she smiled.
“Phase one complete, phase two is undergoing” she said to her self.
She walked to the toilet and retrieved the bowl she had kept and she headed to the kitchen.

……………. …………………. ………………….

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Another sunday and a new episode is here. You all give me joy with your comments and I thank all who keep sharing my blog’s link with friends, on facebook, twitter, etc. Much respect. Here is episode 12. Enjoy!!!

The vengeful Gift 01

Episode 12

Come guy we go chase you commot from this house oh” Abdul joked to his friend Seun. “You just show with pineapple, rice, beans, potatoes and you sit down. Who go cook am?”
“See this ingrate ” Seun replied “so I no try as I bring them come, make I still cook? Come Sunday is this what you face with this lazy man?”
“Guy everyday. Abdul’s laziness is beyond understanding” Sunday said and then laughed as he dodged the book Abdul flung at him. They all laughed.
Oya wetin we go chop now and who dey cook?” Abdul said.
“I’ll peel yam then you cook” Seun said to Abdul.
“Why me? What is Sunday doing? Besides you two know my cooking. Unless you want to try your luck” Abdul said.
“See I feel Abdul cooks crap intentionally” Sunday said in an accusing tone “I’ll cook”.
Seun walked to the kitchen section and started peeling yam.
“Ehen, guy you still haven’t said anything about Zoe oh” Seun probed Sunday.
“We haven’t spoken since that day she left the house” Sunday said trying to sound casual.
“Guy that’s like a week plus. Why haven’t you made up your mind?” Seun asked. His phone then rang and Sunday brought it to him.
“Its Susan” Sunday said.
“Thanks” Seun says and pressed the green button “Cuz what’s up?”
A while later Seun dropped the knife and yam and walked back to the room.
“Susan just called. That John hit Ezinne and her eye is swollen. She wants us to go talk to him” Seun said. It was obvious he was trying to control his temper.
“Movement!!!” Abdul shouted and they all headed for Ring Road.
On arriving Seun didn’t wait to knock but pushed the door opened. John who had been sleeping woke up startled by the invasion.
“What the h…” He started.
“Shut up and listen very carefully” Seun said. Looking at him with Sunday and Abdul both flanking him on either side. The trio looked like the “Three Musketeers” prepped for a duel wit the King’s Guards. Seun looked like a wrestler, but obviously John with his ego couldn’t see that.
“Don’t walk into my house and tell me trash” he said jumping up to face them.
“YOUR HOUSE? The half payment which you didn’t even complete is what you are bragging with? Don’t get me started on your pathetic life” said Seun, “it pains me that it is through me you met this nice girl. I have warned you about this your rage. You have no shame abi? Hitting a woman. Let me state it simply, you touch that girl again we will beat gentleman manners into that daft head of yours.”
“You all must be mad. How is it your business what goes on between me and my girlfriend” he said and jacked Seun by the shirt.
Abdul had been boiling since. A typical northerner who grew up in Lagos, fights could be said to be a fun activity for him, and this scene right here was all he had prayed for. Without thinking he threw a punch at John who let go of Seun’s shirt and stumbled on the bed.
“HOW DARE YOU??” Ezinne’s voice rang from outside and the boys turned. In the mist of all the excitement, no one noticed her and Susan’s arrival. Pushing her way through she ran into the room and stood between John and them
“Susan is this your meaning of ‘they will just talk to him’?” Ezinne’s voice was filled with accusation.
“I told you I didn’t want any of this. I knew this would happen. And you” she turned to Seun and Abdul, “don’t you have any shame? Three guys on one person, is that fair?” Ezinne was crying and shouting.
“Are you freaking kidding me, the idiot nearly tore my shirt. We came here because of you” Seun shouted back.
“And now I want you to leave” Ezinne said coldly.
Guy make we move because the way I dey feel I go beat her beat her boyfriend join” Abdul said and walked away.
Sunday followed suit. Seun turned to Susan and looked at her.
“So this is what you told me to come here for. Your friend is on her own. You know what’s good for you stay away too” he said and walked away with his friends.

………………… ………………… …………………

Knock, knock, knock.
Abdul paused the movie he was watching, rolled over and walked to the door. He was all alone at home, Sunday had gone to St. Augustine’s Seminary at Katako to play tennis and Seun had gone out.
“Hi Abdul” Zoe said as he opened the door. She was looking good as usual. Simple jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. Her glasses ever on her nose.
“Zoe, ya ki ke (how are you doing)? He said in Hausa.
Lafia lau (very fine)” She answered back. She was very good at Hausa, Abdul knew that much. He still wondered how a girl like her would find his friend interesting but even more he was excited about Sunday finally being in a relationship. That was if they could get pass whatever was going on between them.
“Sunday isn’t home oh” Abdul said.
“I know he went to play tennis. I would like to wait for him” she said. Abdul gave a confusing look. First off, he didn’t know she knew so much of Sunday’s routine and secondly he didn’t know if Sunday would like the idea of her waiting, being that he had been avoiding her.
“I know what you are thinking. He has been avoiding me and I am tired of it. Today he’ll speak to me whether he likes it or not. He can’t avoid me here” Zoe said.
“Fine, come in” Abdul said. He saw her point. He felt his friend needed to pass whatever fears he was having and be happy.
It didn’t take long before Sunday was knocking on the door. It was like she had planned it. Abdul opened the door and Sunday noticed the mischievous look on his face.
“Which unfortunate girl have you caught this time?” He asked thinking of his friend’s wayward attitude towards girls. Abdul said nothing and allowed him enter.
“What’s going on” Sunday said as he walked towards his room.
“Hello Sunday” Zoe said calmly. He jumped surprised.
“Hey, err Zoe how are you?” Sunday said.
“Don’t ‘hey me’, you have been avoiding me” Zoe said folding her hands with a disapproving look.
“My work here is done. I’ll leave you two to it” Abdul said and walked to his room to continue his movie. After some minutes he heard the front door open and close. Two minutes later the front door opened and Sunday appeared at his door.
“How far? That was fast. What’s the verdict?” Abdul asked.
“I let her go” Sunday said quietly.

……………. ………………….. ……………….

It had been one week since the incident at John’s place in Ring Road. Seun decided to go visit his cousin at her hostel. He didn’t see why some outsider would cause a rift between he and his relative besides he had to tell her of the wedding of one of their cousins Tunji.
“Cousin mi (my cousin)” he said in Yoruba as she opened the door.
Shey o binu si mi mo? (hope you are not still angry with me)” she replied as she hugged him.
“Why now? It is your friend I pity” Seun replied “you tried your best for her, as she has decided not to listen, toh.”
“You won’t believe she hasn’t come home since then. Not even for change of clothes. That day after you left she was still defending him that she didn’t even know why she let me call you, that it was all a mistake and it was even because she provoked him. Imagine” Susan said
“But which kind of love is this one? Can’t she face reality?” Seun asked.
“I don’t know oh” Susan said sadly.
“Anyway that’s her business. Tunji is getting married oh. Mummy just told me. Said she spoke to your mum and has the materials we will wear as asho-ebi (traditional attire specially chosen by a group of people to wear for an occasion), so we need to go home so she can take us to the tailors” Seun said.
“Awwwwwwww” Susan shouted. “I love weddings”.
“Which girl doesn’t?” Seun said rolling his eyes.
“I’m going to call your mom” Susan sounded so excited, “we need to start prepa….”
Just then the door was opened and Ezinne walked in. She wasn’t her usual self, looking a bit dirty and worn out. Even the way she dressed. Ezinne had always loved the Jos weather and despite the cold wore little coverings. Always sleeveless or short sleeve shirts. Today she was on long sleeves turtle neck and jeans. She saw Seun and Susan but didn’t greet either of them. Instead she dropped her things on the table and walked towards her travelling box.
Seun noticed she was limping and spoke up.
“Ezinne are you okay? Why are you limping?” He said.
Ezinne ignored him and kept going through her things, picking out blouses, tops as well as a skirt and jeans.
“Will she answer?” Susan said with a sigh.
Seun ignored his cousin. He had a feeling that there was more to her limping. He stood up and walked to Ezinne, gently he held her arm in an attempt to turn her to face him but she quickly flinched and gasped in pain.
“Ezinne what is wrong?” Seun and Susan asked in unison. Susan stood up immediately and went to her friend. Ezinne didn’t cry, she had no tears.
“Its nothing. I fell yesterday” she said calmly and went back to her clothes.
“Zinny please, please don’t do this to yourself” Susan began tearfully.
“Ezinne let me have a look at your arm please” Seun said cautiously. He knew any aggressive move will only scare her.
Without speaking she pulled the sleeves of her turtle neck and Susan gasped. There was a bad bruise on her arm & the joint between her hand and arm was swollen.
“Seun this is no fall” Susan said looking at her cousin. “Ezinne he did this abi? He did this to you”.
“No it was a fall, it wasn’t him” Ezinne said but kept shaking like she was scared of something. Seun knew it was no fall. He held Ezinne to keep her calm.
“Susan do you have money, am low on cash?” Seun looked at his cousin. She was in tears.
“Yeah but its not much oh, I have been waiting to hear from popsi since last week” she replied.
“Okay no problem let’s take her to the hospital for check up. I don’t want to call mummy for money if not it will lead to calling your folks and then her folks” Seun said.
Just as they were about to leave Ezinne’s phone beeped on the table. A text message had just come in. Susan pick it and read out loud;-
“Baby please am sorry. Please come home, its been two days. Didn’t mean it. I got angry. I can’t live without you. Please answer me. J”
“Ezinne where have you been the past two days” Susan said in shock.

…………… …………………. ……………..

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I want to apologise for not posting this episode last week. Due to a week filled with travelling and lack of adequate internet availability, it was difficult. I thank everyone who showed concern. The story continues today with the start of a new semester. Enjoy!!!

Episode 11

The vengeful Gift 01

Three weeks had passed. The holidays had come and gone and it was so quick. Especially for Seun but he felt refreshed and even more committed to his books. He had spent the holidays at home with his family, Sunday on occasion came visiting. School’s new semester had started and he was heading back with joy and thoughts of Nonye or the past events he had put behind him.
For Sunday, the holiday was one of his weirdest. But he had loved it. His CISCO program was a success and he had gotten his certification and then the time he spent with Zoe, who coincidentally was staying back in school as well; was awesome, she visited him a lot and cooked a number of times. She was not shy to express herself while Sunday found that he was the exact opposite. He had few female friends and none were like Zoe. But things became weird on the night before official resumption when she practically asked him out.
Abdul who had spent his holiday in Lagos had come back to find them lying on the bed watching a movie.
“Why una leave space between yourselves like this now?” He asked dropping his bag.
Abi person get eczema?” He joked.
“Please help me ask Sunday oh” Zoe said. “Every time I try to get close he moves. I don’t know if that’s how he would do when we start dating”.
“Dating?” Sunday nearly snapped his neck as he turned in astonishment to look at her.
“Dating ke?” Abdul said in surprise.
Zoe smiled calmly, sat up and looked at Sunday.
“Yes dating. I am tired of waiting for you to talk and I am in no mood to be friend-zoned” she started. “I like you and not as a bestie and I have tried to show you but you seem not to get it so I thought saying it out will make it clear. I think we should date”.
Sunday was in absolute shock. This girl must be crazy or pulling some amazing and far from funny practical joke. Abdul was just smiling, his luggage still by his side, his hands folded as he rested on the door frame and waited for his friend to talk.
“See it obviously seems like a shock to you so I’ll let you brew on it. Let me know when you are ready to talk” She said. She gave him a peck, stood up, patted Abdul’s shoulder in that ‘welcome back’ sort of way and walked out.

…………….. ……………….. ………………….

Susan’s holiday wasn’t fun at all. She couldn’t remember the holiday she hadn’t spent with her best friend Ezinne. But this was going to be the first. She had gone back to Abuja alone after another fight with Ezinne who claimed she wanted to stay back and prepare for the next semester since the holiday was short, besides her parents had travelled abroad. Susan knew that wasn’t true because whenever Ezinne’s folks travelled, Ezinne stayed over at her house. She knew it was because of John hence their fight.
The shocker came when she arrived for the start of her second semester that Saturday afternoon. She opened her hostel room door to find the place dusty and void of Ezinne. She called Ezinne’s phone but couldn’t get through.
“Nigerian mobile networks shaa” she thought and decided to send a text message instead letting Ezinne know she was back. It took her over two hours to sweep, mop and rearrange the room. In the process she noticed how little of Ezinne’s possessions were present. Tired, sweaty and covered in dust, Susan decided to take a bath before finding what to eat.
As she walked out of the bathroom and headed to her room she pondered on the new semester and what it held. On arriving she met Ezinne and John at the door.
“Babe what’s up?” Ezinne said trying (and failing) to sound excited.
“Ezinne how are you?” Susan asked genuinely as she looked at her best friend. She turned and looked at John.
“Good evening John” she said trying not to show any hostility. She wanted peace and time with her best friend.
“Good evening” John said. He had no desire to hide his disdain and so did not. “Ezinne I’ll be at the basketball court. When you are done which I hope is soon, come meet me so we can go home”.
Susan looked confused as she watched John walk away. She walked into her room and Ezinne followed.
“Go to which home?” Susan asked looking at Ezinne.
“To his place. I’ve been staying with him. He helps me read” she said not looking at Susan as she sat on the chair in the room.
“He helps you read?” Susan repeated the statement as a question.
“When did Computer Science and Economics have anything in common? I thought we’ll hang out today. Talk, catch up. Ezinne what’s going on now?” Susan had promised herself to be calm but this had gone far.
“See Susan I don’t want to fight. The thing is that I have moved in with John. I love him and nothing you will say will change that. Since I paid for this hostel with you I will still come but please don’t judge me” Ezinne said with finality.
“If that’s what you want my dear I can’t stop you. All I ask is for you to be careful. I miss my best friend though” Susan said quietly.

………………… ………………………… …………………….

The new sememster brought about a new wave of work. Long lectures, bulky assignments, practicals and new subjects. With Ezinne in and out of the room (more times out), Susan buried herself into more reading and group study. This evening was no exception as she attacked a new course on her curriculum.
There was a knock on the door.
“Good evening sister”, an almost bald headed guy, wearing trousers that were very loose and a shirt that had seen better days, holding briefcase greeted her. Beside him, a girl about Susan’s age, having the picture of a Catholic Nun/Indian ninja; being that she wanted to cover every part of her body (face inclusive) stood smiling.
“Hello, can I help you?” Susan said. She already knew their type.
“Actually we wanted to talk to you about how God can help you.” The guy said.
“Oh really” Susan replied.
“Yes. See, we are from a young congregation of believers and we come to the hostels to preach to students and help bring them to the light” the guy said.
Susan felt insulted. This was her problem with people evangelizing. People who have no idea where you are coming from or how you live your life, come to your house, judge you and then want to redeem you.
“So just by seeing me now, you know I not only need preaching but I need to be brought to the light abi? It is because am wearing bum-shorts abi?” She said.
“Well … No siste…” The girl started.
“Don’t call me sister we are not related” she said giving the girl the ‘talk to the hand’ gesture.
“I am a Christian, I read my bible as often as I can, I pray daily. I try my best to uphold what God tells us. You have no right to come here and tell me you want to preach to me because we are all sinners, you SHARE the word of God with people. If I was an unbeliever you would have just lost a soul for Christ. Better go back and learn. I have books to get back to. Good evening” she said and closed the door.
Such effrontery. When will people learn. She sat down and went back to reading. She heard another knock. Oh I am going to give it to these people this evening, she thought.
“As in are you people deaf or you lack understa…..” She started as she opened the door but was cut short. For it wasn’t the preachers but Ezinne. She was wearing shades and she walked in.
“Hey babe, how are you?” Susan asked.
“Fine” Ezinne replied then quietly walked to the bed and laid down.
Susan closed the door and turned. She looked at Ezinne then at the books she was reading. What friend was she if she didn’t at least try to reach out, she thought to herself.
“Zinny are you okay? And why are you wearing shades at this time of the day?” Susan asked.
“I am fine” Ezinne replied in a tearful voice. Susan knew something was wrong. She hadn’t heard of any fight between her and John since she was back. She walked to Ezinne and sat beside her on the bed. Slowly for fear of passing her boundary she reached out and removed the glasses.
“Oh my gosh Ezinne what happened?” Susan exclaimed. On Ezinne’s face, where her left eye was suppose to be was a swollen mass.

…………….. …………… …………….

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Once again I want to thank my editing crew. You make me better everytime. Love you all to bits. So I know you all want to know what’s up so I’ll shut it and let you read. Enjoy!!!

Episode 10


The vengeful Gift 01

It was almost 9.30am, yet the frosty breeze that blasted Sunday’s face as he and Abdul stepped out was overwhelming. It bit deep into their skins and seemed to gnaw at their bones. They were both wearing double-clothing, with sweaters, making them both look like African Eskimos.
Guy na for this weather Seun enter go Nonye house?” Abdul asked.
I tire oh. Things my friends do for love” Sunday said shaking his head.
Abeg please be specific. ‘One of your friends’. I don’t do that kind of nonsense” Abdul corrected. “You know how I roll na, me no be kpomo-man like Seun”. He smirked, feeling good and superior over Seun in the art of handling the ladies.
Make we play your own tape?” Sunday challenged him.
“Oya you’ve made your point, but come oh, what kind of load is this your guy carrying that he needs so many hands?” Abdul asked.
“He’s in final year now. Not everyone wants to sell their stuff” Sunday explained.
The reason they were going out in the Jos cold that morning was because Sunday’s tennis friend was travelling home to Lokoja for the holidays and since he was in final year he was moving most of his belongings back home. Abdul thought that was kind of selfish, but spoke no more of it. They got to his house to find him ready. There were three Ghana-must-go bags fully filled and they each took one, Abdul rushing for the smallest. He thanked them again for their help and they headed for Plateau Riders motor park.
On arrival they headed for the place where buses heading to Lokoja where situated and Sunday’s friend engaged the guy who seemed to be the driver in pricing. Sunday was enjoying the conversation till Abdul hit him and pointed. He looked and noticed a group of girls standing near the Abuja transit area. He looked at Abdul with a confused look.
“Am I suppose to be seeing something in particular?” Sunday asked.
“Guy you are hopeless” Abdul said, “See that your chic now” he pointed towards a girl wearing glasses. Sunday looked again and then he saw her. He was surprised at how pretty she looked and how he had never noticed. She was about a 5ft8′ in height, was fleshy and her complexion, it was just okay, not all ‘yellow-pawpaw’ like the Igbo girls in his class and not black like the Plateau girls he was so accustomed too. She just simply had this skin that seemed to take in the light of the day and emit the brightness of its silky nature. In addition to her not-too-tall nature, she had slim legs, which had the slightest hint of curves to them. Her legs, bearing the weight of the rest of body with total grace, seemed strong and athletic like that of a gazelle.
He kept gawping, obviously transfixed by her beauty; a beauty he had never noticed until now, till she turned in his direction. He then waved at her. She smiled and waved back then stood as if to say she was waiting for him.
Sunday turned to Abdul, “Happy now” he said.
“Are you blind, she’s obviously waiting for you to go over” Abdul said shoving him.
Sunday turned and in truth she was still standing looking in his direction. He walked towards her, his gait very awkward and unsure.
“Hi” She said.
“Exactly. The only thing I know about you is that you are very pretty and you say hi to me every time” Sunday said.
“Only twice” the girl replied. Shy at the fact that what he said was true and that he had complemented her.
“So you were counting?” Sunday asked surprised. “Well I am …”
“Sunday, I know” she said. “Computer Science, 200level, friends with brain-box Seun Banwo & International flirt Abdul Bakare” she finished off with palpitations.
Sunday didn’t know his mouth was hanging. He was that surprised.
“Don’t look like that, you three are very popular in your department” she said.
“You don’t say” Sunday said.
“I do say. By the way I am Zoe ” she said extending her hand.
“It is a pleasure” he said taking it. He noticed the softness of it. It seemed to melt in his. Nice. Her fingers were slim and long with neatly manicured nails beautifully sticking out of them. He mentally slapped himself and quickly let go of her hand. What was wrong with him.
“So what department and what are you doing here?” Sunday asked.
“Well, I am in Mass Communication and just like you mister I came to see my friends off” Zoe replied.
“Oh, yeah” Sunday said noticing the other girls who were hanging on to every word of their conversation. Sunday suddenly felt awkward.
Zoe noticed. She pulled his hand and picked the pen that was on the car’s bonnet; the one people used to fill in the manifest used by the transport company; and wrote down her phone number on his palm.
“My friends will devour you, so let me be nice and let you go. I’ll be expecting your call though.” she said walking back to her friends who started giggling and whispering.
Sunday walked back to Abdul dumfounded. By then his tennis partner had boarded and had already left.
“How far? What happened?” Abdul inquired. Sunday said nothing & showed him his palm.
“BADT GUY!!!!” Abdul hailed him as he patted Sunday on the back. “Make we dey go house make you give us gist“. Sunday followed still in shock.

……………… ………………. …………….

Susan couldn’t believe her eyes. She closed the text book she had been trying (and failing) to read and sat rocking her chair, a bad habit her mother hated. It was almost 10.00am and Ezinne was no where to be found. She had followed John after his audacious and open apology yesterday. She didn’t know what baffled her more, the fact that Ezinne accepted the apology or that she went out with him and from what it looked like spent the night at his place. The saddest part was that she had an exam by 11.00am that morning. Her phone had been switched off since yesterday night.
Susan picked up her phone and tried dialling Ezinne’s number again. Just as it rang out, the door opened and a smiling Ezinne rushed in breathless.
“Wow, that was a run. I can’t believe I am this late. Totally lost track of time. Babe how faa….” Ezinne started
“WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN” Susan practically shot the words out of her mouth.
“ARE YOU CRAZY, I HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK. YOU WALTZ OUT OF HERE WITH THAT GUY NO INFORMATION, NO CALL OR Text stating where you are or how long you will be gone?” Susan said. She hadn’t realised she had started crying.
Ezinne looked at her with a mixture of shock, guilt and sorrow.
“Sweetheart I am so so sorry” Ezinne started, “My battery ran out and John and I were having such a swell time I forgot about everyth…”
“You mean to tell me” Susan started with her voice just short of a whisper “that you are naïve enough to fall for that low life because he came apologising? To the point you will go and spend the night with him?”
Susan looked at her friend like she didn’t recognise her. Thinking about it she just realised Ezinne spent the night with John.
“Oh don’t tell me you let him …” Susan couldn’t complete the statement.
“No now. Haba” Ezzine said going towards her box to pick her towel, “am not stupid now. We just cuddled and talked.”
“Oh my friend you are extremely stupid. That good for nothing comes, after the way he treated you and just because he said sorry you go running back. You are very very stupid” Susan said.
Eh ehn, it is enough” Ezinne turned sharply to face Susan “I have stood here and listened to you insult me and my boyfriend repeatedly. Please stop it”.
Susan felt like she had been slapped.
Zinny them wash give you?” She said in pidgin “are you listening to yourself? Look at the time, you have exam by 11 and its now your getting home? And you stand there and defend that idiot?”
“Susan PLEASE” Ezinne said giving Susan ‘the hand’.
“You know John said you would be like this. Can’t you just be happy that I am happy? Must you be a hater? Abeggi I am going to bath, I have a paper to write” and with that Ezzine took her towel and walked out of the room leaving Susan speechless.

…………. …………… …………

It was evening and Seun had made up his mind. It was time to go home. He was done with his exams and there was no reason anymore to stay in school, not after what he saw that morning. He had been to his house and picked stuff he needed, he just came to clear out his load at Sunday and Abdul’s place.
Sunday and Abdul had come home earlier to meet Seun very tense. After much probing he had told them what had transpired and they were both surprised. None saw that coming.
“Guy don’t draw conclusion, don’t even think about it. I support this your motion to go home, British America no far, we fit even follow you if you want, spend the night. Just go, let the holiday help clear your thoughts” Sunday had said.
Yes oh, and that British sef, e get one babe I fit hook you up with, and she hold side oh” Abdul had commented. The looks from Seun and Sunday told him his suggestion was obviously stupid and in no way funny.
Seun was just picking up his toilet pack when they heard a knock.
Yes oh, Hafsat don show” Abdul said jumping up. He had been expecting his girlfriend all day.
“Guy” Sunday said after Abdul left “I know you. See; good and bad things happen, it is how we handle them that matters. No hold this thing for mind oh” he adviced.
“I hear you” was all Seun said.
Just then Abdul walked in with a disappointed look on his face. Behind him was Nonye.
A fire lit up in Seun as he quickly stood up.
“Keep calm bro, she isn’t worth it” Sunday whispered in his ear, then he signalled Abdul and they left the room.
Seun turned back and continued packing. Nonye started to apologise.
“Seun I am sorry. I wish you had let me explain, I really don’t know what you saw but I ….”.
“Did you sleep with him?” Seun asked quietly as he kept on with his packing.
“Seun I have something to tell you” Nonye said.
He couldn’t believe it. All his fears were confirmed with just that statement. He shock his head.
“Seun!!!” Nonye called out to him.
He turned and looked at her. Surprisingly there was no remorse or guilt on her face, instead a fixed determined look was present.
“See Seun I didn’t sleep with the guy” Nonye started to explain “he is just a course mate of mine, he is very good in Contract, the hardest course in our year and was giving me, Clara and Toks tutorials for our exams. We lost track of time so he had to crash in the house. I slept in Toks’s room sef”
Seun breathed a sign of relief. It obviously showed because Nonye notice but she obviously wasn’t done.
“Seun I am not done. See ba, I am tired of hiding it. You deserve the truth and frankly I am tired of the games” Nonye said.
Seun looked at her with a lost expression.
“I have another boyfriend, a serious one. He is a banker in town. We met three weeks ago and he wants to marry me. There is no point deceiving you, we are both matured enough. I really hope you understand. Take care of you” Nonye said and walked out of the room.
Seun sat down slowly, gazing in total shock at the spot Nonye stood some seconds ago.

………… ……………… ……………
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I am so happy. Maybe it is becauae of yesterday or it is just God. Wishing you my dearest readers a lovely, positive new month. Seems last week went well. 3 post and people were really involved. I just hope we as Nigerians after reading “Should I Stay?” we got thinking. We need positivity in this country. That said let us get to today’s story. Enjoy!!!
Episode 9

The vengeful Gift 01

The last week of exams for most departments in University of Jos had arrived. Everyone was looking forward to dropping their pens and embracing the holidays. As for Seun, Sunday and Abdul, they had just finished their final paper and were enjoying the feel of freedom.
Last, last Computer Science na department” Seun said as they walked out of the exam hall. “First faculty to finish exams. I heard that some faculties still have up to 3 papers to write like Law. Nonye still has 2 more papers.”
Na dey only reasonable thing wey I like for the faculty sef” Abdul said.
“Guy you don’t even like school” Seun teased laughing.
“True that” Abdul replied smiling.
“The question now is what to do with the free time?” Sunday said pondering.
PS3 don stop dey work?” Abdul said.
“More time with my baby man, at least till its time to go home” Seun said smiling.
“Mehn I told popsi them that I enrolled for CISCO program in school” Sunday said “I actually have. I don’t want to go home”.
“I thought Seun was the over-serious one in our group?” Abdul asked sarcastically.
You dey mad oh, what’s that suppose to mean now?” Seun said, then turned to Sunday “but guy what happened to my crib? Thought you would spend the holiday with me now. Was even thinking of convincing this idiot not to travel to Lagos”.
“You don’t have respect again abi? It is me you are calling idiot” Abdul said flexing his muscles.
“Abeg swerve” Seun said, then ducked as Abdul tried to smack him on the head.
“Yeah I thought so but I really want to do it. Seun you did your own since 100level so you don’t have issues. I just feel it will be a plus to my certificate” Sunday explained.
“Man whatever you choose I got your back. Highest na to come chill with you once in a while” Seun said.
“Goodluck to you two. Lagos calleth me. I must answer” Abdul said.
They laughed and headed to the cafeteria.

……………. ……………….. ……………

She walked towards her hostel room, physically and emotionally tired. Just back from John’s house, Ezinne once again was in tears. They had fought again and it was bad this time. It had been ten days since his ultimatum and she had thought she could convince him but obviously his shattering of plates today proved otherwise.
Their relationship had taken a dive since that day for as hard as she tried to prevent it, John and Susan kept meeting. Once when he came to see her and twice when he accidentally met them at the library. She loved him dearly but she couldn’t fathom abandoning her life-long friend. Their fight today was the last blow for her. That was why it hurt so much.
She entered the room to see Susan lying exhausted on the bed, from the way she was dressed she had just come in too. Susan turned as she noticed Ezinne’s presence and although Ezinne tried to hide her gloom Susan noticed. She had been having a frustrating day and was in no mood for that. It was high time she told Ezinne what she really thought.
“You have been crying again abi?” Susan asked.
“You went to his house again abi? You don’t have sense abi?” She said her voice raising.
“Ezinne what the hell is this? This was not what we planned when we wanted to enter university oh” she reminded Ezinne.
“We had plans, we had goals and all of a sudden one guy from no where comes and you are crying today, confused tomorrow. Haba, what is it? Did he jazz you?” By now Susan was shouting. Ezinne just stood there.
“Is this what love is? When last did you read with a clear head? Have you ever thought of what your grades will look like?” Susan asked. By now she was standing, hands akimbo.
Ezinne couldn’t take it anymore and broke down crying hysterically. Susan looked at her friend and knew something was wrong. She felt bad for shouting at her and went to hug her.
“I am sorry okay. I am just tired of the way he treats you. You know how sensitive you are and you let yourself get in this deep?” Susan said cleaning Ezinne’s tears.
“We… We… We broke up” Ezinne said and fresh tears started pouring again.
“Oh shit” Susan said. “Oh my darling, I am so sorry. He never deserved you in the first place”.
Ezinne looked at her with anger at her statement.
“Ohk sorry that was too soon” Susan apologised getting the message.
“You are my best friend and you have always listened to me. Will you listen to my plan?” Susan asked. Ezinne nodded.
“You have two more papers right?” Susan asked, Ezinne nodded again.
“Cool, luckily I don’t think your drama with John has caused much rift with your books. I know this will be hard but I want you to block every thought of him and the whole drama out just till you finish. Then we will sort it out” Susan said “do we have a deal?”
“Hmm, I’ll tr…” Ezinne’s voice was covered with the usual chant of the hostel.
“I said I’ll try” Ezinne said again ignoring the noise from outside. By now the girls had heard the chant and teasing by the other girls in the hostel so often it wasn’t as exciting or moving as when they had just moved into the hostel.
“That’s my girl” Susan said giving her a hug. “So now let’s find what to eat”. Ezinne are you okay?” Ezinne had a funny look on her face.
“Did you just hear my name?” Ezinne asked.
“No, it is only two of us h….” Susan started.
Without a second thought the two girls ran outside their room. In the open courtyard of Naraguta hostel was John kneeling down.
“I’m sorry” he shouted “please take me back”.

………………. …………………. …………….

He woke with happiness in his mind. He couldn’t explain it, he didn’t know if it is the feel of being alive or because exams were over but he was happy, thankful and grateful. Suddenly an idea popped in his head.
“Guy what is with you now? Turning and speaking to yourself, you don dey craze?” Sunday said to Seun as he sat up looking at the clock.
“GUY, its just 7am. Are you raving mad? I go lock you inside toilet if you no settle down. I need to sleep” Sunday scolded and rolled over to continue his sleep.
No vex guy. I dey comot sef” Seun said.
“At this time?” Sunday said facing him with a puzzled look.
“Yes, I’m going to get my baby suprise breakfast” Seun said smiling.
“Good luck” Sunday said and turned to continue sleeping.
Seun got up, got dressed and left. It was too early for any eatery but definately the local tea and sandwich makers (popularly called mai shayi) would have opened. So he stopped by and got three bread and egg sandwiches. No point buying for one when there were three ladies in the house.
He couldn’t wait to see her face when he got there. It was a cool windy Jos morning. Nothing like a hot breakfast before more reading. He walked into Nonye’s compound with his packages in a nylon bag. Luckily someone had left the front door ajar. From the clothes on the line outside someone was washing. He quietly walked in and headed for Nonye’s door praying none of the girls would see him and spoil the surprise.
“SUPRISE!!!” Seun shouted as he opened the door.
The bag he was holding dropped from his hand as his mouth dropped open in awful shock. Lying on Nonye’s bed surrounded by handouts,in nothing but a three quarter short, obviously dozing off was a guy Seun had never met before. His shout had obviously woken the young man who started to stir.
Just then Nonye walked into the room in her towel. She had obviously just had her bath. Seun looked from Nonye, to the guy on the bed, back to Nonye and before anyone could say anything he walked away.
“Seun!!!” Nonye shouted after him.
“Seun I can explain. Please come back” Nonye shouted after him.

………………. ……………….. ……………

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I want to apologise for not dropping this post yesterday. It wasn’t till i was bombarded with pings and calls from people about the delay did I realise the extent that you all enjoy the story. For that I say thank you. Let me shut up here and allow you all read. Enjoy!!!

Episode 8

The vengeful Gift 01

“….. What the hell?” Seun screamed holding his jaw. Sunday had quickly stepped in and pushed each guy to one end of the room in an attempt to quell the duel that was likely to ensue.
“You must be an idiot for calling me poor.” John panted. “How dare you? Oh, because I live with you? Because once in a while I use your stuff?” john poured out his questions in fury.
“Use my stuff? Are you raving mad? Look at this lunatic oh.” Seun said angrily still nursing his sore jaw. John’s punch had definitely hit its mark and left an indelible impact, one Seun was sure not to forget in a jiffy.
“You practically vandalise my stuff. Every thing in the kitchen right now, I paid for or brought from home. When last did you contribute your full share of food items? I buy beverages, drinks & snacks for myself, and you take them without even asking, like a thief…” Seun stopped in mid-sentence and dodged a blow made by John again. He wasn’t ready to nurse yet another blow to his fast-swelling jaw.
You must be crazy oh.” Seun said to him. “So you wan hit me? E dey pain you for body as I dey yarn you truth abi? Its not your fault.” Seun said in a weak attempt to get back at John for hitting him. He definitely knew he was no match for John if they were to be left alone in physical combat.
He went to the wardrobe and took a small travelling bag, putting in a few clothes. As he did so he spoke. “Guy hear me and hear me well. This situation can’t go on. When I was making night calls you complained, but now, John in his old age has found love and so no one has a right to protest against his misdemeanours?” Seun said.
Sunday laughed. John was fuming. Itching to have a go at Seun but he knew (and so did Seun) that Sunday and Seun could easily take him down, plus Sunday wouldn’t just stand aside and watch him beat Seun. So he restricted himself to flexing his muscles and gnashing his teeth.
“So me am leaving. At the end of semester I’ll come pack my load and leave the room to you. I am not going to do this with you anymore. Sunday, abeg na your house sure pass” Seun said zipping his bag.
Sunday was glad to hear that, as he was desperately praying that both parties wouldn’t result to a full fledged fist and knuckle lock-down. “No p. E mean say na 1st class go sure for CGPA this semester” Sunday teased.
Seun took his books and headed for the door. Sunday had already gone outside. Seun stopped at the door and looked at John with a look that carried the mixture of regret and pity. “Dude this your temper though, watch it.” With that he walked out.
When they reached the junction Seun handed Sunday his things. “Bros abeg, help me carry my kaya home. I go show tomorrow. Make I just crash for Nonye house. I need some TLC now, even if na her food. I no mind” Seun said.
Sunday laughed. “No problem Mr. lover boy. See you tomorrow. But come early oh so we can do small revision before Monday. Abdul definitely needs it” Sunday joked.
They waved down two kekes, Sunday entered one heading for village hostel and Seun took the other heading for Filin Sukwa.
Seun stopped and got some suya. Always go bearing gifts Abdul’s voice said in his head. He smiled, thinking about his friend’s vast knowledge in the matters of babes. On reaching Nonye’s flat he heard laughter from the parlour. The girls where obviously not in reading mood.
As in even me sef trip” Tokunbo said.
“Not only you oh, I was drooling” Clare joined her.
Seun was wondering which actor they where fantasizing over.
“It was the outfit, Alex is a fine dresser if I have ever seen one” Nonye’s voice rang.
Seun opened the door and swept his gaze round the room in search of Nonye. Everyone was dressed casually, as girls do when in the confines of their apartment. Some still even had their nighties on. Catching the gaze of everyone on him, he gave a curt greeting that was meant to be generally to everyone. Finally, he found Nonye, and with a glare as cold as steel, he looked at Nonye.
“Who is Alex?” He asked, the question carrying a tone that was more of an order and tainted with murky shades of jealousy.


It was Monday morning and Susan was tensed as ever. Her very first paper in university was that day. Luckily for her she was able to calm her nerves the night before and slept well, but the anxiety had come back full swing this morning. Even bathing and preparation seemed like an absent-minded ritual to her. All she thought of was her first paper – Biology.
“Babe you need to calm down” Ezinne her best friend and room mate said trying to sound encouraging.
“Of course you will sound like that, you don’t have any exam today or tomorrow for that matter” Susan replied.
“See I’ll go with you. I still need to see the Register’s secretary. You know you can do it. We both know you’ll ace that paper. So calm down biko (please)” Ezinne said.
Susan smiled. Her friend had always had her back. She felt reassured and filled with a new vigour and confidence. They got ready, left the room and walked to where they could get a Keke. They flagged down the first keke to come their way.
“Main campus” Susan said.
Naira hamsin (fifty naira)” the keke driver said in Hausa.
“What’s that now?” Susan said looking at Ezinne. Both were poor at Hausa.
“I talk am say na fpifpty naira
” the keke driver attempted some English.
“For two of us?” Susan asked stupidly.
Allah kiyaye (God forbid), mutum daya ne (1 person)” he said gesticulating with his hand.
“Fine” said Susan and the girls got in.
As they sat quietly Susan’s phone beeped. A text from Seun’s mom. She read it and smiled.
“Awww, Aunty sent me a success prayer. Mummy sent me one yesterday night too” Susan said “I am starting to feel the positivity”.
“That’s the spirit girl” Ezinne said.
They finally reached the gate to the main campus, alighted and paid the keke rider. Then walked in. As they passed the multi purpose auditorium building, they turned left and walked up the road, heading towards the medical faculty.
Ezinne turned. Then she smiled, knowing who was calling her. As she did she heard a distinct hiss from Susan & looked at her. By then, her caller had caught up with them.
“Hey you, what’s up? Hi Susan?” John greeted.
“Hey baby” Ezinne said and hugged him.
“Ezinne I have an exam to go to abeg, can we go?” Susan said coldly. There was no mistaking Susan’s disdain at the sight of John, one Ezinne knew and understood too well. Nevertheless, she made an effort to defend her boyfriend a little.
“Haba Susan, you didn’t even return John’s greeting” Ezinne said sounding hurt.
“Return it for what?” Susan asked rolling her eyes at John.
“Now what’s that for? Why be rude?” John said looking upset.
“After you finished hitting my cousin for no reason, am I suppose to greet u? Abeggi I have better things to do than stand here” She turned and walked away.
“Susan!!! SUSAN!!!” Ezinne called.
“So that’s how your friend talks to people now?” John said.
“No now. She’s just upset. She heard about the fight between you and Seun” Ezinne said “Speaking of which, why would you go and punch him now? You guys are good friends and so nothing should…” she was still in mid-sentence when John retorted back at her with much venom.
“I knew it. I knew you would take their side. Taking sides with your friend over ME your boyfriend” John said looking disgusted “I can believe this. Maybe you should go and date Susan or her cousin sef”.
With that he walked away leaving Ezinne totally confused.
“Who send me message come main campus today oh” she thought.


It had been two crazy weeks of exams. Abdul, Seun and Sunday had already written 5 papers out of their 7, the fifth being the one they had just finished writing. It wasn’t exactly how they had anticipated, the three friends seemed to stay happy.
See ba, those invigilators ba, it is only thunder wey go strike them, they hate me” Abdul said in his usual pidgin “see as they were rounding my side everytime I wanted to ask Seun for an answer”.
“MAT 209 is always tough and invigilators know that. We told you. I don’t know what else you expected” Seun said.
“Hey shut up there mr. I-don’t-know-Alex-can-be-a-girl’s-name-too” Abdul said laughing.
The boys had been teasing him since he told them of his spur of jealousy at Nonye’s house over his girlfriend and her flatmates tripping over a female colleague.
“At least I got some. She thought it was cute” Seun said in defence.
“Guy look at this number two. Which method did you use?” Sunday held up the question paper to Seun.
“Bro you know I don’t believe in medicine after death. You find out you did the wrong thing it will just depress you. Right now lunch is the only thing that interests me” Seun said shoving off the topic.
“Hi Sunday” . . . “Hi” Sunday replied absent-mindedly going back to his script.
“Ouch, what was that for?” Sunday said. Abdul had just slapped the back of his head.
“Are you crazy or an imbecile. Oh don’t answer, we know you are” Abdul said. Seun giggled.
Girl dey greet you you dey look script which u most probably go get nothing less than ’B’ in” Abdul scolded “what kind of friends do I have d’an Allah?”
“What now?” Sunday still acted dumb.
“Guy its that girl now. The one that greeted you that day we where going home after leaving the viewing centre” Seun said trying to remind him. Sunday looked back to get a view but she had walked away.
“Guy what the hell na” Sunday shouted holding his head. Seun was laughing now.
“Dude shut it, its not funny” Sunday said “Stop hitting me” he spoke looking at Abdul this time.
“I will hit you all I want. Are you a monk, abi have you been castrated? So you have met the girl before and you are still doing rubbish?” Abdul said irritated.
“But guy he has a choice you know” Seun said going to Sunday’s defence.
“Yes, tell him” Sunday said.
“I am sorry for you. You are listening to this gender-blind, already-has-a-girlfriend idiot abi?” Abdul said “may you not wank to death oh”.
“I don’t masturbate abeg” Sunday said defensively.
Na so” Abdul said obviously not convinced “Abeg make we go chow” and they all walked to the cafeteria arguing about who does and who does not masturbate.


As soon as he could complete this chapter he would rest he told himself. He loved the fact that his department spread out the exam timetable. His last two papers where 3 days apart from each other & from today. So he had enough time to cover everything.
Knock, knock, knock
Who could be coming to see him this evening. Was Seun coming for another fight? He hadn’t spoken to him since the incident and only saw him in school or whenever he came home for a change of clothes.
“Hey baby” Ezinne said as John opened the door.
“Oh, its you” he said and went back to the table to continue reading.
“No hug, no greeting, cold shoulder. What did I do now?” She said trying to be jovial. He ignored her.
“Haba talk to me now” She said as she walked to his side to hold him.
“Leave me be please” John said. “What are you doing here? Two weeks have passed and now you want to see me?”
“But you didn’t reply any of my texts now and you hung up on me twice. Do you know the strength it took for me to come here?” Ezinne asked tears in her eyes.
“Toh, thought you were with you friends now. The ones you support so dearly. I don’t want to disturb” John said angrily.
“Baby this is not fair oh. I didn’t support anybody. I asked a question. Not because I was supporting them but I didn’t know why you would be so angry to go physical. I am sorry if you felt I didn’t have your back” she said.
“I am sick and tired of Seun and his i-am-better-than-you-act. And that his cousin with her running mouth….” John said
“Hey that’s my friend and she didn’t do anything to you. You issues are with her cousin” Ezinne said.
“See what I am talking about” John shouted as he got up angrily knocking the chair down and startling Ezinne.
“You are supporting them again” John said “I don’t mean anything to you. Every time Susan this, Susan that. My parents love Susan, Susan and I went for this, Susan and I are planning this. Are you dating me or Susan?” He shouted at her.
She started crying.
“What did I ever do to you for you to raise your voice at me?” Ezinne said as the tears flowed freely down her cheek
John was heaving. He looked at her and knew she was scared of him. He tried to reach out to her but she pulled away like a scared child.
“Baby I am so so sorry” He began to plead. “I am just angry at Seun. Please I meant no harm. Pleas come to me” he said as he opened his arms. She looked at him with fear.
“I’m so scared of loosing you. That’s why” John looked like he would cry. “I can’t compete, please don’t make me compete”
Ezinne saw him bend his head and saw his shoulders shiver like he was crying. He couldn’t be crying now. Guys are hardly emotional. As scared as she was she went to him
“Baby its okay. I don’t want you to compete. Susan is my friend, you are my love” She said.
John raised his head and looked into her eyes.
“Ezinne I can’t take this, if you mean it when you say you love me, then you have to choose between me and Susan” he said.

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This past week was a quiet one. I apologise but a brother has to hustle. We’ll get back on track with our poem and quote day and hopefully something to talk about on Friday. For now the story continues. Enjoy!!!


The vengeful Gift 01

“But dad I am low on cash, exams start next tomorrow and I don’t even think I’ll be coming home for the break, I told you about the CISCO course I am running in school.” Sunday explained to his father.
He had been on the phone for the past twenty minutes with his father. Although he was based in Jos with his family, Sunday hardly ever went home. His dad; a successful businessman, was always travelling and his mom who worked in a bank was hardly at home. Being an only child, it was boring to be all alone so he preferred spending his holidays in school or at Seun’s family house. He wasn’t close to any of his parents and mostly only called when he was out of cash or to report his grades, and this was one of those calls.
“I really thought we could go on a trip together” said Mr. Gyang, “it has to do with business but I thought we could spend some quality time together”. Sunday rolled his eyes. What was his father thinking? A father-son bonding during a business trip? How boring could that get?
“I am sorry sir, I have already paid part of the money” Sunday said politely. He knew spending time with his father on a business trip meant being his father’s PA. He wasn’t going to be tricked again.
“Okay son. Let me let you get back to reading. I’ll transfer some money on Monday. Hope you have enough to hold you till then?” Mr. Gyang asked.
“Yes sir” Sunday replied.
“Okay, stay well. I’ll inform your mother” his father said and ended the call.
Finally that was over he thought with a sigh. He was worried his father would insist. He dropped his phone and opened his book to continue reading, trying hard not to think about his forthcoming pay. He heard giggling and remembered Abdul had entered the house while he was on the phone, seems he wasn’t alone. Ignoring the sound he continued reading.
After a while, he yawned and his bowels gave a low growl in protest of hunger. Looking at the clock it was some minutes past two. Saturdays were always a drag. He thought of what to eat.
“Guy, guy” Abdul’s voice was heard even before he entered the room.
“Yo, what’s up?” Sunday replied as Abdul entered.
“Guy I need your help. Hafsat is on her way here” Abdul said.
“Finally, she’s back from her trip?” Sunday asked. After the blood test incident some weeks back, Abdul had said he would only have one girlfriend and no one was surprised when he picked his most consistent girl – Hafsat.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s not the point. The thing is Jane is here” Abdul said.
“Huh. Wait a minute, who is Jane?” Sunday looked confused and shocked.
Na one new package like dis” Abdul said with a grin, “she fresh die“.
“Guy your kidding me right?” Sunday said, with a look of utter disdain.
“Why are you speaking English?” Abdul looked sincerely confused.
“Guy after the torment you went through, after the stress you put us through, you are still playing your games?” Sunday asked, half-concerned, half-angry.
Guy no be so na” Abdul replied looking guilty. “You know that Hafsat travelled for this AISEC student exchange program thing, body no be firewood na
“Guy am sorry for you oh” Sunday said shaking his head in retirement. He knew when he was faced with a lost cause, and arguing with Abdul about his promiscuity was definitely a lost cause.
“Ehn sha help me. I need you to distract Hafsat.” Abdul said. “When she comes I’ll bring her to your room, I will tell her my elder sister came from Lagos and she won’t condone me having girls in my house. You will just fine tune everything & keep her company. I take God beg you, D’an Allah ( I beg with God).” He finished in Hausa.
“Guy the way you are going, your life expectancy will drop drastically, I pity you.” Sunday said again, this time with more distaste. “Woman no go kill you oh.”
“Something must kill a man.” Abdul said with a wide grin that Sunday considered totally foolish. Abdul was oblivious to Sunday’s feelings and facial expressions, or he simply chose to ignore them. Whichever it was, it was pretty obvious he was exhilarated by Sunday’s acceptance to help him out of his present “promiscuous dilemma”.



It had been a peaceful day, Ezinne was grateful. She had been having good tests, had been reading well for exams, and the love showered on her by John was indescribable. It was almost 5.00pm and she was in her room, curdled up on the bed, thinking.
She had had one or two boyfriends in secondary school but none as matured as John. The way he talked to her with such confidence, the way he looked at things. She was done looking at small boys. In fact the way things were going with John she might be done with boys period. She was THAT in love with him.
The door opened and Susan walked in.
“Hey girl” Susan said breaking into her thoughts. “O girl where your mind go now? You look so far away.”
Ezinne just smiled and sat up.
“Hmmm school was so stressful. Exams are so close and they are still giving lectures. Faculty of Medicine will not kill me” Susan complained.
“Oya take off your shoes and go take a bath, I just made pounded yam with Egusi soup. I’ll serve you and you can eat and rest” Ezinne said heading to the corner where their mini-kitchen was arranged.
“Pounded-gini (what)?” Susan was so shocked, she spoke Igbo. “When did you have time to pound yam, with which mortar?” She walked to where the pots had been and took a peep.
“Zinny, when did you make this soup?” Susan said completely shocked.
“That’s the plus side of studying Economics my dear” Ezinne smiled. “My Saturday was free and my first paper isn’t till Friday so I decided to do pre-exam meal before we loose ourselves in exam period”.
“See stock fish, see kpomo, my Gawd!!, is that chicken? Come where did the money come from?” Susan was totally in shock.
“Chic, calm down now” Ezinne said laughing at her friend’s reactions. “Its just food. Daddy knows we are starting exams and sent some extra cash. I went to Terminus and got the ingredients and of course I didn’t pound the yam, I bought them. My own is go and bath quickly, before John comes and sees you dressing up or worse … naked”.
Oh, so the food is for man abi?” Susan hissed ignoring her friend’s tease and acting jealous. “I just knew there had to be a catch to this treat, such doesn’t come without a cause.”
“No na” Ezinne laughed “for you and my man”.
This love is not a small something. Just be careful. Don’t go over-showing love before he takes advantage oh.” Susan said as she picked her towel and went to bath.
Ezinne’s phone rang. It was John.
“Hey love” Ezinne said happily into her phone’s mouth piece.
“Where are you?” John sounded upset.
“Jay are you okay?” Ezinne said noticing the hostile tone.
“Answer the question” was all John said.
“John what is going on? I’m in my room. Didn’t we plan to see this evening?” Ezinne said.
“Where did you go today? John asked ignoring her statement.
“Ah ah, what is this interrogation for now? I went to the market to get stuff. I promised you I would cook now.” Ezinne said. She was really getting worried.
“So because you went to market you must go with a guy abi?” John asked. It was quite obvious he had either seen her or had been told of her movements. Whichever it was, the game was up and it was time to turn tables. Best form of defence they say, is a good offence.
“Wait are you stalking me? And when did it become a sin to walk with a friend?” Ezinne retorted. She was now getting upset because she didn’t understand why he was attacking her.
“Friend you say, and I am suppose to believe that?” John said sounding jealous. Ezinne noticed.
“Oh my baby is jealous that’s so cute” Ezinne said, her temper calming down. “Haba love, I am not a frog now. We have been together just over a month now and I’ll be looking for another guy to follow me to the market to buy things to cook for YOU? E make sense?” She asked
There was a pause. It was obvious john was evaluating it.
“Err, ehn anyway you should have asked me to come follow you. Why else am I your boyfriend” John said realising his stupid paranoia and trying to cover up.
“Baby you have exams on Monday, I knew you would be reading, I wanted to do something sweet for you. Besides the guy was going somewhere, we only hitched the same taxi” Ezinne said.
“I. . . I am sorry.” John said. He sounded really stupid. “I just don’t trust other guys”.
” Its okay my love. Just bring your fine self here before Susan finishes all the goodies”.

…………………….. ………………………. ……………………….

“Guy am telling you Abdul is an idiot” Seun said to Sunday.
It was some minutes to 9pm, they had just finished watching a La Liga football match at the viewing centre near Seun’s house and were heading home. Sunday had been filling Seun in on the events of that afternoon with Abdul and they both agreed their friend needed help.
“You need to have seen him. Guy talk to your friend oh” Sunday said “because I cover for him doesn’t mean I support. Its not cool”.
“Hey Sunday” a girl wearing glasses who was walking past them greeted Sunday & waved, then walked on.
“Errrm hi” Sunday said a bit confused.
“Who was that?” Seun asked as they walked on. Sunday raised his two hands with the expression “I don’t know” looking confused.
They walked into the compound and towards Seun and John’s flat.
“Ooh what is this now naa?” Seun suddenly exclaimed. Sunday was lost.
“I am tired of this guy. As in his wahala is getting up to here” Seun said putting his hand across his neck. Pointing at a stack of a pot, a plate and cutlery he continued. “What is so hard if he cleans up after himself? Putting this crap in front of the house.”
He opened the door and entered. Walking into the kitchen he make a frustration sound.
“Aaaarrggghhh this fool don finish my stew, what the hell now” Seun was pissed.
Sunday just sat down shaking his head. Seun came out of the kitchen holding an empty pot with stew residue in it.
“I contribute more, he consumes more, I keep things arranged, his destiny in life is to scatter the place, and the fool will stay up doing night call with that Ezinne girl. If I try am na bitching I go receive all day long. I am tired, just tired abeg” Seun shouted.
“Bros calm down” Sunday said. “Its quite late, don’t make that crazy caretaker of yours come here oh.”
” That guy is pissing me off. He uses my things without asking, doesn’t have regard for me, he will be behaving like a refugee. Abegi, this is someone that is suppose to be matured oh. See, am fed up. Its not by force to stay together oh” Seun said
Just then the door opened and John walked in. He looked at Seun and the look said he heard all Seun had said.
“So you are calling me a poor man because I use your stuff?” He said coldly.
” Guy see just get out of my sight because right now I am not in the moo…” Seun was still talking when the blow landed on his face.



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I just want to thank all my resource persons (yeah, they are more than one now) for their assistance, without them I would have been in a serious mess. A big shoutout to all my friends in University of Jos. Does Abdul really have HIV?
The story continues. Enjoy!!!

The vengeful Gift 01


It was another Saturday morning and Ezinne and Susan were at the tap in the hostel queuing to fetch water. With all the tests going on both of them had unconsciously allowed their laundry pile up. It wasn’t until Ezinne noticed she had only two blouses and a native attire as her only clean clothing, that it sunk in. Unfortunately it seemed other girls where in the same predicament.
Ehen, come come, don’t put your buckets before ours oo, we were here first” Susan shouted at one girl who seemed to want to shunt the queue.
As soon as she said it, it drew the attention of other girls, who did nothing but stare in silence. The girl quietly picked her buckets and retraced her steps looking at the girls curiously.
Haba Susan, see how you embarrassed that poor girl.” Ezinne scolded. “She had only two buckets and all the pumps are working. She could have easily fetched and gone without wasting time or at least you could have spoken quietly”
“Mother Theresa, helper of the needy, please free me” Susan said without remorse. “I have a pile of clothes, we are going to have to make more than two trips, to have enough water to wash and I have group study by 1pm. I don’t have that kind of patience right now”.
“I hear you oo, but being nice won’t kill anyone” Ezinne said.
“I’ll be nice when I can afford it please” replied Susan.
After sometime they were able to fill their buckets and headed for their hostel room. On getting there, they found the girl from the tap leaning against their door. With her were two hefty looking girls that although looked more fat than muscular., seemed like bouncers.
The girl smiled at them. A smile that Ezinne found cold and full of mischief, Susan on the other hand seemed oblivious to the sinister nature of the smile, as she stood defiant while Ezinne cowered behind her.
“Hello ladies. It seems we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting ‘cos if we had, you…” she said pointing at Susan “…would not have had the guts to do what you did back there at the tap”.
Susan and Ezinne looked at each other confused.
“I am Cleopatra” the girl started “Queen of the Ladies of Babylon and these are Buda and Pest, my most trusted soldiers” she finished pointing at the two girls.
Ezinne was still lost in the name but a light bulb had obviously come on in Susan’s head. These were cult girls. Oh my God, why did I have to be loud-mouthed? She thought.
“Errrmmm ….” Susan started. The girl called Cleopatra raised a hand to cut her short.
“Normally…” she said pacing around them, “…we tend to send a message to other fools like you.” she stopped in front of Susan & put a finger on her chest. The two hefty girls made a fist with their hands and smiled. This time, Susan was fully aware of what lay behind those smiles as she started to shiver.
“But we’ll make an exception because of your friend. You see your friend helped one of my girls sometime back during a test and its only fair we repay such kindness” Cleopatra said, “but be careful, not everyone is as nice as us and trust me, we are far from nice”.
With that, she signalled her soldiers; Buda and Pest as they were called. Flanking her, they stomped away like two African Elephants.
Susan slumped on the pavement shaking.
“Babe, you see those girls’ size?” Ezinne asked as she joined her on the floor. “My heart was doing back flips on per second billing. Hey Susan are you ok?” She asked looking at her friends.
“I am fine. Just thanking God I didn’t get a beating. Let go inside” Susan said.
They went in and sat down. Ezinne’s phone was glowing, she checked and found it was a text message. She smiled as she saw the sender. Quickly she opened it.
“Hey, was just involved in an accident, am at JUTH call you later. Jay”

——————- ———————- ————————

“This stench!!! Everywhere is smelling antiseptic. Damn!!! I hate hospitals” Sunday complained.
“This is not a hospital, its a clinic you fool” Seun teased.
“Hospital oh, clinic oh, all join. I hate them” Sunday retorted.
“Well am not a fan either but we have to give this shaking leaf some form of moral support” Seun said pointing at Abdul who had been dead quiet and pale as death since they left the house for the clinic.
“Guy you need to chill oo” Seun said to Abdul “we don’t know anything yet, besides you used protection.”
Abdul looked at Seun with eyes that said one thing only; “BUGGER OFF“.
They; Sunday and Seun, had listened to him all night as he told his tales of woe; how Nendi had come over and talked to him about how she had been ill with malaria and had gone home for check up. Her parents had insisted on a general work up, including HIV test which had turned out positive. She felt it was only fair to warn him. He had been so angry, with her, with himself for his callous actions. Now he was facing death, he had said to them. Of course he had used protection every time, but who could really trust that?
“Una know say HIV virus strong pass condom ba? E go pass the condom dey go him way. I don hear am from person” he had wailed the night before.
Sunday had tried without success to convince him that it wasn’t as easy as that but all Abdul could see was death. It was Seun that finally suggested they went for a test to confirm.
Abdul stood up and started pacing again. He had done this three times since they got to the clinic thirty minutes ago.
“What is taking them so long? Ordinary HIV test again?” Abdul complained.
“Guy chill, they just took your blood like 10minutes ago. Do you think they perform magic in there?” Sunday asked.
Seun looked at the clock, he had planned to take Nonye for lunch, he thought it wise to call and shift it to dinner. He didn’t know how long they would be here.
He dialled her number and it rang. On the second ring it was picked.
“Hey babes what’s up? See I can’t . . . .” Seun started
“Nonye isn’t here, call back later” a male voice spoke and hung up.
Seun looked at his phone, was it a wrong number he just dialled? It couldn’t have been. This was the second time this week a guy would pick Nonye’s phone. Trying not to read too much meaning into it and focusing more on tending to Abdul’s needs, he kept his phone.
“I swear I no go lash again. If this result can just come out negative, na celibacy from now on” Abdul swore.
Both Seun and Sunday suppressed giggles. Abdul was in a state and it was unfair to make jest. Instead they tried to distract him with football gist & jokes.
After some time a doctor walked out of an office.
“Abdul Bakare” she called. Abdul stood up immediately. By now, he was perspiring so much his hankie was soaked to a dripping point. He could hear his own palpitations in his ears. “This is it,” he thought, “I’m finished.”
“Follow me please” she said.
With nods and words of encouragement from his friends, Abdul followed the doctor into her office. After what seemed like forever, he came out with a piece of paper and a strange look on his face.
His friends didn’t say anything, nobody wanted to ask. He walked quickly past them to the entrance of the clinic, as he did he removed his phone and started dialling.
“Guy what happened? What’s the result? Who are you calling?” Seun, who couldn’t wait any longer asked.
” I am calling all those girls to break-up, starting from ‘A'” Abdul said. ” I am not playing again, I am negative and I plan to stay that way forever” he said smiling.
“Idiot, you almost gave us a heart attack with that look on your face when you came out of the office.” Seun said with a big sigh.
O boy, piss been dey catch me. The whole tension wan kee me.” Sunday gasped, clutching his groins.
“I hope you have learnt your lesson?” Seun said, patting Abdul on the back.
“Bros, its goes without saying.” Abdul replied, with a big grin plastered on his face.

———————- ———————- ——————-

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
Susan turned the gas down and walked to her room door. Ezinne had still not come back from wherever she ran off to that morning and it was already 6pm. She opened the door and smiled.
“Hey cuz” Seun said as he entered her room and gave her a hug.
“Hey you, what’s up?” Susan said.
“I am fantastic. I came to see you, plus pick my package. How body?” Seun asked.
“Hmmm, you won’t believe what happened this morning. Susan’s voice dropped to a whisper. We jam confra girls, no be small matter oo.” Susan said.
Seun who had just laid down on the bed sat up immediately.
“Ooh, between you and Ezinne I don’t know who is more annoying. Just be jumping on someone’s bed anyhow” Susan scolded playfully.
“Come here what did you say? Seun said oblivious of the bed or whether or not it was scattered.
“Cult girls? Hope they didn’t touch you? Why didn’t you tell me? Wait, which ones?” Seun sent the questions flying.
“Calm down, why your blood dey hot? Don’t I look okay?” Susan asked. “They didn’t touch me and Ezinne. They called themselves ‘Ladies of Babylon’.” Susan said and then went on to tell Seun the events of that morning.
“Hmmm, sha ‘Ladies of Babylon’ is just a lesbian cult. They hardly fight except when you mess with their members, but you sef you need to chill. Don’t create beef unnecessarily” Seun advised.
“Yeah yeah, I hear you. If they leave you now, you are forming big bro” Susan teased.
Seun laughed. “We have to watch your back now. How have the tests been? I hear exams are coming sooner than we expected” He said.
“They have been remarkably easy. I am totally looking forward to exams” Susan said.
” I wish I felt the same way. I need to read oh, but nice one. Don’t slack. By the way where is your friend?” Seun asked.
“I don’t know oh, she left in a hurry and . . .” Susan started but then the door opened and in walked Ezinne and John. A plaster on the side of his head.
“Speak of the devil” Susan said. “Where have you been?”
Ezinne was smiling foolishly. “Hi everyone, good both of you are here. Its official, Jay and I are dating.”

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The vengeful Gift 01


A month and two weeks had passed and it was two months exactly into the semester. Seun and Nonye were back together and their renewed love seemed to piss everyone off. Ezinne and Susan had settled in nicely and were getting accustomed to university life with John ever on Ezinne’s tail after she turned him down that night.
Tests had already started. There were those lecturers that gave tests whenever they felt like notwithstanding the school’s calendar’s continuous assessment. Rumours where already going round that there would be exams at the end of the next month.
U.J don come again with all this rush rush” Sunday said to his friend Seun as they left the library, heading for their last lecture for the day.
“Guy, we can look at it as a burden or as a quick way to finish school” replied Seun. “Look at Uni- Ilorin, you see someone doing a four-year course and finishing in three & a half years. No time oh
“Guy bone that thing, we need time to read well now” Sunday argued “you get rushed through school and come out with an empty brain, what is the point then?”
“You have a point sha” Seun said. Just then his phone rang.
“Susana, how far?” Seun spoke. His cousin Susan was on the other end of the call.
“Guy, you are trying me abi?” Susan said “it’s like you don’t want your share of what I brought from home. All that your mum cooked for you?”
Haba, why will you treat me like this now? You are my favourite cousin fa” Pleaded Seun. “See wash. Just STOP calling me Susana” Susan said. “Na play now. Oya no vex.” Seun apologised.
“No problem. Mummy isn’t happy with you sha .” said Susan “She said that she has seen you; her child only twice, while me; her niece who is studying medicine, I have found time to go see her and help out in the house”. “Ohh!!! Mummy has come again…” Seun complained “…she knows Popsy and I always lock horns. The less I go, the better. Besides am a guy, can’t be running home every time.”
“Guy that excuse is becoming lame.” Susan said “Sha come and pick your stuff.” “Okay, thanks. I will come tomorrow evening” Seun said. Then a thought came to him.
“Susan come oh, what’s going on between Ezinne and John?” Seun asked.
“Hmmm I don’t know oh. I am not sure if they are dating.” Susan said “She’s always talking about him. If she isn’t reading, she’s on the phone with him or he comes to visit her.”
Abeg she should be careful oh. He is my roommate and all, but he has issues” Seun said. “She should make her decisions carefully”.
“I’ll talk to her. See you when you come” Susan said and hung up.
Seun turned to find Sunday waiting patiently with a big grin on his face. “Mummy Banwo’s stew has arrived abi?” Sunday said.
“Guy get sense. See, nobody is touching my mother’s stew” Seun said defensively.
E mean say nobody go chop be that na ” Sunday said. “First thing I’ll do is to tell Abdul. You know him; Mr. Na-me-hungry-pass . Luckily I know when you are going to pick it up. We’ll escort you sef”
Which kain life be this ?” Seun said. “Which kain friends I get sef? ” “What are friends for?” Sunday jibed as he pat Seun’s back.


“So we’ll just study biology tomorrow with the group in school” Susan said as she packed her books. She and a course mate had just finished reading and were planning their group reading timetable. Medicine was so much more fun than she anticipated. The biology, chemistry and other courses they took where all advanced. None of that secondary school stuff and she had realised group reading was a quick way to understand more of what was taught in class. Just then her room door opened an Ezinne walked in.
“See you later Susan. Hi Ezinne. Take care y’all” said the course mate as she left the room.
“Hey you” Susan said.
“Hi dear, how was your day?” Ezinne asked as she sat on the bed to remove her shoes.
“So-so. Just finished reading. How was yours?” Susan said. She noticed Ezinne was not looking her lively self.
“Oh, it was okay. Had lectures, spent some time in the library and then a brief hang out” Ezinne replied absentmindedly.
“With John abi ?” Susan asked, a question Ezinne gave no answer to.
“Zinny am worried about you oh” Susan said. “Please don’t give me that look” Susan said in reply to the questioning stare on Ezinne’s face. “We both had plans when we got admission. For this first year at least, we wouldn’t follow boys. Books & getting our grades up was the agreement. What’s this between you and John? Are you guys dating?”
“I don’t know. I know what we agreed on. But he is really cool and most times when I’m with him, we study together. He is very focused oh” Ezinne said.
“I just don’t want you to get hurt. You and your extra sensitive skin” Susan teased. “I heard he threw a girl’s book in their class some weeks back just because she sat on his seat and moved his books. People said he even wanted to beat her” Susan said with concern.
Before una two go get misunderstanding and him go explode .”
Haba John is not like that at all.” Ezinne said in John’s defence “He is always sweet to me. Why are you so against us?”
Susan knew her friend well and knew there was no point pushing. She would simply observe and bring up the topic some other time when it was safer.
“Fine, I’ll keep quiet but please be careful” Susan said.
“I hear you madam” Ezinne said “now where is that stew your aunty cooked. I am starving”.


“Guy you were brutal today” Sunday said to his friend and tennis partner, Moses. A student who also lived in village hostel. They had finished playing lawn tennis at the Major seminar as was their routine every evening and had just arrived back.
“Yeah right, you were playing cool today” Moses replied.
“Guy we go dey see, make I enter house ” Sunday waved his friend goodbye and walked to his house.
As he entered, he walked into Abdul’s room and met a shocker. Abdul was sitting on the floor, loud music was coming from their music player, four bottles of Guinness stout were lying empty beside him and a fifth bottle was in his hand. He acknowledged Sunday’s presence with a grunt and took another swig off his bottle, all the while nodding to the beats of the music. Sunday reduced the volume of the player and sat on the bed.
“Guy, mai wanan (What is this one)?” Sunday asked. Abdul ignored him. “Guy what could be so bad that you result to drinking? You hardly ever drink” Sunday asked. He was now really worried.
“Guy e don be ” Abdul said quietly.
Wetin don be ?” Sunday asked.
“You remember that babe I came home with the same night I asked you help to get rid of Nendi?” Abdul asked.
“Errrm, Caro right?” Sunday replied, trying to remember. Abdul was nodding. “That Calabar girl with boobs like pawpaw, I remember na” Sunday said smiling.
Looking at Abdul’s face and seeing no humour he stopped smiling.
“Guy, that girl na terrorist” Abdul said.
“Wait, don’t you mean militant? As per she’s South-South” Sunday corrected jokingly.
“Guy I am serious here joor” Abdul said. “Oya, tell me what happened” Sunday said.
“After that day, I haven’t seen her in a while…” Abdul started to explain, “…and then I ran into her in school today. One thing lead to another and we ended up here. Toh, after we ‘DO’ finish, na so this girl start dey tell me her mind oh”.
Sunday was trying his best not to laugh, Abdul’s face was twisted and the way he was speaking pidgin was just too funny.
She first start dey sing love song for me, I say make I complement her, tell her say her voice sweet. Na so she start dey tell me her life story. Say she don suffer wella, but say things don dey better. Say she dey smoke IGBO (weed) to calm nerves & she dey take Guinness every day. Na her drink those four bottles for there oh. I dey try finish this one since sef ” Abdul said shaking his head.
By then Sunday was flat on the bed, pillow in face trying to hide his laughter. Abdul was far gone and didn’t notice.
Guy she come end talk with say she be my girlfriend now, that if she catch me with another girl she go break my head with bottle ” Abdul ended with a wail “My mama no send me come school make my head break now .”
Sunday couldn’t hold it anymore, he burst out laughing as he rolled on the floor. Abdul ignored him and continued drinking.
“Guy, guy wait, you are joking ba ?” Sunday asked, finally trying to catch his breath. “You see play for my face ?” Abdul replied angrily. “Na why I no like dey tell you anything .”
Knock!!! knock!!! knock!!!
“Who again, dem no fit free person ?” Abdul started to complain as he walked towards the door, Sunday still laughing. The door opened and Seun entered.
“Oh na you” Abdul said and walked back into his room.
“What do u mean by that?” Seun asked obviously lost “abi you been dey expect babe ?” Sunday burst into another fit of laughter.
“Guy wetin that one mean now? No dey talk about girl near me abeg abeg abeg .” Abdul said & went back to his drinking. Seun was lost. He looked from Abdul to Sunday.
“Guy” Seun said facing Sunday “What is going on? That aside, i have bigger issues bugging me.”
Wetin do you, hope say you sef no get woman palava ?” Sunday asked, chuckling. “See am in a bad mood oh. John and his wahala again.” Seun said. “Can you imagine the dude. He will carry Ezinne and come to the house and be eating my food stuff, taking drinks I bought. When it comes to time to do budget and go to the market he will start telling me stories. Its getting tiring oh” Seun complained. Sunday sat up.
“Guy we warned you. Now you have come to bitch. Two of you won’t kill me with laugh.” He said “See this one drinking because a woman threatened him” Sunday said pointing at Abdul “and you with your roommate wahala”.
“What do you mean, a woman threatened him?” Seun said.
Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!.
This night no wan end oh ” Sunday said as he went to open the door. He came back into Abdul’s room with Nendi.
“See him, maybe you can do something about his mood” Sunday said. Nendi gave Abdul a quick look, and she got tensed. She had never seen him drink. She wondered what could put him in such mood.
Seun and Sunday left the two and went into Sunday’s room. Sunday explained the situation with Abdul and the two of them laughed hard over it. John and his issues were soon forgotten. Thirty minutes later Abdul walked into the room. Nendi had obviously left. He stood at the door and had a distraught look on his face. His face looked like it was drained of blood, as he looked ghostly.
Wetin do you Abdul?” Sunday asked.
“I think I have HIV” he said.


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