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O Man, Thou art not allowed . . .

You want me to woo you, chase you, tease you, yet you give me just a few minutes of attention,

You want sweet morning text massages, continuous calls and replies to all your chats but no warm text message back, spaced out calls and my replies I have to wait for,

You want me to prove myself, fight for your love, win your trust . . .


“It is the fun in the chase” She says,

“I wouldn’t want to come off cheap” She say,

O man, though art not allowed to complain.


You dies out of a sickness/accident/mishap, you that bore me. Leaving me to fend for my younger ones, leaving me in this cold world,

You demand my toil, my sweat, my blood for your success and yet insult me, cut my pay diminish me.

You say it is the man’s duty, you mock me in my struggle, you compare me to friends and colleagues  . . .

“You be man” they say,

“You gats chest am” they say,

O man, though art not allowed to cry.


We have emotions,

We hurt,

We require attention,

We cry,

We are human, not some muscle built robot oblivious to pain and untouched by a lack of affection. We are imperfect, we are humane and yes we might have egos but in truth it dies in the presence of those we love.


Text back,

Call often,

Tell us those sweet mushy things,

Believe in us, care for us, trust us.

For whether we like it or not, the society will always say “O man, thou art not allowed . . .


I know there are players and scums but there are still guys that care, that are nice, that feel. Don’t judge your next with your ex, don’t assume guys don’t feel anything. They may not show it but they do. This is for the good guys. 

– Anonymous Nigerian

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I weep

I look out into the broad streets,

I see the sorry grief.

The crying child in torn uniform,

The student and job seeker walking in sad unison.

The frustrated traffic warden barking orders,

Taxis, motor bikes and car owners shouting at each other.

I can’t help the tear drop rolling down my face.


I look at our politicians fighting each other on the TV,

Students being chased home from school by their VC.

The president sick and unable to rule,

Law makers to busy looting to bother about you.

Rights forgotten, suffering begotten, violence unending,

Oh Lord how do we mend this?

I can’t help the tear drop rolling down my face.


I weep for those who are overlooked for jobs because they have no connections,

I weep for youths who resort to theft, kidnapping and drugs because they feel they “are not good enough”.

I weep for the downfall of the economy and our lack of effort to make it better.

I weep for my country to whom much was bestowed.

– Anonymous

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I Apologise

I came across this 4+ minute video clip, an interview of David D-Black Roberts and I was blown away and needed to share it here. Please forgive the transcript errors people. Read and enjoy.

“I Apologize”

I apologize for being a rapper that flood your airwaves with songs that depraves your kids minds making them mental slaves.

I apologize for writing rhymes about crimes never committed, selling drugs, busting guns, prisons never been in.

I apologize for promoting companies lacking respect for me. stretching out their demographics, increasing their currency.

I apologize for demeaning women when some of y’all don’t deserve it. Prostituting y’all on waxes is a means to making a profit.

I apologize for exploiting my hood when I should be explaining it. Using it as a stepping stone when I should be saving it.

I apologize for giving the N-word heavy rotation. Instead of lifting the minds of the masses I am satisfying investors.

But see . . . . . .

I got this A&R saying if I don’t write songs like this he ain’t gonna sign me. and y’all black folks is bootlegging and downloading so what you going about, spare me.

And plus I got seeds to feed and y’all ain’t buying enough copies, but this white kids get a kick outta black negativity. So I assemble on tracks manifest. Coz the black companies can’t offer what these white ones is paying me.

So for an MTV Crib and a chance at luxury, I close my third eye, compromising my dignity. Like y’all females dancing to my number one songs and misogyny.

Rhythmic masochist, gyrating to degradation, souls missing something like single parent housing. Now you know why today’s black youths is unbalanced.

Say hello to our future gang members or corner drug dealers, listening to me, Mike Jones or Jim Jones trying to figure out who is a better father figure.

And our streets is ruptured. Black leaders crossed over selling out our structures to development vipers and our black doctors and lawyers moved out to greener pastures.

No more role models. They left out with the Cosby season, making us fans and victims of these misguided elders spewing the word ‘nigga’ with lousy explanations, y’all are taking us backwards with reigns pulp friction but you call me black-xploitation.

I’m just a sound on a radio station that y’all keep demanding so who’s fault really is this?

I’m from that part of America where genocide thrives as my neighbor. As best as when I wake up, hearing sirens when I slumber.

But now I’m a Stafford wife, stepping affections for my masters, strings pulled by my backers.

But regardless of these factors . . . . .

I’m the one in control of my actions . . . . .

And I should still know better . . . . .

So . . . . .

I Apologize

Have you ever thought about it before? Hope it gives you something constructive to think about. If you would like to watch the video for yourself Click Here. Check him out via my space. Have a fabulous week guys.

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High on Words

A friend wrote this piece on Facebook. He was gracious to let me repost it here. He didn’t title it so I gave it a name alot of people used while commenting in the comment box . . . “High on words“.


I love the smell of whiskey and vodka
Tempted to test it
I see the rise of religion against me
I miss my grandma’s burukutu
I miss the feel and smell
I miss the bubbles as well
And now that whiskey calls
I won’t pretend when I heed the call
I won’t be hypocrite- without balls
One greater than the temple
I’m greater than both whiskey and my belly
Test not, handle not
Things to perish with it’s using
Ain’t we greater than these lifeless laws?
I’m beyond the power of elements
So when religion judges
I laugh at their attempts to incarcerate a freeman
I drinkard in the Spirit
No excess wine
I speak glorious tongues
Wine of vine divine
I love whiskey smells
And how vodka feels
But ain’t their prisoner.

– Richard Abutu.

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Your Worth

It is all about self worth today. Are you holding on to something or someone because you care? Afraid that if you let got they may not comeback? Do you doubt how valuable you are? I hope these words give you some perspective.

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”
Mandy Hale

“When you think this pain is all you deserve, you are right. You are the only one that can decide how long you will walk in hell.”
Shannon L. Alder

I don’t know why we hang on to something we know we are better off letting go of. it’s like we are scare to lose what we don’t really have. Some of us say we would rather have something than absolutely nothing. but the truth is, to have it half way is harder than not having it at all.

― Meredith Grey

Never beg anyone for the things you know you deserve. The right person will give you everything you deserve and everything you didn’t know about


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What If We Were Really True

What if we were really true
And said everything we thought
Could we then stop feeling blue
Feeling every day that we just fought

What if we were really true
And showed just how we felt
Maybe then we could sail into
The sky and Orion’s belt

What if we were really true
Would there be any depression then?
Would the world be kind and free from sin
No one wishing to flee within

What if we were really true
And showed what we really think
Could we then see the total view?
Of those around us who seem to sink

What if we were really true
And showed each passing day
What it really means to be happy
But only if we pray

What if we were really true
And looked God in the face
Never trying, never lying
Never wishing we were dying

What if we were really true
We did all things good and well
Can we become like Christ?
Only time will tell

By Leah

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When You Lie

You lie to the stranger at the bar about your age

You lie to your colleague about your rage

You lie to your firends about what you believe

You lie to your boyfirend and don’t leave

You lie to your girlfriend and don’t give

You lie to your mother and don’t forgive

You lie to your father and disconnect

And then you call yourself a liar and accept

Until someone peaks and sees behind the closed doors

That you have been lying more and more

and you find yourelf crying a sea of shame

Starring at the reflection of a liar

A fearful liar who is only lying to himself

A weakened liar who is only fooling herself

And you realize that lying to yourself is simply stabbing your truth in the heart

You never lie to anyone

You only lie to yourself

You only lie because you have not seen you

Because that morning you missed your beautiful smile that was staring at you in the mirror

That evening you skipped the sound of beatings of your grand heart

You lied to yourself that you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, beautiful enough, fun enough, energetic enough

You lie to yourself that evening you let that old thought transport you

To a familiar land of self-pity where you are the only victim

Where it feels just safe enough, just warm enough

But it’s not home, it was never home

Home is when you swim in your sea of truth

And you see a reflection of love

And you never lie again

Because there is only your beauty to brag about

No one can ever leave you again

Because the only one that can leave you is you

no one can ever lie to you again

Because we are all a reflection of you.

Written by Jessica Semaan

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Find and Share…

This week’s #PoemandQuotes day is both inspirational and challenging. Enjoy!!!


find your joy

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

Joy, unexplained, pure and undiluted is a treasure we all seek for. Most of us don’t find it because we are too scared to do what will give us that joy. the world, life and all its huddles constantly distracts us.

But once we finally take the leap, find the courage and do discover that joy, know that in truth it will only last if we remember to share it with others. Cheers.