Hi, I am Muyiwa Albert Fadare, a Mechanical Engineer. The last child of a family of seven and recently I found I like writing :). I love a good story and a thought-provoking write up, so I decided to open my own blog and do just that – write stories and blog my thoughts (hopefully they will be provoking).

I like topics that as they provoke you to think they do not bore you to sleep. That’s the way I want to write my blog. I love pictures, especially pictures that have to do with nature or some funny comic strip ( I like to think am funny and i have been told more than once that i am sarcastic lol)

Writing is my escape route and nothing makes it better than writing while listening to music. Am a soft rock person. If I am not working with my laptop while am blogging, I use WordPress on my smart phone most probably with earphones.

This blog is just me expressing myself in stories and thoughts but even as I do, a part of me hopes that I inspire my readers even if it is for just that day. So I thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you keep reading my posts as I publish them. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Am glad the rest of the world will get to share the “Fadare” experience and I know they’ll love it. Keep writing and please don’t forget to add in those comic strips from time to time..after all you are a man of many talents *wink*.

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