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I Apologise

I came across this 4+ minute video clip, an interview of David D-Black Roberts and I was blown away and needed to share it here. Please forgive the transcript errors people. Read and enjoy.

“I Apologize”

I apologize for being a rapper that flood your airwaves with songs that depraves your kids minds making them mental slaves.

I apologize for writing rhymes about crimes never committed, selling drugs, busting guns, prisons never been in.

I apologize for promoting companies lacking respect for me. stretching out their demographics, increasing their currency.

I apologize for demeaning women when some of y’all don’t deserve it. Prostituting y’all on waxes is a means to making a profit.

I apologize for exploiting my hood when I should be explaining it. Using it as a stepping stone when I should be saving it.

I apologize for giving the N-word heavy rotation. Instead of lifting the minds of the masses I am satisfying investors.

But see . . . . . .

I got this A&R saying if I don’t write songs like this he ain’t gonna sign me. and y’all black folks is bootlegging and downloading so what you going about, spare me.

And plus I got seeds to feed and y’all ain’t buying enough copies, but this white kids get a kick outta black negativity. So I assemble on tracks manifest. Coz the black companies can’t offer what these white ones is paying me.

So for an MTV Crib and a chance at luxury, I close my third eye, compromising my dignity. Like y’all females dancing to my number one songs and misogyny.

Rhythmic masochist, gyrating to degradation, souls missing something like single parent housing. Now you know why today’s black youths is unbalanced.

Say hello to our future gang members or corner drug dealers, listening to me, Mike Jones or Jim Jones trying to figure out who is a better father figure.

And our streets is ruptured. Black leaders crossed over selling out our structures to development vipers and our black doctors and lawyers moved out to greener pastures.

No more role models. They left out with the Cosby season, making us fans and victims of these misguided elders spewing the word ‘nigga’ with lousy explanations, y’all are taking us backwards with reigns pulp friction but you call me black-xploitation.

I’m just a sound on a radio station that y’all keep demanding so who’s fault really is this?

I’m from that part of America where genocide thrives as my neighbor. As best as when I wake up, hearing sirens when I slumber.

But now I’m a Stafford wife, stepping affections for my masters, strings pulled by my backers.

But regardless of these factors . . . . .

I’m the one in control of my actions . . . . .

And I should still know better . . . . .

So . . . . .

I Apologize

Have you ever thought about it before? Hope it gives you something constructive to think about. If you would like to watch the video for yourself Click Here. Check him out via my space. Have a fabulous week guys.



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