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High on Words

A friend wrote this piece on Facebook. He was gracious to let me repost it here. He didn’t title it so I gave it a name alot of people used while commenting in the comment box . . . “High on words“.


I love the smell of whiskey and vodka
Tempted to test it
I see the rise of religion against me
I miss my grandma’s burukutu
I miss the feel and smell
I miss the bubbles as well
And now that whiskey calls
I won’t pretend when I heed the call
I won’t be hypocrite- without balls
One greater than the temple
I’m greater than both whiskey and my belly
Test not, handle not
Things to perish with it’s using
Ain’t we greater than these lifeless laws?
I’m beyond the power of elements
So when religion judges
I laugh at their attempts to incarcerate a freeman
I drinkard in the Spirit
No excess wine
I speak glorious tongues
Wine of vine divine
I love whiskey smells
And how vodka feels
But ain’t their prisoner.

– Richard Abutu.



Funny and blunt. An Engineer. A Writer . . . with a tad bit of sarcasm.

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